Are you an Employer?


Wisdom Jobs enables its users to follow the 5P model of job searching. We believe that an ideal job search involves Planning, Preparation, Practice, Presentation, and Personality Development.

E-University is an online repository of free course content on more than 4000 topics that aids our users in the Preparation and Practice phases.

Be it brushing up on core skills, practicing what has been learnt, or preparing for an interview in a specific domain, E-University enables job seekers to do it all. It offers topic-wise content on key subjects, frequently-asked interview questions on those topics, and unlimited practice exams on every topic.

Not only is it a great learning tool, it also helps users perform better in their Pragnya Meter exams by offering the option of improving themselves through the practice exams before taking the relevant Pragnya exams and publishing their score to recruiters.

With Wisdom Jobs, you can:
  • Access thousands of jobs posted daily
  • Apply easily for multiple jobs
  • Create and get multiple job alerts in your inbox
  • Get access to nearly 35,000 recruiters
  • Search and apply for jobs on your mobile