Mobile Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Mobile Marketing Interview Questions

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Mobile Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Mobile Marketing Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Explain Mobile Marketing?

      Answer :

      Mobile Marketing is new channel of marketing that uses smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to reach the customers. The medium could be SMS, MMS, videos, email, social media or mobile application.

    2. Question 2. What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Marketing?

      Answer :

      Mobile marketing has a lot of advantages which is why the marketers choose this channel of marketing. Some of them are as follows:

      1. Less expensive - Creating and broadcasting the SMS is easier, simpler and faster than laptop and desktop.
      2. Easy Adaptability - Simple content makes it easy to adapt to various screen size.
      3. Instant Message - The message sent will be received by the receiver instantly. If the mobile is on standby mode the receiver will receive the message immediately as he/she puts it on.
      4. Viral Effect - Mobile messages can have viral effect. If you send a good discount or offer or some good news, people instantly share it.
      5. Deeper Penetration - With almost everyone possessing a mobile phone these day, getting the message far and wide has become easier.
      6. Easy Tracking - The data received can be tracked easily and helps the marketer to understand and analyze the buyers or users behavior.
      7. High Click Rate - As compared to other marketing channels mobile marketing has high click rate for the ads.

    3. Question 3. What Are The Limitations Of Mobile Marketing?

      Answer :

      Yes, there are certain things that make mobile marketing less preferred.

      Some of them are:

      1. Limited Ads - While sending a message on phone you cannot send all types of ads. You have to limit your content, images, and videos while sending a message on mobile. This limits the communication.
      2. Navigation - Using a mobile phone makes it difficult to navigate from one link to another which can be done on Laptop and desktop easily.
      3. Privacy - Most of the mobile users use their phone for personal messaging and many of them are subscribed to Do Not Disturb service that bars you from sending commercial messages.
      4. Different platforms - These days, mobile phones are available in different screen sizes making it difficult to create a campaign which can fit on all of them.

    4. Question 4. What Is The Difference Between Mobile Responsive And Mobile Friendly?

      Answer :

      When people talk about “mobile,” they may ask you if your website and emails are “mobile friendly” or “mobile responsive.” This is basically a technology question that addresses how different platforms and devices display content. You can also achieve a mobile-friendly email without worrying about the technology behind it. Mobile friendly can be as simple as choosing a single-column template, writing concise subject lines, or creating short, to-the-point content.

    5. Question 5. How Do I Create Simple And Effective Messages For Mobile Devices?

      Answer :

      If you want your audience to open and engage with your emails, you need to create messages that are short and easy to read. Don’t use too much text because mobile users don’t want to scroll through a long page of content. Try using a photo or a video to tell the story instead of a long article. Also, avoid small fonts. The optimal size is 22 point for headlines and 16 point body text.

    6. Question 6. How Would You Plan Your Mobile Marketing Strategy For A New Product Launch?

      Answer :

      While preparing a mobile marketing strategy you need to bear following things in mind:

      1. Know your audience - Know how the audience uses their mobile to know your brand. Each one uses their mobile phone for a different purpose.
      2. Know your business objective - Knowing your business objective is very important. It will help you create an engaging app for your users. Your mobile strategy should fulfill the business objective and have a wider audience.
      3. Know the best mobile marketing channel - Know which channel of mobile marketing is the best for your audience.

    7. Question 7. What Are The Most Important Things To Know Before You Start Developing Your Mobile App?

      Answer :

       There are two very important things that you need to know before you jump into developing your app. 

      • Why are you building this app? - The Purpose.
      • Who will be using it? - The User.

      Without having these two things right, the chances of failure increase.

    8. Question 8. Explain Push Notification?

      Answer :

      As the name suggests, push notification is a message for a user to use the mobile app which he/she is not currently using. It aims to push the user's attention which can increase the traffic to the mobile app.

    9. Question 9. What Possible Outcomes Can Business Houses Expect From Mobile Marketing?

      Answer :

      Mobile marketing should be used as a long-term marketing channel for the company.

      The main expected outcomes can be:

      1. Retention of existing customers
      2. Generating new customers
      3. Brand Engagement
      4. Provide information about the company
      5. Help with product launch
      6. Help with future planning

    10. Question 10. Explain Opt In And Opt Out?

      Answer :

      Opt-in is a permission given by the mobile app user to be a part of the campaign and opt-out is the decision to be out of the campaign.

