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How to Keep the Assets Safely?

Best Practice 6 - Keep your Code and Documents Safe

A savvy developer keeps propensity for taking every day reinforcement of the delivered curios, generally machine crash can crash you also. You should keep your antiques at your neighborhood machine just as another safe machine, so that in the event of machine crash, you can proceed with the spared duplicate of the source code or reports.

On the off chance that you have the propensity for taking every day reinforcement, in most exceedingly terrible situation you may lose at most one-day exertion, however in the event that you take week by week or month to month reinforcement, there is a danger of losing entire week or entire month exertion, and you will confront greatest dissatisfaction you at any point had.

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Multiple copies create confusion

This is valid that having reinforcement is a standout amongst the most imperative accepted practices, however it ought to be kept up in all around oversaw route as you can utilize labels like name, date and time of the reinforcement, form, and so forth. On the off chance that you have different duplicates of a similar source code or document, it will make disarray and it is hard to distinguish most recent code or report.

It is unequivocally prescribed to utilize appropriate source code form control system. There are many source code variant control software applications accessible for nothing (like SCCS, CVS, Subversion and so forth.) which you can use to store distinctive forms of the software. In any case, while utilizing a source code control system, pursue the standards beneath:

  • Continuously take source code from the variant control system.
  • Continuously dole out another adaptation to each change.
  • Continuously returned source code to control system.

Password sharing is strictly prohibited


  • Love, affection, friendship and relationship are over everything, except never grasp anyone requesting password.
  • In the event that you are adhering to initially point, why you would impart your password to anybody in the event that you are not asking from anyone.
  • Continue transforming it on a regular premise and it's great in the event that you have some rationale to drive your passwords, generally amid your long get-away, you will overlook them.

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