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What is Gerrit Installing Git-Review?

In this chapter, we will discuss on how to work with Gerrit by installing git-review on various platforms.


Below steps should be followed to install git-review in Windows.

Step 1 – Before installing git-review, first of all install Python.


Step 2 – Install the Python in default directory like C:\Python27 not in any other.

Step 3 – Then, environment variables need to be set for Python scripts. Use the path as C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts\;

Step 4 – pip will be installed automatically with version 2.7. In case of Python older version, pip can be installed as mentioned in below link.

Step 5 – Use the below command to install the git-review.


Follow the below steps to install git-review in Linux −

Step 1 - The shared host will not be accessed by all users of Linux platform. So, using below commands, git-review can be installed locally without root access –

Step 2 – below command shows two ways to extend the path to the local binaries –

Step 3 – Below command is used to set up the work with Gerrit.

Step 4 – Below command is used to install the git-review with root access.

Step 5 – After Python, if you don’t find apt-get, use below commands.

Step 6 – To start working with Gerrit, execute the below command.

Mac OS X

Use the below steps to install the git-review in Mac.

Step 1 − Install the Homebrew from this link.

Step 2 – use below command to install git-review.

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