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What are Handy Tools & Techniques?

Best Practice 7 - Keep your Tools & Techniques Handy

I recollect an occurrence when I needed to discover debug keyword in all the C++ files accessible in different registries and sub-indexes, it took me 30 minutes to discover the order, however at long last, I kept a note of the command, and at whatever point I'm in need, I use it without wasting a second.

Thus, I made it a standout amongst the prescribed practices to keep such commands and tools convenient so they can be utilized whenever without doing any R&D and to spare significant time. Better to keep up a content file having all such every now and again utilized commands and make its connection at desktop.


Few Essential Tools

It relies upon what kind of programming, coding you are doing yet following are few of the fundamental tools, which ought to be promptly accessible with a software developer:

  • A good text editor to write and edit the program.
  • A nice debugger to debug the program.
  • A memory detector in case you are using dynamic memory allocation.
  • Putty to connect to a remote machine.
  • WinSCP or FileZilla to ftp files on a remote machine.
  • IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) for rapid development

Always keep adding new tools & techniques in your box


Ensure you continue applying most recent patches of your tools and utilities and same time I will propose to clean undesirable software from your PC as they pointlessly make your PC moderate and you never know whether any of them is having a security opening, which can open your PC to the outside world.

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