Evolution of Etiquette Tutorial

Evolution of Etiquette Tutorial

What is Evolution of Etiquette?

Etiquette when looked from a broader perspective, they tell us the person’s qualities and adequacies. They are often mistaken for “table manners”. A person having good etiquette leaves a good impression and will lead as an example to the ones in his family life and the workplace. As the culture rises, evolution of social etiquette is categorized into three types - Hygiene, Courtesy, and Cultural norms. In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail how etiquette evolved along these three categories.


People having good etiquettes behave professionally in social gatherings and respond to situations in the most appropriate manner possible. This tutorial is for them who wants to understand the evolution as a whole and its bigger picture. Tutorial is about how etiquette started and evolved over the years and in what way it is going to change in the future.


This tutorial does not cover the dining, greeting and other activities of etiquettes practiced all over the world. However, only common ones are addressed here.

Evolution of Etiquette Tutorial: List of Topics

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