    11. Question 11. How Would You Attract Facebook Users Through Mobile Phones?

      Answer :

      The number of people using mobile phones to access Facebook is increasing. Promoting yourself on Facebook sends traffic to the website which results in a better ROI. While advertising for mobile phones through Facebook you should use attractive images, mobile-friendly landing pages, and short video to get the attention of the users.

    12. Question 12. How Can Nonprofits Use Mobile For Community Outreach?

      Answer :

      Keep the best practices listed above for mobile design and content in mind. Make your messages easy to read and interact with. Provide your audience with valuable information about your mission and updates on what you’re doing. Tell them how they can help with their time or money. If you have a fundraising campaign, make it easy for your readers to donate with a direct link to online giving. Tell them how their donations will impact the people you serve.

    13. Question 13. We Don't Want To Spend On Advertising. What's The Best Way To Get Our App Found?

      Answer :

      For businesses running on tight marketing budget, app stores are the main channels to get found.

      To do this:

      1. Build a good ranking for your app in its app store. 
      2. Try to optimize the listing for your app by following best practices for app store optimization.

    14. Question 14. Explain Mms?

      Answer :

      MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. Here the sender sends multimedia messages. An MMS has audio, video, and images.

    15. Question 15. Explain Sms Marketing?

      Answer :

      SMS stands for 'Short Message Service' which is a small text message sent to our phones. This marketing channel is widely used to pass on important information by the government and business houses. The companies also communicate their special offers, new launches etc. to their customer through SMS.

    16. Question 16. Is It Ok To Attract Incentivized Downloads For Your Mobile App?

      Answer :

      Many business do offer incentives on downloading their app. However, the problem with this type of customers is that they are usually low value users and many of them stop using the app after availing the benefit. This inflates the download figures usually but doesn't turn into return.

    17. Question 17. What Are The Different Ways To Make Money From My Mobile App?

      Answer :

      You can do various things to monetize your app: 

      1. Pay to use - Ask users to pay to use your app. However, this would reduce the number of downloads. 
      2. Pay to Upgrade - Basic app is free but for additional features the user has to pay. 
      3. Advertising - Run advertisements in your app. 
      4. Sell - The customers can purchase.

    18. Question 18. What Are Your Top Cost-effective Mobile Marketing Recommendations?

      Answer :

      You don’t have to spend money on text-message marketing or building an app. If you’re already using email marketing, you’re already investing in mobile marketing. As noted above, the key is to send mobile-friendly communications to your readers. Next, invest time in the mobile search. Claim your listing on search apps and websites. Finally, enlist your readers to do mobile marketing for you. Encourage them to use their phones at your business or events to take photos, write reviews, and share with their networks.

    19. Question 19. Can You Spot The Future Mobile Marketing Trends?

      Answer :

      Every channel of digital media is evolving. Mobile marketing is also growing at a very fast pace.

      Some trends that we can expect in the future are:

      1. Increasing Mobile Apps - Mobile apps are increasing at a very fast pace as most of them want their customers to stay connected with them all the time. Mobile app helps to engage the customers. It also helps to generate traffic and increase sales. You can see a growing trend as more and more businesses opting for their mobile app.
      2. Increasing Messaging Apps - Messaging apps help us stay connected. Messaging apps such as Whatsapp are more private than Facebook. It is a connection medium and most of the businesses soon will use these apps to stay connected with their customers.
      3. Focus on location-based marketing - Location-based marketing will focus more on location than on brand. This kind of marketing is more targeted and it adds a more personal touch. It is also timed well. Hence we can expect to see a lot of focus on this kind of marketing. 
      4. Increasing mobile video market - You can see so many videos on Facebook and Google. You will see an increase in the mobile video market in near future as the audience is attracted to it.
      5. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages - In order to improve the user experience marketers will use Google Accelerated Mobile pages. This will help the brands to stay ahead of their competitors in the mobile search.
      6. Social Media - Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram -These are the platforms that are specific to use for mobile only. You can see an increase in these types of platforms in near future.

    20. Question 20. What Are The Qualities Of A Good Content For Mobile Marketing?

      Answer :

      While preparing content on the mobile phone you should remember that a mobile is a small compact device with a small screen.

      You need to ensure the following things in your message:

      • Readable - Your content on the phone must be easily readable. It should be clear.
      • Catchy headlines - Keep your headline short to fit into the small screen. The attention span of readers on mobile is really short so it is very easy to loose them.
      • Short Paragraphs - It is not possible to read long text paragraphs on phone. Keep your paragraphs short and crisp.

    21. Question 21. What Is Geo-targeting?

      Answer :

      Geo-targeting is a way of targeting its customers based on their location.  You can send app messages based on their relevant country, state or street.

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