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What is Eager to Learn?

Best Practice 8 -Leave the ego behind, Be eager to learn

We generally gain from books and these days from internet. Be that as it may, IT is such a field, where we gain so much from our associates. They are our best references, however there are software developers, who either feel bashful in asking their doubts or are not grateful to other people, so at last when they ask next time, they find zero solution.

IT is tremendous and no one can have total learning regarding any matter. Regular, we run over various issues. So Ask...Don't feel timid on the off chance that you don't know X.

I'm not proposing you to trouble someone irrationally and requesting spoon encouraging to get the hang of anything. NO, be considerate, grateful, straightforwardly get to the heart of the matter, comprehend and bolster others.

New technologies are coming everyday


In the event that you need to continue in the market, you would need to keep yourself refreshed with most recent IT tools, and innovations. Following are the few sources:

  • Technical Forums over the internet.
  • Technical magazines on various IT subjects.
  • Technical Bulletin Boards
  • Conferences, Trainings and Workshops
  • Latest versions of old tools and packages, languages, etc

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