Gif Animation Interview Questions & Answers

Gif Animation Interview Questions

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Gif Animation Interview Questions And Answers

Gif Animation Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Graphic Interchange Format?

      Answer :

      • GIF is a format of bitmap image.
      • It supports maximum of 8 BPP.
      • It allows a single image to be referenced as a palette.
      • Each palette has up to 256 colors to choose from.
      • The RGB color space is about 24 bits.

    2. Question 2. What Is Simulation?

      Answer :

      • An imitation from real is known as simulation.
      • The participating systems may be abstract or physical.
      • A specific modeling can well be supported by simulation.
      • By simulation, acquiring and getting information is simple and quick.

    3. Question 3. What Is Animation?

      Answer :

      • Animation is referred to rapid display of a set of 2D images in a sequence.
      • It creates an illusion of movement of objects / displays.
      • Most common animation method is a motion picture.
      • Full animation is referred to producing high quality motion pictures.
      • Limited animation involves less stylized drawings and methods.

    4. Question 4. Name The Compression Technique Used By Gif Image Format?

      Answer :

      GIF images use the following compression techniques:

      • Lossless Compression: Statistical redundancy is exploited for representing data in more concise manner.
      • Real-world data consists of statistical redundancy.
      • Lampel-Ziv Compression: One of the most popular algorithms. 
      • Compression process is slow.
      • It implements table-based compression, in which the table entries are substituted to repeat the strings of data. 
      • The table is encoded using Huffman encoding.

    5. Question 5. What Is Ambient Occlusion?

      Answer :

      • Ambient Occlusion is related to bright the light to shine on specific surfaces.
      • AO is based on the environment of the surface.
      • The calculation is done by casting rays in each and every direction from the surface.
      • The brightness is increased on the surface by focusing the rays from the background.
      • Points with little geometry will appear light on the visible hemisphere.

    6. Question 6. Compare Png And Gif?

      Answer :

      GIF Format:

      • LZW compression standards are used in GIF images.
      • Traces the colors of the image and reduces the size of the file.
      • Best suited for simple animated graphics on the web.

      PNG Format:

      • PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is a graphic file format for lossless compression.
      • It is suitable for raster images storage.
      • Indexed-color, grayscale and true color images are supported in PNG format.
      • Supports cross platform image brightness and color correction.

    7. Question 7. Explain About Beneton Movie Gif That Creates Animated Images?

      Answer :

      • Beneton Movie GIF allows to create GIF images for greeting cards.
      • BM GIF animation maker is full featured software that is simple to use and create GIF images.
      • Any image file can be taken as an input file and can be converted to 48 animated file formats.
      • Among all, GIF format file creation is well suited for presentations.

    8. Question 8. How To Optimize An Animated Gif?

      Answer :

      • Using fewer colors allows reducing the file size.
      • Limiting colors and using similar colors from frame to frame.
      • To decrease the file size, one more method is to cut down the pixel dimensions.
      • The number of frames should be the exact number for the specified animation.
      • Identify the file reduction feature in the software that creates GIF image files.
      • Implement dithering. Dithering reduces the banding. The image appears smoother by eliminating colors.

    9. Question 9. Differentiate Between Animation And Video?

      Answer :


      • Animation involves drawing of sketches of objects.
      • These objects are placed in various frames, so that it illustrates as if the objects are moving.
      • Animation is created by drawing series of illustrations in different angles. 
      • Animation creation is difficult compared to creating a video.


      • Videos are made by using video cameras.
      • The real movements of objects are captured by shooting the videos.
      • Manual intervention is not necessary to shoot.

    10. Question 10. What Is Persistence Of Vision?

      Answer :

      • A phenomenon of the eye.
      • By this an after image is persisted approximately 1/20th of a second on the retina.
      • Human perception of motion is the end result of vision persistency.
      • Visual form of memory that is referred as Iconic Memory is the cause of Persistence of Vision.
      • The persistence of vision has two distinct illusions – 1. Phi Phenomenon and 2. Beta Movement.

    11. Question 11. What Is The Reason To Use Mgf File To Convert Imported Images Into Bitmaps?

      Answer :

      • MGF file format retains all information about objects in the animation.
      • GIF contains only fixed images, and hence it is less flexible.
      • Place all editable files in a MGF file, before creating GIF files.

