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Scope of Advertising and Promotions

The scope of Advertising is increasing everyday
Advertising has a very wide scope in marketing and in the social system. The scope ofadvertising is described on the basis of activities included under advertising and their forms and systems, objectives and functions. These include the
Message—which has been discussed earlier.
Media—has also been discussed in detail.
Merchandise—It is the buying and selling of the product-advertisement covers the attributes of the product to be sold. The outstanding qualities of the product should be assessedand exposed with emphasis. New and existing products are advertized to popularise them. A firm is considered as an important source of advertising.

Advertising Functions: No product can be sold without some form of advertising.

  • Advertising creates demand.
  • Promotes marketing system.
  • Helps middleman.
  • Builds image for the organisation.
  • Makes customer aware of the price and attributes of the product leading to greatersales.
  • Brings awareness in the masses.
  • Consumer demand can be assessed by marketing researchers and advertising research.
  • It helps in expanding the market.
  • It helps the middleman to easily sell the product.
  • It brings customers and sellers together.
  • Advertisement is economical when targeted at the masses.

Nature and Scope of Advertising Management

The nature and scope of advertising management are explained below

Advertiser:is the most important person as he is the customer and spends money on it.He gives employment to a lot of people and supports the advertising agencies. The advertiser also has a great social responsibility to create a sound social and economic system.
Objective:The advertising objectives are many in number
However, we shall mention a few:

  • To increase sale.
  • To create awareness and interest.
  • Establishing and sustaining the product.
  • To help middleman.
  • To persuade, to remain and inform the masses.

Activities:The activities included are mass communication, carrying message, image building. It also persuades and reminds. The activities should be performed regularly andeconomically.
Art & Science:Management is both an art and science and Advertisement being a partof marketing is also an art. It creates, it requires experience. It is a science because it is based on certain social-psychological factors. Cause and effect relationship are studied in advertising.
The effect of advertising is also studied by experimentation. The results of advertising canbe measured. It is tested on scientific principle as well. Therefore, we see that the scope of advertising is large and varied.

Different Dimensions of Advertising
There are a number of books written on advertising and they cover different dimensions.

  • Social dimension of advertising: It informs the society of various products available, their technology, uses and how the society can benefit from new innovations, like creditcards, debit cards, golden cards, global cards, mobile phones, travel offers etc. Advertising also educates the people and the society against hazards of life. Cancer, “Smoking is injurious to health”, hazardous driving, “Better late than never”. Similarly, we have drive against pollution, against population explosion etc. Advertising should not deceive the society. It should notmanipulate the consumers against their will. They can get exploited by sex appeal.
  • Economic dimensions: A lot of money is spent on advertising specially when
    expensive Media like T.V. is used to spread the message. There are various media which canbe used. A lot of employment is generated as people get involved in copy writing mission, Message, Media, Money, Measurement of advertising effectiveness etc. are coordinated. Themost important thing to consider is how much money is to be spent on various campaigns. Advertising makes the consumer aware of products and services and provides informationfor making right decisions. It can encourage consumption and foster economic growth. Advertising makes entry possible for products and brands into the market. With larger demandit leads to economies of scale in production, marketing and in distribution.
  • Psycological aspects: One aspect of psycological advertising is that drinking of Alcohol, Beer, Wine should not be targeted on the children or those below the age of 21. Womenin society are also critical about obsence ads and promoting sexual permissiveness in the advertisementi.e., Calvin Klein. There is a lot of criticism on advertising against sexual appealsand nudity. They demean women as being sex objects. Such ads can be for cosmetics Lingerieand other products used by women. When a consumer tries to buy a product. He has a lot of choices before him. He getsguided by the family, by friends, by advertisements, by salesperson and the consumer getsconfused and often feels that he has made a wrong choice. He undergoes both pre and postpurchase dissonance and the marketeertries to remove his anxiety by reinforcing his choice.
  • Communication task: Advertising communicates and captures the attention ofthe buyer. It communicates through stories, through episodes, through tables and charts. Thecommunication must be interpreted in the same manner that it is intended. It also bringsattitudinal changes and changes the faiths and beliefs of the consumer.
  • Triangle of communication: The triangle shows that the advertiser has resourceswhich helps him to create messages. These messages reach the audience with the help of amedia. The audience is exposed to the message to a certain extent and also gets distracted bymany factors like noise and other work. The audience then responds to the message and thefeed back goes to the advertiser. This leads to researches by the advertiser and his agency.

Triangle of communication

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