Cobol Tutorial

What is COBOL Tutorial?

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. It was developed by the US Department of Defense for business data processing needs. COBOL is applicable to write application programs useful for defense domain, insurance domain, etc. which require huge data processing make extensive use of COBOL.


This tutorial is mainly targeted for software programmers who wish to seek the basics of COBOL. After completing this tutorial you will understand more about COBOL programming language.


To learn this tutorial one must be familiar with basics of computer programming terminologies and JCL.

Language Structure Character Set Separators Character-strings Program Structure In Cobol Inter-program Communication Identification Division Identification Division Structure Program Identification Environment Division Environment Division Structure Configuration Section Input-output Section Data Division Data Division Structure File Section File Description Clauses Working-storage Section Linkage Section Communication Section Screen Section Record Description Entry 77-level Description Entry Data Description Entry Communication Description Entry Screen Description Entry Data Structures In Cobol Uniqueness Of Reference Subscripting Reference Modification In Cobol Identifier Condition-name Table Handling Procedure Division Procedure Division Header Procedure Division Structure Procedures Execution Procedure References Explicit And Implicit Transfers Of Control Segmentation Use Statement Common Rules Arithmetic Expressions In Cobol Conditional Expressions Sequential Organization Input-output Relative Organization Input-output Indexed Organization Input-output File Locking In Cobol Record Locking In Cobol Interactive Terminal I-o Sort-merge Communication Facility Procedure Division Statements Accept . . . From Statement Accept Statement (terminal I-o) Accept Message Count Statement Accept Screen-name Statement Add Statement Alter Statement Call Statement Specifications Call Program Statement Cancel Statement Close Statement Compute Statement Continue Statement Delete Statement (relative And Indexed I-o) Delete File Statement Disable Statement Display . . . Upon Statement Display Statement (terminal I-o) Display Screen-name Statement Divide Statement Enable Statement Enter Statement Evaluate Statement Exit Statement Goback Statement Go To Statement If Statement In Cobol Initialize Statement Inspect Statement Merge Statement Move Statement Multiply Statement Open Statement Perform Statement Purge Statement Read Statement Receive Statement Release Statement Return Statement Processing Rewrite Statement Search Statement Send Statement Set Statement Sort Statement Start Statement (relative And Indexed I-o) Stop Statement String Statement Subtract Statement Unlock Statement Unstring Statement Write Statement Cobol Interview Questions Cobol Practice Tests