Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial

Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial

What do you understand by the term Information Security Cyber Law?

Internet has become a part of life. The benefits of Internet cannot be undermined but the anonymous nature of Internet may sometimes allows the troublemakers in indulging in several cybercrimes. The tutorial is about the cyber laws which are meant for keeping a check on the cybercrimes. The tutorial also covers various IT security measures which are meant for protecting the sensitive data against the potential cyber threats.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Information Security Cyber Law?

The knowledge about cyber laws and IT security can be gained by everyone who uses a computer system and use Internet for communicating with the world.

What are the prerequisites required for learning Information Security Cyber Law?

Good knowledge of Internet and its adverse effects is required for making themselves aware of the Cyber laws and IT security

Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial: List of Topics

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