Do you have employment gaps in your resume?

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If you have gaps in your resume due to study breaks, health issues, personal issues or maternity leaves, then it is the time to cover your gaps. Here you have to learn that how you will handle those gaps in your resume.

Academic Reasons: If you have taken break for studies, then show it in your resume and cover letter explaining that how the new qualification will help you in adding value to your present job. Make ensure that you have added the details in your resume without failure.

Health Issues: Mention your health problems and how it results in absence of work. You can also mention that you are proposed to furnish the records of recovery. You can also mention the extra curriculum activities taken at that time which presents you as a career oriented person.

Reasons of Travelling: Include only year rather than month and date for all your jobs. It can help you in hiding the months safely from your resume.

Personal Reasons: If you break due to some personal reasons and you had stayed at home voluntarily, mention the same reason in your resume. You have to mention clearly that you are thoroughly updated with market trends and capable of handling the changing trends.

Unemployment: It is a very delicate issue and you should handle this with care. Include certain certifications and activities and courses that you have done during this period. So that recruiter understands that you are not out of box and in touch with the technical updates. Discuss the same in your interview that you are not at work to achieve something.

Company Reasons: If youve lost your job due to the mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and company relocation it doesnt create any negative impact on you. You can talk about it later at the time of interview. If you are a very experienced person with considerable gaps in your resume, dont mention all those in your resume. If you have been regular in last 4-5 years, then just mention about them. Never feel ashamed of employment gaps you have in your resume. Always maintain a positive, optimistic attitude and make ensure that your attitude creates positive impact on your work and your hiring managers have trust on you that you will ready to return to your work. It is supported that having gaps in your resume until you support them with appropriate reasons.

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1538 days ago

yes i have , because of my father health issue he went with cardio surgery with many complications

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