Sap Bw Tutorial

What is SAP BW tutorial?

SAP Business Warehouse (BW) domain is designed to integrate data from different sources, transforms and consolidates the data, does data cleansing, and storing of data as well. It also performs data modeling, administration and staging area.

This tutorial includes the basics of SAP Business Intelligence and handling other components.


This tutorial is prepared for the learners who wish to seek the basics of SAP BI and its applications in practice. This tutorial will provide easy understanding about SAP BW elements and its modules.


To learn this tutorial, the readers should have basic understanding of data warehousing concepts and in-depth business knowledge on related application areas with awareness of ABAP Language.

Business Scenario And Sap Bw Sales Analysis-a Business Scenario Basic Concept Of Data Warehousing Bw-an Sap Data Warehousing Solution Creating An Infoarea Summary Creating An Infocube Creating An Infoarea Creating Infoobject Catalogs Creating Infoobjects-characteristics Creating Info Objects-key Figures Creating An Infocube Infocube Summary Loading Data Into The Infocube Creating A Source System Creating An Application Component Creating An Infosource For Characteristic Data Creating Infopackages To Load Characteristic Data Checking Loaded Characteristic Data Entering The Master Data,text,and Hierarchy Manually Creating An Infosource For Transaction Data Creating Update Rules For The Infocube Create An Infopackage To Load Transaction Data Checking Data Quality Summary Checking Data Quality Checking Infocube Contents Using Bw Monitor Using The Persistent Staging Area (psa) Creating Queries And Workbooks Summary Creating Queries And Workbooks Creating A Query Using Bex Analyzer Organizing Workbooks Using Bex Browser Using A Variable To Access A Hierarchy Node Directly Basic Features Of Bex Managing User Authorization Creating An Authorization Profile Using Profile Generator Creating An Authorization Object To Control User Access To The Infocube Data Integrating Profile Generator And Bex Browser How To Use Profile Generator Summary Infocube Design Bw Star Schema Infocube Design Alternative I— Time-dependent Navigational Attributes Infocube Design Alternative Ii-dimension Characteristics Infocube Design Alternative Iii— Time-dependent Entire Hierarchies Other Infocube Design Techniques Infocube Design Techniques Aggregates And Multi-cubes Aggregates Multi-cubes Operational Data Store (ods) Summary Operational Data Store (ods) Creating An Ods Object Preparing To Load Data Into The Ods Object, Then Into An Infocube Loading Data Into The Ods Object Loading Data Into The Infocube Using 0recordmode For Delta Load Ods Business Content Creating An R/3 Source System Transferring R/3 Global Settings Replicating R/3 Datasources Installing Business Content Objects And Loading R/3 Data Maintaining Infocube Data Summary Generic R/3 Data Extraction Creating Views In R/3 Creating Datasources In R/3 And Replicating Them To Bw Creating A Characteristic In Bw Loading Data From R/3 Into Bw Extract R/3 Data Data Maintenance How Bw Maintain Characteristic Data Maintaining Infocube Data Loading Data Into The Infocube Summary Performance Tuning Bw Statistics System Administration Assistant Tuning Query Performance Tuning Load Performance Creating An Infocube Summary Object Transport System Landscape Development Class Object Transport Sales Analysis-a Business Scenario Summary Sap Bw Interview Questions Sap Bw Practice Tests