Training And Development Tutorial

What is What is training and development tutorial?

Training is meant to be the process of providing training to the selected candidates to transform them according to the needs and changing working environment of the organization.

Development is an activity which employees enhance through various integrated stages with a different set of development tasks, activities and relationship.


This tutorial is intended for students from management professionals who wish to learn the basics of Human Resource Management. More useful for HR managers and training managers to learn how to apply the methods of Human Resource Management in real time aspects.


To learn this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of the organization needs and employee objectives without overshooting his resources.
The Need For Training And Development Departments How Organizations Perform Preparing Employees To Perform When Employees Can Do Their Jobs Properly,
But Don't, What Then?
Learning Vs. Performance Training And Methodologies Education And Development Function And Role Of T&d Managers Competencies Needed As Managers /administrators As Consultants To The Organization As Designers Of Learning Experiences As Instructors The T&d Department And The Organizational Structure Trends In Organizational Placement Line And Staff Considerations Cooperative Effort Placement Purely As A Staff Function Placement As A Line Function Placement With The Chief Executive Officer Identifying Training Needs Meeting Customer Needs Building Professional Integrity Distinguishing Training Needs From
other Performance Problems
Individual Needs And Organizational Needs Potential Sources Of Individual Training Needs Potential Sources Of Organizational Training Needs Surveys Or Interviews? Prioritizing Training Needs Responding To Individual Training Needs The Importance Of Individual Training Needs Inside Answers To Individual Training Needs Outside Answers To Individual Training Needs A Control System For Solving Individual Training Needs Training Isn't Always The Solution Why Training Isn't Always Useful Motivation And Feedback Systems Contingency Management Job Enrichment Organizational Development (od) Learning Objectives The Case For Writing Learning Objectives How To Write Learning Objectives Who Writes Learning Objectives? How Do People Learn? Learning Theories Meta-theories Of Learning Middle-range Learning Models At The Individual Level Experiential Learning Transformational Learning Instructional Methods What Are Methods? A Look At Specific Methods Teaching Technique The Instructor's Use Of Objectives Ongoing Measurement Questioning Techniques Getting Attention Versus Getting Involvement Use Of Repetition Relating To Students Training Facilities The Influence Of The T&d Manager Criteria For Learning Rooms Room Arrangement, Enhancing Transfer Of Learning Training Transfer Learning Transfer Systems Diagnosing Learning Transfer System Problems Intervening To Improve Learning Transfer Systems Closing The Transfer Gap Training And Development Budgets General Estimating Policies T&d Staff Size Computing The Cost Of Performance Deficiencies Computing The Cost Of Training How Budgeting Helps The Measuring Training And Development What Is Measurement? Scales Of Measurement Baselines: What They Are And Why They Are Important Instruments Post-training Measurement Assessing The Results Of The Training Programs The Traditional Approach: The Kirkpatrick Model To What Extent Is Program Evaluation Conducted In Practice? A New Approach: The Results Assessment System Results Domains Learning Results Perception Results A Results Assessment Plan The Core Dimensions Making Results Assessment Practical And Credible Overcoming Resistance To Results Assessment Selecting And Retaining The T&d Staff The Barefoot T&d Specialists Selecting The T&d Staff The Care And Development Of T&d Specialists Rotation Policies Does Employee Development Pay Off? American Society For Training And Development
(astd) Learning Outcomes Report
Studies In High-performance Human Resource Practices Program Results Assessment Case Studies Training And Development Interview Questions Training And Development Practice Tests