DVD Studio Pro Interview Questions & Answers

DVD Studio Pro Interview Questions

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DVD Studio Pro Interview Questions And Answers

DVD Studio Pro Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro is a new software application from Apple that makes it easy for non-specialists to author and encode professional-quality DVD-Video discs on their Macintosh desktop. Tight integration with the Apple DVD-R drive on select Power Mac G4 systems makes it easy to record DVDs as well. 

      Source material can be either QuickTime movies or MPEG streams. DVD projects authored with DVD Studio Pro can include every feature that the DVD-Video standard allows, including up to 99 video tracks, Dolby Digital AC-3 audio, web links, and slide shows.

      If you’re shooting and editing digital video, you can now retain digital quality and precision from start to finish. What was once a very expensive and technical undertaking is now more affordable and much easier than ever before.

    2. Question 2. Who Will Want To Use Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro is designed for creative professionals who work with video and who recognize the quality and durability of DVDs. They include

      • Video production companies
      • Video departments in corporations, schools, and advertising agencies
      • Independent filmmakers
      • Multimedia producers
      • Wedding and event photographers
      • Training departments in corporations and government organizations
      • Sales departments in corporations
      • Advanced users of iDVD software who are looking to enhance their DVDs with features that are not available in iDVD

    3. Question 3. Why Is Dvd Studio Pro The Best Tool For Creative Professionals To Use For Authoring Dvds?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro is in a class by itself because it is the only full-featured, professional DVD authoring tool that is both affordable and easy to use. 

      • Full featured.
        DVD projects authored with DVD Studio Pro can include every feature that the DVD-Video standard allows, including motion or still menus, web links, multiple language tracks, up to 99 video tracks each enhanced with up to 9 different angles, 8 separate audio streams, and 32 subtitle streams. 
      • Easy to use.
        DVD Studio Pro is designed to work smoothly with the tools you already use. For example, DVD Studio Pro reads native Adobe Photoshop files directly, making it easy to add great-looking menus, buttons, and overlays. You can also design animated menus using full- motion clips imported from a video editor such as Final Cut Pro. Features such as intelligent pop-up menus help you make the right choices.

    4. Question 4. Can I Run The Dvds That I Make With Dvd Studio Pro On The Dvd Player Connected To My Tv? What About On My Computer’s Dvd Player?

      Answer :

      DVDs authored with DVD Studio Pro are fully compatible with the DVD-Video standard.

      Your DVDs will run on most TV- and computer-based players that are compliant with the DVD-Video standard. 

    5. Question 5. How Does Dvd Studio Pro Differ From Idvd?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro gives you access to the entire range of features outlined in the DVD-Video specification. iDVD, on the other hand, gives you just the basic capabilities needed to put video and still images on a DVD. For example, iDVD offers simple, preset menu navigation templates, whereas DVD Studio Pro gives you complete control over the navigation structure. If you want your project to include advanced features such as motion menus, chapter markers, scripting, multiple languages, subtitles, and Dolby Digital audio, you’ll want to choose DVD Studio Pro.

    6. Question 6. How Does Dvd Studio Pro Make Dvd Authoring Easy For Creative Professionals?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro takes what was once a highly technical process and puts it in a context that makes sense for creative professionals. DVD Studio Pro fits nicely into nearly any digital video production environment, such as Final Cut Pro, so you don’t need to learn a new editing system in order to author your projects on DVD.

      The easy-to-use Apple interface displays all aspects of the project at a glance, and DVD Studio Pro is packed with helpful tools. For example, the Property Inspector helps you make the right choices as you work. Pop-up menus simplify the settings selection process, keeping track of all the details of the DVD-Video standard. Even if you’re a beginner, these features can help you be confident that you’re making the appropriate choices.

      Real-time previews let you see your progress as you work. Competitive DVD authoring tools make you wait for multiplexing or require you to create a disc image. But the simple preview command in DVD Studio Pro offers instant playback.

    7. Question 7. What Is The Mpeg Encoder And Why Does It Help Make Dvd Studio Pro Easy To Use?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro comes with an MPEG encoding software plug-in that works within QuickTime-compliant video editing software products, such as Final Cut Pro. With a few simple settings you can create high-quality MPEG video files to use in DVD Studio Pro. Purchasing a separate encoder isn’t required (although you may want to consider a third-party hardware encoder if you frequently encode large amounts of video material).

