Flash Tutorial

What is Flash tutorial?

This tutorial covers basic concepts like flash functions such as drawing shapes, creating graphic symbols, motion tweening, and working with layers. It deals with Flash developer. 3D, 3rd Party, Actionscripting, Animation, Articles, Audio, Backend, Dynamic Content, Games, Getting Started, Interactivity, Math, Physics, Mobil Application, Optimization.


This course is designed for graphic designers, web designers and individuals interested in becoming a game designer, game artist, or game programmer. Our tutorials cover basics of Flash animation and Flash action scripting.


To learn this course one must be familiar This tutorial covers topics like creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to a Flash 8 movie.
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Understanding The Flash Framework Introducing The Flash 5 Framework Finding Applications For Flash 5 Movies Exploring The Interface: Panels, Settings, And More Learning Flash Tool Basics Getting To Know The Fundamental Flash Interface Using The Menu Bar Using Tools For Navigation And Viewing The Magnifier Tool The Hand Tool Zoom Control And View Commands Working With Selections And The Pen Tool The Lasso Tool The Arrow Tool Introducing The Pen Tool Working With The Drawing And Painting Tools Choosing Colors The Stroke And Fill Panels Adjusting Stroke And Color The Pencil Tool The Line Tool The Oval Tool The Rectangle Tool Using The (paint) Brush Tool The Dropper Tool The Ink Bottle Tool The Paint Bucket Tool The Eraser Tool Applying Color Introducing Color Basics Working With Flash Color Working With Text Understanding Font Display Problems The Text Tool Reshaping And Manipulating Text Characters Exploring The Timeline Viewing The Timeline Manipulating The Timeline The Timeline/stage Relationship Editing On The Timeline Onion Skinning Checking Out The Library: Symbols And Instances The Library And Its Features Symbol Types Graphic Symbols Movie Clips Button Symbols Organizing Your Library Adding Symbols To Movies Editing Symbols Modifying Instance Properties The Movie Explorer Shared Library And Shared Fonts Drawing In Flash Simple Shapes And Items The Drawing Panels Fill And Stroke Effects Static Masks Creating Type And Text Effects Animating In Flash Frame-by-frame Animation Tweening Guide Layers Masking Animations Using Bitmaps And Other Media With Flash Understanding Vector Versus Bitmap Images Importing External Media Importing Vector Graphics Preparing Bitmaps For Flash Importing Bitmap Images Setting Bitmap Properties Using Bitmaps As Fills Tracing Bitmaps Cautionary Notes Color Insert: Bitmap Comparisons Designing Interfaces And Interface Elements The Main Timeline As The Site Layout Adding Navigation Elements To The Main Timeline Basic Text Scrolling Understanding Sound For Flash Basics Of Sampling And Quality Sound File Import Formats Sound Export Formats Used By Flash Importing And Editing Sounds In Flash Importing Sounds Into Flash Assigning A Sound To A Button Adding Sound To The Timeline Synchronizing Audio To Animations Stopping Sounds Editing Audio In Flash Optimizing Flash Sound For Export Sound Optimization Overview Publish Settings For Audio Fine-tuning Sound Settings In The Library Publish Settings For Quicktime Sound Final Sound Advice And Pointers Understanding Actions And Event Handlers Actions And Event Handlers Your First Six Actions Making Actions Happen With Event Handlers Navigating Flash Timelines Movie Clips: The Key To Self-contained Playback Flash 4 Into Flash 5: Targets And Paths Explained Targeting Movie Clips In Flash 5 Controlling Movie Clips Movie Clips: The Object Overview Working With Movie Clip Properties Manipulating Color Attributes Enabling Sound With Actionscript Creating Draggable Movie Clips Printing With Actionscript Sharing And Loading Assets Managing Smooth Movie Download And Display Loading Flash Movies Accessing Items In Shared Libraries Planning Code Structures Breaking Down The Interactive Process The Basic Context For Programming In Flash One Part Of The Sum: Actionscript Variables Declaring Variables In Flash Creating Expressions In Actionscript Make A Login Sequence With Variables Debugging Your Code Creating Subroutines And Manipulating Data What Are Data Types? Overview Of Functions As Subroutines Managing Related Data: The Array Object Creating A Dynamic Reusable Flash Menu Functions As Methods Of Objects Functions As Constructors For Objects Understanding Movie Clips As Complex Objects Movie Clip Collision Detection Reusing And Repurposing Code With Smart Clips Sending Data In And Out Of Flash Using Text Fields To Store And Display Data Defining A Data Process With States Creating A Flash Form Using Xml Data In Flash Movies Using The Flash Exchange Understanding Html And Text Field Functions In Flash Exploring Html Usage In Text Fields Controlling Text Field Properties Manipulating Text With The Selection Object What Is Generator? An Overview Of Generator 2 Your First Generator Template Revving Up Generator An Overview Of Data Representation The Chart Object Lists And Tickers Using Generator Templates In Production Working With Third-party, Server-side Applications Using Asp With Flash Movies Flash Generation Utilities Working With Raster Graphics Optimizing Images In Fireworks 4 Preparing Images For Flash With Photoshop 6 Creating Image Effects With Corel Painter Exporting Raster Images From Flash Working With Vector Graphics Preparing Vector Graphics For Flash Movies Using Freehand 9 With Flash Exporting Artwork From Illustrator Replacing Blends With Flash Gradients Using Layered Freehand, Eps, Or Illustrator Files Converting Rasters To Vectors Exporting Vector Graphics From Flash Working With Audio Applications Sound-editing And Creation Software Working With 3d Graphics Introduction To 3d Modeling Using Adobe Dimensions To Create 3d Objects Animating Figures With Metacreations Poser Exporting Animations From Kinetix 3d Studio Max Working With Quicktime Quicktime Versus Video For Windows Quicktime Support In Flash Importing Quicktime Into Flash Combining Flash And Quicktime Movies Using Digital Video In Flash Movies Working With Realplayer Flash To Realplayer Flash Versions And Content Considerations Controlling Realplayer Playback Evaluating Media Quality For Realflash Movies Publishing Realplayer Presentations Creating Full-motion Video With Flash High-quality Video Output From Flash A Quick Video Primer Adjusting Flash Movies For Video Output Creating Sequences From Flash Movies Creating .avi Files On The Pc Importing Sequences Into Video Applications Creating Cartoon Animation With Flash Working With Large File Sizes The Storyboard Backgrounds And Scenery Some Cartoon Animation Basics Animator’s Keys And Inbetweening Flash Tweening Lip-synching Finishing Up Planning Flash Production With Flowcharting Software Workflow Basics Using Inspiration To Create Flowcharts Working With Authoring Applications Integrating .swf Files Into Dreamweaver Using .swf Files In Macromedia Director Publishing Flash Movies Optimizing Flash Movies Testing Flash Movies Publishing Your Flash Movies Publish Settings Publish Preview And Publish Commands Integrating Flash Content With Html Writing Markup For Flash Movie Detecting The Flash Player Using Flash Movies With Javascript And Dhtml Using Players, Projectors, And Screensaver Utilities The Flash Stand-alone Player And Projector Stand-alone Limitations And Solutions Using The Flash Player Plug-in For Web Browsers Alternative Flash-content Players Flash Interview Questions Flash Practice Tests