8 Mock Interview Questions for Freshers

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Practice is everything. People have been hearing this as practice makes a man perfect from olden days. Generally passionate people hear this from their childhood times. And when they are set to find opportunity to work for themselves in the corporate world this proverb or motivating sentence stands in helping them. Fresh Graduates, who may not have the skill of expertise and exposure, need to be careful in handling their interviews positively

8 Mock Interview Questions for Freshers

It is recommended that they start practicing with mock interviews even before attending their first interview. To increase ones self-confidence levels for the final day, mock interviews help very much in crossing that success line of interview.

What does MOCK INTERVIEW stands for?

Mock interviews are the best way to help you prepare and strategize for future interviews and help the people understanding how an interview looks like. Mock Interview can be taken up by any person who has voluntary awareness in relation to the Sector looking ahead. The intention is to create an original panorama of the interview. People from alumni and areas of expertise with right awareness on the topics can conduct mock interviews.

Importance of Mock Interviews: For testing once ability and knowledge along with the performance mock interviews are important. Mock interviews provide perfect intermediate in practicing interviews especially for freshers from colleges without any experience of handling interview conditions.

Benefits of Mock Interviews:

  • They help in bringing down ones curiosity and pressure levels in an interview.
  • They help in immense support & boosting up individuals confidence.
  • Helps in letting ones weakness in a responsive mode.
  • One can completely practice for the real interview process.

To increase significant outcome of the mock interview that one conducts, it's vital that the questioner contains a set of mock interview queries that may seemingly be a section of the interview. One as a fresher wouldn't have faced similar questions about the work experience. But the interviewer can test other aspects related. Few Mock interview questions which can help an individual get ready for the Final Day.

1.What was the most stressful situation you have ever faced? How did you come out of it?

Recruiters try to analyze the situations whether you are capable of withstanding different stressful situations or not. For such questions you can choose some of your past experiences where you have faced stress like organizing a university/college festival or anything and let the recruiter know how successfully you managed the situation with results.

2.Are you a team player?

Team Player is the most essential talent that recruiters look for. Therefore, it is necessary that the recruiter should know about your capability to work in a team. Again you can pick a narrative situation from your experience in college/university or any volunteer work which you have done.

3.Are you ready to relocate/open to travelling?

This question clarifies your flexibility even if your job doesn?t need travelling. Strong reasons limiting ones travelling can be mentioned in exceptional cases.

4.Where do you see yourself in five years?

One of the most common interview questions which is asked by recruiters, where they test your focus and thinking ability along with your stability. Framing an answer that lets the recruiter know that one can see him/her self in the same organization handling number of opportunities in the coming years.

5.Mention some major accomplishments that you achieved during your programme?

Without any experience, once can mention his/her achievements that they have had during their course times. One can also mention any projects that they have completed. The recruiter just wants to know about your brilliance.

6.Are you aware about the prevailing market trends of this industry?

Your interest in the industry is known by the recruiter when you answer this question. Mostly recruiters test the seriousness of the candidate and one should carry facts and figures that can display interest of towards the job.

7.Quote an example where you learned from your failures?

It's better not to review any failures. The question makes the recruiter understand the capacity of the individual in accepting the failures and learning from them or not.

8.What are your career goals? What plans do you have to achieve them?

It's better to have career goals and the right opportunity in interview is this where you can share your career goals with the recruiter. Even ones recruiter can help in building a smooth career curve. So there should be a specific plan to achieve it.

Above are some basic interview questions that one should be prepared in seeking desired jobs. Interviews can be scary but mock interviews would help one in walking out confidently.

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