What Not to Do in a Job Interview?

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Getting a job call in the recent times is a big achievement. The interview is considered to be the one last hurdle for long hiring process. Some positions have a lot of competition. So you should be very careful and keep in mind about the questions which can get you out of the competition which are also known as job interview killers.

What Not to Do in a Job Interview

Avoid early salary discussion: It's better to hold up your eagerness about the salary which you get from the company. Wait until the recruiter talks about it or until you have the conformation of being hired. Rising salary discussions early without confirming the job offer can end up in negative way for you.

Company's profile: Asking this question is like openly telling the employer to not to hire you. In return you are expected to have more knowledge about the company and its business. So before appearing for an interview it is suggested to come prepared with some specific ways which help you to do better.

Never blame your previous Boss/Company: Blaming or complaining about the previous employer, results only in bagging negative opinion about you. No company wants to work an employer who is a complainer. Instead try talking about the challenges you came across and how they have helped you in getting stronger.

Never praise the interviewer: Praising or commenting about the interviewer on their physical appearance is considered as unprofessionalism and you will not be entertained after that. If you want to compliment your interviewers then use a professional realm.

Discussion on physical discomfort: Stop complaining about your physical discomfort. This would be alleged as negativity. The candidate takes this as an excuse for not performing well the interview. So whatever is your issue, keep it by hand and do not anticipate the interviewer to understand any of your physical discomforts.

You were terminated: Instead of lying, use a better and decent way of explaining about your termination. Let the employer know why you would fit here fairly than Why you didn't fit there.

Your inevitability for a job: General question like Why do you want this job? are asked by the interviewer to understand and know what is the motivation behind you for applying to this job. So giving a prepared answer about why you are a great fit for the company can save you in spite of giving an answer like I need a job can kill your chances of getting selected.

Never give up saying I don't know: If there is a tricky question, where you don't have an answer, it's alright, and the employer wants to study your thought process even your answer can be right or wrong. Do not give up on any question with a clear-cut answer saying I don't know. Instead try to analyze and give an answer that best fits the question.

Answer truthfully: In some cases, questions like what is your weakness? have a lot of significance from the employers view while testing a candidate. Try to avoid clinches like My weakness is that I am very hard working and I easily trust people. The interviewer here truly wants to know about your weakness and you are going to get better on overcoming it so that it is beneficial for you and your employers.

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