How to get right job with right resume?

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You have prepared a job resume with all details and you have given it to your friend for proofread and started submitting for job vacancies. After performing all these activities also you are not able to find a single call from recruiters. Now it's time to change something in your resume. Your resume may fail in creating enough impression for the reader then it may also fail to reach the final destination.


Below things may help you to make your resume standout among the list of resumes received:

Send it to the right destination:It is the most important thing that you should send it to the place where you are submitting your resume. Just sending to the HR inbox of any organization will doesn't give you the right results. Do little research about the company and send directly to the concerned HR people. Go through the hiring posting attentively, you may find a specific name, website or address. Many times employer posts the name of the recruiter in hiring posts along with their position and contact number. Then read the job application thoroughly and address it to the correct person. If you don't come across the address of the recruiter then go and visit the company website and find the relevant email id, get the contact details and call to find out the correct hiring manager.

Add more relevant keywords:You should know one thing that when you have applied for a job application then your resume will be saved to the big database. To find the right profile recruiters filter the profiles with using proper keywords. Add relevant skills matching the job description. These filters will identify the best matches from the database received from the thousands of job candidates. If you wish to make your resume visible, include keywords that will get your application in the consideration lot.

Follow up:Follow-up is most important thing and it conveys the employers that you are very keen to the jobs applied. You can do follow-up by sending an email to the hiring manager that I've submitted my resume for the job position xxxxx on xxxxx date. Iam looking forward to hear from you soon and eagerly waiting for the reply. But sending a quick follow up email gives the employers a chance to let you know that they have your CV and also indicates your keenness for the job.

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