Top 5 GCC jobs of the future

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Recently a survey was conducted by Expo 2020 Dubai and a market research firm to gather insights into the career interests of young job seekers in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf countries.As per the survey, these five careers are expected to take off in the GCC countries in the near future.



What is it: Data compiling and analysis to gather information and statistics for businesses to find potential problems and solutions.

Prospects: According to reports, Saudi Arabia's big data analytics market is expected to grow to $1.85 billion by 2018.

Will work for you if you're interested in: Numbers, learning new things and solving complex tasks.


What is it: Design, manufacturing, installation,and maintenance of clean energy generation sources.

Prospects: The UAE plans to generate almost 50% of its power needs from renewable sources by 2050.

Will work for you if you're interested in:A sustainable society, conserving natural resources and making the world a better place.


What is it: Finding solutions for biological and medical problems with the principles of engineering to create a device, procedure or system that will aid in healthcare.

Prospects: Recent report mention that the healthcare market in the GCC is expected to grow by 12% from an estimated value of $40.3 billion in 2015 to about $71.3 billion in 2020.

Will work for you if you're interested in: Human health, discovery,and knowledge.


What is it:Involves remotely controlling UAVs from bases.

Prospects:The global market for commercial applications of drone technology is expected to reach $127 million by 2020.

Will work for you if you're interested in: flight, gaming and remote control planes.


What is it: It involves cultivating crops in an urban setting in backyards, rooftops, balconies and vacant lots.

Prospects: Food security is a major issue in Gulf countries as well as more than 70% food is imported. So there is a need of urban farming which provides innovative solutions to become self-sustainable by growing high volumes of vegetables using less water.

Will work for you if you're interested in: Working with your hands, growing your own food, nutrition, self-sustenance and agriculture.

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