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Expand the reach and visibility of your resume by getting it sent directly to our active recruiters.

Let your resume gain an edge with by reaching recruiter inboxes directly.

Enhanced Reach will help you to get your resume sent to our database of active recruiters, and appear as an active jobseeker when recruiters search for profiles similar to yours. End result? A better chance of catching recruiters’ attention and being shortlisted. You will also receive a weekly update on the number of recruiters to whom your resume was forwarded.

Become more visible with Enhanced Reach.


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Resume writing

Get the edge with a professionally crafted resume written by our expert resume writers to highlight your skills and

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Resume Spotlight

Your profile is highlighted and stands out from others when a recruiter runs a search on our database. Not just that, your profile is also shown as active and ranked higher in the results.

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Delivery Information

If you avail these services with resume writing, they will be activated within 4 working days after you approve your final resume. If you have not availed these services along with resume writing, they will be activated within 4 working days after we receive your updated resume.

Enhanced Reach 

Enhanced Reach of Resumes and Applications is done at A resume is a rundown of your professional and educational knowledge. As a summary, easy-to-read, compelling document that summarizes your qualifications for a position, recruiters use resumes to determine if they would like a candidate to move forward with an interview or not. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a resume. This means the recruiters only collect a small amount of information from a resume before making a decision to hold onto it or not. One spelling, grammar mistake, or formatting error can lead to a recruiter ignore your resume. It is important to build an enhanced resume which grabs the attention of recruiters. At Wisdom Jobs Career Edge resume writing services, industry experts suggest applicants to always double-check their resume and have someone else read it before submitting it further. 

Enhanced reach range

Enhanced Reach of applications and resume forwarding is done at a wide range at With a perfect resume, the chances are high that the recruiter who examines your resume at the start of most recruitment processes will be a senior recruiter who has a perfect idea of various CV templates and resumes. At our Wisdom Jobs Career Edge, experts help you out to choose the best resume you are looking to apt for. A remarkable enhanced reach range resume which is well built is your label to the interview where you can demonstrate yourself. If you need help with resume templates, take a glance at our comprehensive collection of professionally enhanced resume templates for various platforms. If you are looking for careers across different platforms then is the best place than can land you upon your dream jobs.