Olap Tutorial

What is OLAP tutorial?

Online Analytical Processing Server (OLAP) depends on the multidimensional information demonstrate. It permits directors, and investigators to get a knowledge of the data through quick, predictable, and intuitive access to data. This section cover the sorts of OLAP, operations on OLAP, contrast amongst OLAP, and measurable databases and OLTP.


This tutorial is intended for computer science graduates to learn the basic-to-advanced concepts related to data warehousing.


To learn this tutorial, you must have knowledge of basic database concepts such as schema, ER model, structured query language, etc.

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Overview Olap Technology Within The Oracle Database Using Olap To Answer Business Questions Common Analytical Applications Deciding When To Use Analytic Workspaces Working With Oracle Olap Process Overview: Creating And Maintaining Analytic Workspaces The Multidimensional Data Model The Logical Multidimensional Data Model The Relational Implementation Of The Model The Analytic Workspace Implementation Of The Model The Sample Schema Case Study Scenario The Global Star Schema Mapping The Global Schema To An Analytic Workspace Developing Java Applications For Olap Building Analytical Java Applications Introducing The Bi Beans Understanding The Olap Api Managing Data Sources For The Bi Beans And Olap Api Defining A Logical Multidimensional Model Introduction To Olap Metadata Overview Of The Olap Catalog Choosing A Tool For Creating Olap Catalog Metadata Creating Metadata Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Case Study: Creating Metadata For The Global Star Schema Creating Metadata Using Pl/sql Creating An Analytic Workspace Methods Of Creating A Workspace Introduction To Analytic Workspace Manager Creating A Standard Form Work Space Using Analytic Workspace Manager Case Study: Creating The Global Analytic Workspace Case Study: Creating The Sales History Analytic Workspace Generating Aggregate Data Case Study: Aggregating Data In The Global Analytic Workspace Enabling An Analytic Workspace For An Application Refreshing The Data In An Analytic Workspace Sql Access To Analytic Workspaces Overview Of Sql Access Support For Custom Measures Creating Custom Measures Using Dbms_aw_utilities Case Study: Adding Sales To Global Using Dbms_aw_utilities Creating Custom Measures Using Olap_expression Case Study: Adding Sales To Global Using Olap_expression Using Olap_table For Direct Access To Workspace Data Case Study:using Olap_table To Create Global Custom Measures Exploring A Standard Form Analytic Workspace About Workspaces Created Using Olap Tools Querying A Standard Form Analytic Workspace Standard Form Dimensions Standard Form Hierarchies Standard Form Levels Standard Form Attributes Standard Form Measures Standard Form Cubes Standard Form Catalogs Olap Api Enabler Catalogs Awcreate Catalogs Adding Measures To A Standard Form Analytic Workspace Working In A Standard Form Analytic Workspace Methods Of Executing Olap Dml Commands Adding Custom Measures To A Cube Case Study: Adding Measures To The Global Analytic Workspace Predicting Future Performance Creating A Forecast Developing A Forecast Program Defining A New Cube Case Study: Forecasting Global Sales Acquiring Data From Other Sources Overview Of Olap Data Acquisition Subsystems How To Manually Create A Standard Form Analytic Workspace Reading Flat Files Fetching Data From Relational Tables Populating Additional Metadata Objects Casestudy: Creating The Global Xworkspace From Alternative Sources Administering Oracle Olap Administration Overview Creating Tablespaces For Analytic Workspaces Setting Up User Names Initialization Parameters For Oracle Olap Initialization Parameters For The Bi Beans Permitting Access To External Files Understanding Data Storage Monitoring Performance Materialized Views For The Olap Api Summary Management With Oracle Olap Overview And Requirements Example: Dimension Materialized View Example: Fact Materialized View Using The Dbms_odm Package Olap Interview Questions Olap Practice Tests