Strategic Management Tutorial

What is Strategic Management Tutorial?

Strategic Management deals with various strategies of an organization. It describes about how to identify and apply various strategies to be used by managers for achievement of better performance and gaining competitive advantage in the organization.


This tutorial is targeted for the beginners who wish to pursue management career to know more about the basics of Strategic Management. It deals with the basic concepts in strategic management including some of the important theories and related examples.


One mist be aware of basic knowledge of management concepts and familiar with analytical thinking and strategic thinking are must.

Strategic Management Related Practice Tests

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What Is Business Not Going To Do Business Ethics And Planning The Constraints Approach The Corporate Appraisal – Assessing Strengths And Weaknesses The Corporate Appraisal Assessing Strengths And Weaknesses Introduction Meaning Of Strengths & Weaknesses The Criteria For Determining Strengths And Weaknesses Measuring Strenghs And Weaknesses Assessment By Managers And Matching And Converting Equilibrium Analysis The Analytical Approach Trends Of Results Sources Of Profits Risks In Company Strategy Manufacturing Activity Rationalisation Of Resources Organisation And Management Structure Financial Resources Corporate Capability Systems Use Of Resources The Critical Success Factor Concept The Core Competency Approach Analysing The Industry And Competitors Analysing The Industry And Competitors Introduction An Approach To Competitor Analysis Industry Analysis Strategy Industry Firms Buyers Suppliers Substitutes Entry And Exit Barriers Industry Mapping Critical Success Factors Strategic Implications Competitor Profiling Competitor Groupings (strategic Groups) Benchmarking Building Competitive Advantage; Three Stages Information For Competitor Analysis Analysing The Uk Management Development And Training Industry: A Case History Analysing The Uk Management Development And Training Industry Introduction The Outline Approach Porter's Five Forces Analysis Interpreting The Industry Analysis Profiling Competitors Defining A Competitor’s Business Obtaining The Information How To Build Competitive Advantage The Search For Shareholder Value The Search For Shareholder Value Introduction Some Concepts Of Strategy Measuring Shareholder Value Extracts From S. Handler – Value-based Strategic Management: A Survey Of Uk Companies: Economic Value Accounting Model Techniques Used In The Value Process Implementation Of Vsm In Uk Companies Ingredients For The Success Of Vsm Limitations To The Value Approach Vsm As A Prevention Against Takeover Case Study: Lloyds Bank Plc Lloyds’ Strategies For Creating Shareholder Value Case Study: Dixons Group Plc Vision And Objectives Vision And Objectives Introduction What Are Objectives? Primary Or Profit Objective Secondary Objectives Goals Standards Of Performance Strategy Strategy Introduction Current Products In Current Markets New Products To Current Markets Current Products In New Markets New Products For New Markets Diversification In The Context Of Growth Strategies Concentric Diversification Conglomerate Diversification Diversification: Grow Or Buy? Internal Diversification. External Diversification. Diversification: Vertical Or Horizontal? Vertical Integration. Strategic Portfolio Analysis Strategic Portfolio Analysis Introduction The Market Prospects Axis Of The Matrix The Competitive Capability Axis Portfolio Analysis In Practice Portfolio Analysis In Practice Portfolio Analysis In Practice Introduction Good Investments (gi): The Background Analysing Gi Interpretation Compared With Board’s Investment Strategies Challenging The Assumptions Personal Computers Hydraulics Looking At Risk Scoring The Rm Strategic Planning – A Second Look At The Basic Options Strategic Planning A Second Look At The Basic Options Introduction Divestment Obtaining Licences Granting Licences Simple Expansion Research And Development Acquisition And Merger Acquisition Profile: Marine Heating And Ventilating Company Strategic Alliances Some Strategic Principles Multinational And Global Strategy Multinational And Global Strategy Introduction Forces Of Globalisation Globalisation As A Strategic Decision The Decision-making Process Conflicts Of Interest: Parent And Subsidiary Technology And Manufacturing Technology And Manufacturing Introduction Technology Strategy Manufacturing Financial Planning Financial Planning Introduction Working Capital Fixed Capital Expenditure Dividends Depreciation Taxation Categories Of Finance Equity Sources Borrowings Strategic Planning For Human Resources Strategic Planning For Human Resources Introduction A Framework For Strategic Hr Management What Are The Factors Affecting The External Environment/assumptions ? A Strategic Approach To Management Development And Training A Strategic Approach To Competency Assessment Climate And Culture A Strategic Approach To Succession Planning A Strategic Approach To Manpower Planning Other Policies Intercultural Issues The Strategy May Change The Required Skills And Capabilities Of The Organisation’s Managers Results Of A Comprehensive Hr Strategy Relating To The External Environment Preparing The Strategic Plan Relating To The External Environment Introduction Assumptions Of This Chapter Primary Objective Secondary Objectives And Constraints Strengths, Weaknesses: The Current Situation Statement Of Expected Results Risk And Sensitivity What Are The Strategies Of External Environment Contingency Strategies Strategic Plan: Years 1–5: Thru-draught Heatvent Co. Ltd; Introduction Assumptions Of Strategic Management Primary Objectives What Are Secondary Objectives And Constraints Strengths And Weaknesses Statement Of Expected Results In Sm Strategies Licensing Evaluating A Business Plan Evaluating A Business Plan Introduction The ‘laws’ Of Planning Does It Have A Purpose? Testing A Strategy The Missing Question Operating Plans Operating Plans Introduction Marketing Plans Example Of A Format For A Long-range Marketing Plan Production Plans Example Of A Format For A Long-range Production Plan General Project Planning And Appraisal Project Planning And Appraisal Introduction Capital Budgeting Procedure Project-evaluation Routine Rules For The Appraisal Of Capital Expenditure Monitoring And Controlling From Plans To Actions From Plans To Actions Introduction Tactical Plans Assignment Of Tasks To Individuals Budgetary Control How To Monitor The Performance Monitoring Assumptions Updating And Reconsideration Of Plans As Required Yearly Report On Planning Activity Management By Objectives (mbo) Management Of Change Management Of Change Introduction Different Circumstances Of Change Some Examples Of Transformational Change Change And People Management Training And Strategic Change Introducing Strategic Management Introducing Strategic Management Introduction Decentralisation Of Planning Why Planning Sometimes Fails Planning Sometimes Fails Introduction Behaviour Of The Chief Executive Acceptance By Management Allowing Some Managers To Opt Out Confusion About Corporate Planning And Its Meaning The Planner And Current Activities The Planner Must Accept The Limitations Of His Role The Avoidance Of Ivory Tower Planning Plans Are Not Used The Planner Is Of Too Low A Calibre Planning Through A Committee Confusion Of Strategic And Operational Planning Insufficient Care Given To The Format Of Plans The Problem Of Oversophistication In Planning Systems Strategic Management To Strategic Change? 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