    8. Question 8. Can I Make Both Still And Motion Menus Using Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      Yes. Motion menus are video clips designated to function as menus. The clips can be created in a video editor such as Final Cut Pro, then imported into DVD Studio Pro. Still menus are created using images created in applications such as Photoshop. When working with Photoshop graphics, you can choose which layers are visible at any time without having to flatten or convert the Photoshop files. 

    9. Question 9. Can I Add Web Links To Dvds Authored In Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      DVDs have a unique advantage over videotape because they can include web links. In DVD Studio Pro, this feature is made possible by Apple DVD@CCESS technology. Web connections let your viewers access late-breaking information that’s relevant to the content of your project.

      They also let businesses create promotional DVDs that link their audience directly to their web store. With web links, salespeople can enhance their presentations by jumping to up-to-date, web-based inventory and pricing details. 

    10. Question 10. Dvd Audio Is Encoded In Dolby, But Quicktime Is The Standard Audio Format For Digital Video Edited On A Computer. Which Format Works In Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      You can use your multichannel QuickTime audio files as the source for encoding into Dolby AC-3 format. Or you can use uncompressed AIFF or QuickTime sound files for stereo audio.

    11. Question 11. To What Formats Can I Output A Project Authored In Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      After you complete authoring and testing your project in DVD Studio Pro, the software allows you to output your work in the format that best fits your audience and budget. You can

      • Output your project in DVD-R format and record it using the DVD-R drive on your new Power Mac G4, or deliver it to a DVD service bureau for recording.
      • Transfer your project to digital tape and deliver it to a replicator for mass duplication.
      • Select DVD-RAM format to record your project using a computer DVD-RAM drive. This is an inexpensive way to test your project before committing it to other media.

    12. Question 12. Which Dvd Recorders Does Dvd Studio Pro Support?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro supports the Apple DVD-R drive available on select Power Mac G4 systems as well as the Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD recorder.

    13. Question 13. Is There Any Difference Between Discs Written With The Apple Dvd-r Drive And Those Written With The Pioneer Dvd-r Recorder?

      Answer :

      Yes. The Pioneer DVR-S201 recorder writes DVD-R Authoring media. These discs can be used as masters for replicating multiple DVD discs. The Apple DVD-R drive writes DVD General media, which are not intended for use as replication masters. If you are creating a project for replication, output your DVD Studio Pro project to digital tape or use a DVD-R Authoring disc as a master.

    14. Question 14. I Don’t Have A Dvd Recorder. How Can I Burn Dvd Discs Using The Content I’ve Authored In Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      If your Macintosh does not have a DVD-R drive, you can still use DVD Studio Pro to author and test your projects. You can hire a DVD service bureau to create the discs for you. Just output your content onto digital tape or deliver your work on a portable hard drive. You can also output your work onto a DVD-RAM disc, then play it on a computer with a DVD-RAM drive.

    15. Question 15. Isn’t Mpeg Encoding Slow? What Does Dvd Studio Pro Do To Improve This?

      Answer :

      Software-based MPEG encoding has traditionally been a very slow process, taking between 30 and 50 times the length of the source video material. DVD Studio Pro speeds up the process substantially. Included with DVD Studio Pro is Apple’s MPEG Encoder plug-in, which is optimized for PowerPC G4 processors with Velocity Engine. This plug-in produces high-quality MPEG files but takes only about 3 times the length of the source video material. If you need higher through-put, hardware-accelerated MPEG encoders that work in real time are available separately.

    16. Question 16. When It Comes To Working With Digital Video (dv), What Are Some Of The Advantages That Macintosh Systems Have Over Windows-based Pc Systems?

      Answer :

      Because Apple makes the components of a complete DV system, including the FireWire input technology, the video editing applications, the MPEG Encoder, the DVD authoring tools, and the DVD-R drive, you can be assured that everything works together smoothly. Windows-based PC systems do not offer the plug-and-play ease of Apple’s solution. The formats of choice for PC users, Microsoft’s AVI and DirectShow, are not able to meet the demands of professional editing.