    12. Question 12. How To Animate A Text Fade In And Out?

      Answer :

      • Animation of text fade is done with fireworks. 
      • The changed opacity is from 0% to 100% over a set of frames.
      • Later the animation is reversed with another text object with opacity from 100% to 0%

    13. Question 13. What Is The File Structure Of Gif?

      Answer :

      • GIF file has fixed size graphical area.
      • It contains one or more images.
      • Every image can be animated by placing them in animation frames.
      • Every part of GIF file is a frame.
      • All such frames make the complete graphical area or logical screen.
      • Every file starts with a fixed length header.
      • Every logical area consists of an image, the extension block and the trailer that is referred as the last byte of the file.

    14. Question 14. What Is The Purpose Of Global Color Table?

      Answer :

      • Colored table is represented by a sequence of bytes that represents Red, Green and Blue color triplets.
      • Global Color Table is used for images with plain text extensions.
      • Every global color table’s presence is marked by the Global Color Table Flag.
      • The GCT Flag is set to 1 in Logical Screen Descriptor.
      • The block contains the number of byes equal to 3 x 2 size of global color table + 1
      • One Global Color Table is present per Data Stream.

    15. Question 15. What Is Interlacing?

      Answer :

      • Displaying of a single frame of video into two frames.
      • Each frame is split into alternating lines.
      • The first frame displays odd numbered lines, and the second frame displays even numbered lines.
      • The resolution per frame is 480 horizontal lines.
      • The number of frames displays per second would be 30.

    16. Question 16. What Are The Alternatives To Gif?

      Answer :

      PNG and MNG are the alternatives for GIF.


      • GIF images are limited to 256 colors.
      • PNG format supports palette-based images, Gray Scale images.
      • PNG also supports full color non palette based RGB images.
      • PNG format is suitable for transferring images on internet.
      • PNG is not for professional-quality print graphics.


      • MNG is closed to PNG format.
      • Better compression standard than GIF
      • Integration of PNG and JPEG based images.
      • Supports transparent JPEG images.

    17. Question 17. What Is Xaml?

      Answer :

      • XAML stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language.
      • XAML is known as a declarative markup language.
      • XAML simplifies UI creation for .NET Framework applications.
      • Has flexibility to create UI elements in XAML and separate the UI definitions from runtime logic.
      • Code behind files support separating UI definitions from runtime logic.
      • XAML work flow includes separate elements to work on UI design, business logic by using different potential tools.
      • XAML can be represented as text files in as XML files and XML encoding is applied to it by using UTF-8 standard.

    18. Question 18. Explain About The Logical Screen Descriptor Of Gif Files?

      Answer :

      Logical Screen Descriptor has the following information.

      • Logical Screen Width: The width of the image that represents in pixels
      • Logical Screen Height: The image height in pixels.
      • Packed Field: The element of the image for animation.
      • Background Color Index: A value that is pointing to a color in the Global Color Table.
      • Pixel Aspect Ratio: The approximate aspect ratio of the pixel in the GIF image

    19. Question 19. What Is Logical Screen Descriptor?

      Answer :

      • It is always a second block in GIF file.
      • An area of pixels usually referred as screen, is defined by LSD.
      • GIF file size is defined by this area.
      • When the logical screen is larger than the image, some space is displayed around the image.
      • As per the size of the images, the logical screen size need to be set based on the width and height of the images.

    20. Question 20. What Are Known As Image Blocks?

      Answer :

      • Image block is the actual image.
      • The size of the image can be of any size.
      • The palette of the image can be of any size.
      • Other information includes:

        1. Size of the picture in pixels.
        2. Position of the image on Logical Screen
        3. Local palette for the image.

      • The size of the image cannot be modified.
      • Changing the image size cases data corruption.

    21. Question 21. What Are The Benefits & Limitations Of Gif89a Animations?

      Answer :

      • Transparency, Compression , Interlacing, various colors palettes are applied
      • No plug-ins or supported software required.
      • No web server or server side includes or PERL scripting is needed.
      • Provides reusable and repeatable animations.
      • No need to download the animation constantly by modem, as the whole animation is loaded only once.
      • The size of animated images is compact.

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