Svn Subversion Tutorial

Svn Subversion Tutorial

What do you understand by the term SVN?

SVN is the abbreviation for Apache Subversion. A software versioning and the revision control system that is distributed under an open source license is known as SVN. SVN is developed as a project of Apache Software Foundation and constitutes a part of community of developers and users.

The tutorial provides an overview and understanding of the SVN system that is required for maintaining the historical and current versions of the files like source code, web pages and documentations.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of SVN?

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the software professionals who are keen in learning the SVN concepts. On completion of this tutorial, one becomes an expert in the concept of SVN.

What are the prerequisites required for learning SVN?

Good knowledge and understanding of the terminologies like programming language, source code, and documents is essential for learning the concept of SVN. Good knowledge about software development and software testing processes are required for understanding the SVN concept.

Svn Subversion Tutorial: List of Topics

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