Front Desk Interview Questions & Answers

Front Desk Interview Questions

Front Desk is where every office has a desk in front of the entrance to welcome people or customers. They will help you with clarifying any sort of questions and whom and when to meet if prior appointment is scheduled. Working for front desk involves knowing different languages and be humble and smiling all the time wishing the people. Lot of patience, determination and skills are required. One should have prior experience to make themselves ready for interview. Good number of positions is available for the candidates. Good knowledge on Front Desk will boost your confidence. Follow our Wisdomjobs page for Front Desk interview questions and answers page to get through your job interview successfully in first attempt. Interview questions are exclusively designed for job seekers to assist them in interviews.

Front Desk Interview Questions And Answers

Front Desk Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. How Would You Coordinate Meetings?

      Answer :

      • By maintaining an appointment calendar and using Outlook or the company specific portal for managing correspondence
      • Calling the respective personnel for the meetings/appointments confirmation and reminding the management about them
      • Organizing the meeting/conference halls while making sure everything required is functional for example the projector
      • Communicating and adjusting any particulars about the meetings (e.g. time/date) with consultation of the management will be another integral part of meeting coordination.

    2. Question 2. Have You Ever Come Across An Extremely Stressful Situation And Felt Burnt Out? What Do You Do?

      Answer :

      Working as a receptionist, one encounters many difficult situations. I must admit that I have felt burnt out many times during my seven year long career. But this is inevitable and one gets used to it after a while. To handle this, I try not to look too much into the situation and start afresh the next day. It always works.

    3. Question 3. How Do You Keep Your Daily Schedule Organized?

      Answer :

      I maintain a diary to manage daily appointments, the executive's travel schedule, organizing of conferences and meetings. I keep the whole record on PC as well. I use calendars and put up reminders to keep myself organized.

    4. Question 4. What Type Of Hardware And Software Have You Used In Your Previous Office?

      Answer :

      I used copier, scanner and fax machines. I'm quite competent in MS Office suite and always willing to learn about new software. Being fully computer literate I offer a typing speed of about 60 words per minute with minimum errors.

    5. Question 5. How Can You Handle Stressful Weekdays And Situations Or Customers That Caused You Stress?

      Answer :

      No job comes without stress. If you are a good organizer and planner you can manage things in an efficient way minimizing the levels of stress. Whenever I faced a stressful event or day I became more resilient and better able to handle the same situation next time, which helped me in meeting the deadlines. To beat work stress I relax and recharge myself for over the weekends.

    6. Question 6. Do You Feel Comfortable In Working Alone Or In A Team Environment?

      Answer :

      I am more comfortable working with coworkers. I get along well with other team members. I have good leadership skills and am able to motivate others. Having great attention to detail I am good at implementing office policies and procedures to the book and guiding others in the same. On the other hand, when the need arises, I can deal with things independently equally well.

    7. Question 7. What Do You Think Are The Basic Tasks Of An Office Front Desk Officer?

      Answer :

      Key tasks of a Front Desk Officer include correspondence sorting, front desk handling and serving as a point of contact for incoming clients.

    8. Question 8. What Traits Should A Receptionist Possess And What Makes You Suitable For This Job?

      Answer :

      A receptionist gives out the first imprint of the company or organization so he or she should have a pleasant personality along with strong ability to deal with people from varied backgrounds in a polite and helpful manner. Time management and task prioritization are two core elements needed for the job. I have proficient organizational skills and I'm quite comfortable interacting with people. I also have good verbal and written communication skills which render me fit for this job.

    9. Question 9. Do You Believe In Popular Belief That A Company Is Judged By The First Representative Who Portrays It?

      Answer :

      Yes! I do believe in this. While I think that the cliché "first impression is the last impression" is a bit unfair, it fits where the professional world is concerned. People take one look at the reception area or have the first word with a receptionist and they make up their minds about the company. Since there is nothing personal here one has to comply with this rule.

    10. Question 10. Which Skill Is The Most Important For A Receptionist's Position? Why?

      Answer :

      Good people and communication skills are the most important as a receptionist is always in contact with people. A receptionist must be comfortable when meeting people and answering questions especially where customers or visitors from diverse backgrounds are concerned.

    11. Question 11. Why Do You Think We Require Good Customer Service Ability From You?

      Answer :

      Because, as a receptionist, I will be the first point of contact between your company and the stakeholders, clients and customers. My customer service ability will set the first impression of your company. With my brilliant customer care expertise, I will be able to maintain strong professional relationships with the clients/customers to increase recurring business and maximize client base.

    12. Question 12. What Basic Office Equipment Can You Operate And Use?

      Answer :

      Printers, scanners, PC, thumb scanners, photocopiers, graph plotters, shredders, telephones, cash counters and rings.

    13. Question 13. Have You Had Experience Of Maintaining Visitor Log?

      Answer :

      Yes. This includes manual register log as well as the automated thumb scanner's log maintenance and verification.

    14. Question 14. How Would Your Co-workers Describe You?

      Answer :

      I am confident that I would be considered as a patient, friendly and hardworking individual among my coworkers. In fact, these are my inborn personality traits rather than a part of my job.

    15. Question 15. What Makes A Receptionist's Work Meaningful?

      Answer :

      A receptionist's work is probably the most fulfilling in any company. Providing excellence in customer services and presenting a positive face of the company on a front desk makes a receptionist's work meaningful.

    16. Question 16. List Some Interview Tips For Front Desk Officer?

      Answer :

      • Dress formally and appropriately; casual dressing is not allowed.
      • Reach to interview place 15 minutes ahead.
      • Turn off your cellular phone before entering into the interview room.
      • Make sure that you know the interviewer's name. You can find out the same from the front desk personnel.
      • Bring at least two extra copies of your resume.
      • Bring a list of at least three professional or educational references.
      • Be confident; use body language and make an eye contact with the interviewer and the panel.
      • Don't criticize your previous companies / employers
      • Read your resume while sitting in the waiting room. It would help you remembering your qualifications and work history.
      • Don't show rigidness on salary expectation. Instead, show your strong willingness to work on the salary per employer's policy.
      • Always send a thank you note to the interviewer within 2 days after interview.

    17. Question 17. What Are Typically Job Duties Of Front Desk Officer?

      Answer :

      Typically, Front Desk Officer direct visitors to the right department/person, manage emails and correspondence and also perform a host of administrative tasks such as data entry, filing and light bookkeeping. Receptionists are required to possess a high school diploma at the very least - formal education is not usually required. They need to be great at managing stress and time effectively and their decision making skills need to be sound as well.

    18. Question 18. What Are Job Duties Of Front Desk Officer?

      Answer :

      Front Desk Officer perform many important tasks at the front desk of an office. They answer telephones and relay messages. They also greet customers and visitors and provide them with information.

      They work in different settings including businesses, hospitals, private clinic and hotels. Particular duties depend on the individual settings that they work in although most tasks remain the same in the majority of organizations.

    19. Question 19. What Is Front Desk Officer?

      Answer :

      Front Desk Officer is also Receptionist.

      Receptionists hold a key role in any organization. In fact, they are the face of their company which is why their work is very sensitive. More often than not, visitors, guests and customers make up their minds about an organization after meeting the first representative; this is why receptionists are hired following a lot of scrutiny.

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