7 Step guide to post your resume online

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The increasing dependence on online hiring on the part of recruiters and hiring managers means that your only chance to reach them with your resume might be to post it online. Here are some important tips to keep in mind while creating and uploading your resume online:


1. Keep it crisp and simple: You may spend more time on preparation of your resume. But reports say that recruiters spend usually 6 seconds time on each resume. No recruiter has the time to read long paras. So tweak your resume with bullet points that make your resume a quick and easy read.

2. Optimize for online search: Nearly 80% of companies'direct job seekers to'upload their resume online which will go to jobseeker database for future reference. So you should have one copy of resume that may include searchable keywords. Make sure that you have a text-based e-resume, a Portable Document Format (PDF) version and a Web-based (HTML) version.

3. Insert relevant keywords: Recruiters filter out the right resumes based on the keywords that have been included in your resume. Use industry based, skill based and functional based keywords in your resume.

4. Select the best online portals: Select the best online job portal to upload your profile to get more visibility. Customize your resume according to the instructions of each job portal. Some portals allow you to insert cover letter which may add value to your job application.

5. Double check the formatting: Double check the formatting and proofread before you submit it for a job application. Don't center the text; align it to the left margin to make it look professional.

6. Consider fine print: Always review privacy policy of job sites before you upload your job application online.

7. Protect your privacy: Many online job boards have features that can protect the privacy and confidentiality of job seekers. Don't include your residential address on your resume.

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