What do employers look for in a resume?

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A resume with most appreciating factors will enhance visibility of resume on online platform and increases your trade mark in recruiters search. Hiring mangers considers some important points when they look for a resume and based on them only they'll shortlist your profile. Hiring is most time taking and expensive process. Hiring the right candidate is a challenging task for employers. If you want to impress employers see for below things before applying for a job:


Be brief:Many of the resumes will be scanned for 30 seconds and most of us think that recruiter's will read our resumes from top to end. But it is not true and recruiters will prefer the resumes which are short and up to the point. Short and crisp sentences also help your important points come across better.

Add relevant information:Add only relevant information in your resume and especially relevant with the job description they have offered. Delete all irrelevant information and job experiences you have to save the valuable time of recruiters.

Highlight your achievements:If you have any fruitful achievements then mention in your resume and if you don't have any kind of achievements then mention your ambitions.

Don't express more:If you unemployed for long time and if you mention that you are competitive in nature, it it is not going get you the job. You can mention that you are good team player and other qualities.

Highlight your strengths:You can all of your strengths by listing out all your core skills in a section under Core competencies or Expertise, which at one glance tells the recruiters if you have the skills for the needed job profile. Generally employer is looking for candidates whom have achieved something in their career or academic level.

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