SaltStack Tutorial

What is saltstack?

SaltStack is an open-source configuration management and remote execution engine. It is used to execute all commands remotely across all machines. It is a python based software. Thomas S Hatch is the founder and main architect of SaltStack. SaltStack uses the ZeroMQ messaging library to process high-speed requirements for all networking layers. Salt is simple, scalable and fast. This tutorial will explore the basic principles of SaltStack, SaltStack setup, Minion file system and then walk through with remote execution steps, configuration management, cloud management, Python API operations and finally conclude with a complete working example.


The audience of this tutorial is job candidates who wish to seek career in SaltStack. This tutorial provides good understanding of remote execution operation and configuration management.


To learn this tutorial one must have aware of basic components and should have a sound knowledge of ZeroMQ and core knowledge of Python.

SaltStack Tutorial: List of Topics

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