INVOLVEMENT Consumer Behaviour

Involvement in Consumer Behaviour

Involvement is the intensity of interest with which consumers approach their dealings in the Market Place. Involvement characteristics:

  1. is related to consumer’s values and self-concept, which influences the degree of personal importance as ascribed to a product or a situation.
  2. Involvement can vary in individuals depending on different situations.
  3. Involvement is related to some form of arousal. Involvement can be of 3 types
  4. Routines response behaviour or least involvement
  5. Low involvement decision making
  6. High involvement decision making
  1. Routinised response behaviour or least involvement.

    In routinised response,we buy things as a routine. These are products of daily use which keep buying almost every now and then. These products have low or no involvement. Products such as soaps, toothpaste, blades, bread-butter creams, these are of low values and involve no risk. Consumers can try various brands and can keep changing brands according to their likes and dislikes.

  2. Low Involvement Decision:

    These are decision in which some involvement is necessary .These are higher value products and involve certain amount of risk. These products are not bought everyday but after a few years or considerable period of time. These can be white goods, like refrigerators, T. V., Sofa Sets, Computers, Steel Cupboards sometimes designer clothes and suits.

  3. High Involvement Decision Making:

    These decisions are very important as these products are of very high value and involve a lot of risk and are bought once in a life time or few times in a life time. These can be expensive jeweler, like a solitaire, a house, an expensive car. While choosing these items, the attributes of the product are taken into consideration. For instance in a car we look for speed, economy, comfort, style, space, maintenance etc.

In a house we look for the location, the frontage the direction for north, south the locality the safety etc. All these attributes are considered and then the final decision is made. On the lighter side while choosing your life partner or the spouse requires high involvement as one has to spend one’s whole life with the spouse. His/her culture background, family occupation,gentleness and other aspects are to be considered.This discussion is substantiated in the chapter on problem recognition.

Discussion of Involvement

Antecedents are the bases or source that interact with each other to generate the degree of involvements the consumer will experience at any particular time. These variables are grouped into

  1. Person
  2. Stimulus/object
  3. Situational categories


In this category, we have the personal needs, values, experiences and interest e.g., A person who is a professional photographer will have special interest in high quality and branded cameras like the NIKON, its filters, stand, apertures and so on. Whereas a person interested in family photos will be satisfied with an automatic camera costing only a 1000 to 3,000 rupees.

A professional tennis player will choose a racket with higher quality proper weight (Top heavy or top light) a suitable grip of the handle etc. A ordinary club player may do with recent overlooking all these attributes and qualities.


How much the products stimulates or creates an interest into the person. The amount of risk perceived by him, his level of involvement is also necessary.


By this we mean how and when the product will be used. For whom it is bought for a friend,your family, wife or for a special guest. The product may suspect for posing health risks.


By intensity we mean the degree of involvement, high or low. This has been discussed earlier in this section.


It refers to the focus or the target in which one is involved. These could be cars or perfume. The involvement target may have been advertised in various media.


It is the length of time the consumer remain involved. Some get out of the involvement and loose interest. One may be very interested in Tennis up to the age of 40 and then loose all interest.

Response Factors Is how a consumer behaves under different involvement conditions. These can be to undertake greater research,more information may be processed for buying decisions. Decision may be taken to buy or not to buy, the consumer can also be persuaded to buy by providing incentives and other methods of persuasion.

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