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Manual Testing interview questions & Answers

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Manual Testing Interview questions

  • What Is Baseline Testing?

    Baseline testing is the process of running a set of tests to capture performance information. Baseline testing use the information collected to made the changes in the application to improve performance and capabilities of the application. Baseline compares present performance of application with its own previous performance.

  • What Is Benchmark Testing?

  • What Is Verification And Validation?

  • Explain Branch Coverage And Decision Coverage.

  • What Is Difference Between Retesting And Regression Testing?

  • What Is Mutation Testing & When Can It Be Done?

  • Explain Bug Leakage And Bug Release.

  • What Is Alpha And Beta Testing?

  • What Is Monkey Testing?

  • What Is Test Driver And Test Stub?

  • What Is Random Testing?

  • What Is Agile Testing?

  • What Is The Purpose Of Test Strategy?

  • Explain Bug Life Cycle.

  • What Is Error Guessing And Error Seeding?

  • Explain Compatibility Testing With An Example.

  • What Is Test Harness?

  • Explain Statement Coverage.

  • What Are The Types Of Testing?

  • Explain User Acceptance Testing.

  • What Should Be Done After A Bug Is Found?

  • What If The Software Is So Buggy It Can't Really Be Tested At All?

  • What Are The Types Of Maintenance?

  • What Are The Advantages Of Waterfall Model?

  • What Is Rapid Application Development Model (rad)?

  • What Are The Advantages Of Black Box Testing?

  • What Is Software Review?

  • What Is Reverse Engineering?

  • What Is Data Flow Diagram?

  • What Is Exploratory Testing?

  • What Is Compatibility Testing?

  • What Is Srs And Brs Document?

  • Can You Explain V Model In Manual Testing?

  • What Is Concurrency Testing?

  • What Is An Inspection In Software Testing?

  • A Form Has Four Mandatory Fields To Be Entered Before You Submit. How Many Numbers Of Test Cases Are Required To Verify This? And What Are They?

  • What Is Cyclomatic Complexity?

  • What Is The Key Difference Between Preventative And Reactive Approaches To Testing?

  • Hat Is The Purpose Of Exit Criteria?

  • When Is Used Decision Table Testing?