      In addition, all current DV editing applications for the PC require additional hardware. Competitive

      DV applications also require awkward export rendering and often don’t address proper machine control and other issues. During the coming years, these issues may be resolved as other vendors follow Apple’s lead. For now, however, Apple is the only company to offer a complete, integrated solution for digital video production.

    17. Question 17. What Are 4:3 And 16:9 Aspect Ratios?

      Answer :

      Standard NTSC and PAL televisions have a picture aspect ratio of 4:3 and many new DV devices support a picture aspect ratio of 16:9. DVD Studio Pro supports the acquisition, creation, and distribution of 16:9 and anamorphic media. On DV devices that have a 16:9 setting, DVD Studio Pro captures and exports the proper 16:9 image.

    18. Question 18. What Is Anamorphic Media?

      Answer :

      Some widescreen video material is shot using a special anamorphic lens that squeezes the wide image horizontally so it can be captured on the standard 4:3 aspect ratio of video. When this material is played back, it needs to be expanded horizontally to match the original shape.

    19. Question 19. What Operating Systems Support Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro works with Mac OS 9.0.4 or 9.1 only.

    20. Question 20. What Software Comes With Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      The DVD Studio Pro package offers several tools: 

      • DVD Studio Pro software for authoring and testing DVDs
      • QuickTime MPEG Encoder software 
      • DVD@CCESS software to create DVDs that support web links
      • A.Pack Dolby digital encoding software to produce high-quality surround sound audio Subtitle Editor software to create subtitles
      • QuickTime Pro software to update your computer’s QuickTime capabilities
      • Instruction manual with a comprehensive tutorial and sample files to make learning DVD Studio Pro easy

    21. Question 21. What Are The System Requirements For Dvd Studio Pro?

      Answer :

      DVD Studio Pro requires a Power Mac G4 computer with an Apple-supplied AGP graphics accelerator. The earliest Power Mac G4 computers, which featured PCI-based graphics cards, are not supported. 

      Recommended RAM is at least 128MB. The amount of hard disk space needed for authoring depends on a number of factors, including the compression format of the source material and the length of the project. A typical DVD-5 project with DV source material uses about 20GB of disk space. DVD Studio Pro can take advantage of large displays; a display resolution of at least 1024 by 768 pixels is recommended. Mac OS 9.0.4 or 9.1 is required. 

    22. Question 22. How Do You Add A Text Box To A Menu?

      Answer :

      Double click where you want the text box.

    23. Question 23. How Much Hard Disk Storage Should You Have Before Creating A Project?

      Answer :

      2 x the size of your project.

    24. Question 24. What Are The Three Common Methods Of Encoding Video ?

      Answer :

      1. CBR
      2. One-pass VBR
      3. Two-pass VBR

    25. Question 25. Imported Assets Can Be Rendered In The Background While You Work If?

      Answer :

      Specify in preferences.

    26. Question 26. What Is Dts?

      Answer :

      High-quality surround format.

    27. Question 27. What Is End Jump?

      Answer :

      What plays after a track, marker or story ends.

    28. Question 28. What Is The Function Of The 'dynamic Range Compression'?

      Answer :

      Helps even out the difference between the highest and lowest volume in an audio stream.

    29. Question 29. What Is Easter Egg?

      Answer :

      Easter Egg is when there is a hidden feature that can only be configured when an invisible button is clicked.

    30. Question 30. How Do You Preview A Project?

      Answer :

      Press Simulate Button from main project window.

    31. Question 31. Is Dvd Studio Compatible With Windows 8?

      Answer :

      No, it will only run on Mac OS X.

    32. Question 32. How Do You Create A Story?

      Answer :

      Click the Add Story tool to create a story.

    33. Question 33. What Are Dvd-r And Dvd+r?

      Answer :

      Discs that you can only write once on.

    34. Question 34. What Does The 'i' In 25i Frame Rate Mean?

      Answer :

      Interlaced scanning method.

    35. Question 35. What Does The Graphical Tab Represent?

      Answer :

      A graphical view of all tracks, menus, slideshows, scripts, stories and connections in a project.

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