Cisco Collaboration Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Cisco Collaboration Engineer Interview Questions

Looking for a Cisco Collaboration Engineering career? Wisdomjobs Cisco Collaboration Engineer Interview Questions and Answers will help you to get the best job in top MNCs by providing easy and effective answers to face the interview. Cisco Collaboration Engineer Jobs are wide open for the candidates with skills like AutoCAD, C, Maintenance, C++, Production, MS Office, Networking along with good interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and good communication skills. People with such skills get placed in top positions like Design Engineer Mechanical, Project Engineer Civil, Production Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Executive Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Site Engineer, Service Engineer etc. Learn more about the Cisco Collaboration related questions and get prepared for a job interview with our Cisco Collaboration Engineer Job interview questions and answers page.

Cisco Collaboration Engineer Interview Questions And Answers

Cisco Collaboration Engineer Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Specific Capabilities Does Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Offer?

      Answer :

      Cisco Collaborative Knowledge strategically combines best-in-class digital capabilities to help you redefine the customer and employee experience.

      The solution is comprised of the following four services:

      • Expert Discovery: Provides just-in-time access to experts using WebEx and Jabber. Connect safely inside the firewall with experts to share ideas, exchange knowledge, or solve business challenges in real time.
      • Knowledge Center: Preserves best practices, formal and informal learning, and knowledge shared across the organization in an enterprise-wide digital library.
      • Social Communities: Fosters real-time learning, problem solving and innovation through social communities, discussion forums, blogs, and crowdsourcing.
      • Learning Management System: Standardizes formal and informal learning and development through a centralized learning management system. Lastly, two breakthrough Cisco innovations round out the platform:
      • Real-time Collaboration Tools: Cisco Jabber and WebEx real-time collaboration tools make it easy for everyone to meet, share ideas and stay connected anytime, anywhere in the cloud.
      • Visual Knowledge Mapping and Analytics: This service assesses organizational knowledge, learning, and interests in real time. By combining advancements in keyword ranking and semantics graphing with data aggregation and crowdsourcing, the software can create visual “snapshots” of individuals, teams and departmental strengths and gaps to guide learning and development investment strategies.

    2. Question 2. How Is Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Different From Other Offerings?

      Answer :

      Cisco Collaborative Knowledge is the first digital workplace service to offer organizations the knowledge, speed, flexibility, and learning they need to create agile, high performing digital organizations. Unlike traditional point solutions, which would require millions of dollars to acquire and integrate, Cisco Collaborative Knowledge can serve as the digital hub for your entire organization. With it, organizations gain the critical information they need in real time to make informed business decisions that result in improved productivity, business performance, and competitive advantage.

    3. Question 3. How Will Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Be Licensed?

      Answer :

      Cisco Collaborative Knowledge will be licensed on a subscription basis. The service can be sold with Cisco digital training and learning content, deployment services, WebEx and Jabber unified communications tools, and 24-hour support for a complete end-to-end solution.

    4. Question 4. When Will Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Be Available?

      Answer :

      The solution is generally available now through Cisco and select partners.

    5. Question 5. How Will My Organization Benefit From Cisco Collaborative Knowledge?

      Answer :

      With Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, your organization will gain the knowledge, speed and flexibility it needs to innovate and solve real-world business challenges in real time. A cloud-based, digital workplace knowledge and learning delivery service, Cisco Collaborative Knowledge can empower everyone with the digital tools and technology they need to access experts, learning and knowledge anytime, anywhere to create a smarter, more productive organization.

    6. Question 6. What Capabilities Does Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Offer?

      Answer :

      Cisco Collaborative Knowledge provides all the capabilities a digital organization needs today to focus on knowledge, learning, collaboration and innovation.

    7. Question 7. What Benefits Does The Expert Discovery Service Provide?

      Answer :

      Expert Discovery is a powerful expertise location service that can help you identify and connect with expert resources whenever you need them. Because it’s integrated with Cisco WebEx and Jabber instant messaging (IM) communication and collaboration technologies, you can message or talk with experts, peers, and customers by phone, or have one-to-one or one-to-many meetings—anytime, anywhere—to share ideas, brainstorm, or solve business challenges in real time.

    8. Question 8. What Benefits Does The Knowledge Center Service Provide?

      Answer :

      Knowledge Center is a dynamic content repository that captures, stores, and preserves in a central location all of the institutional knowledge that has been shared across an organization. Content can be searched, tagged, rated, and shared with peers, work groups and communities. If an employee leaves the organization, their documents, knowledge and best practices can still be accessed through the digital library.

    9. Question 9. What Technology Does Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Run On?

      Answer :

      Cisco Collaborative Knowledge is powered by enterprise-grade security, performance and reliability. Cisco uses important safeguards, such as data-privacy, encrypted connections, role-based policy management, and password protection, to help keep your collaborative spaces safe.

    10. Question 10. What Benefits Does The Visual Knowledge Mapping And Analytics Service Provide?

      Answer :

      This service enables the assessment of knowledge, learning, and interests in real time. Users can create visual “snapshots” of individual, team, and departmental strengths and gaps in real time to guide learning and development investment strategies. In addition, internal experts can easily be identified for projects, mentors can be selected to support new leaders, and succession plans can be streamlined.

    11. Question 11. We Use Cisco Webex And Jabber In Our Organization. Can We Use These Real-time Communication And Collaboration Tools With Cisco Collaborative Knowledge?

      Answer :

      Yes. Cisco WebEx and Jabber IM chat are integrated into the platform. If your organization already uses these unified communications and collaboration tools, you can continue to harness their benefits throughout your organization.

    12. Question 12. What Benefits Does The Social Communities Service Provide?

      Answer :

      Social Communities provides an open environment where individuals, work teams and study groups can come together to learn, problem solve and innovate in real time using discussions forums, blogs, and crowdsourcing.

    13. Question 13. What Is The Learning Management System?

      Answer :

      The Learning Management System is a one-stop shop for centralizing and standardizing formal and informal learning and development across your organization. Learners can locate and register for a course through the training catalog, or create personalized learning plans to support development and career goals.

    14. Question 14. Does Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Have Real-time Collaboration Tools?

      Answer :

      Yes. WebEx Meeting Center and Jabber IM chat are integrated into the platform. Combined, they enable real-time communication and collaboration across the organization, making it easy for individuals to meet, share ideas, and stay connected.

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