How to write a Goodbye mail on your last working day?

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How to write a Goodbye mail on your last working day?

Whatever may be the reason you leave the company; it is always good idea to say Goodbye in a positive note. A simple Goodbye mail will help you project a good image in front of your colleagues. Moreover, maintaining good professional relations will beneficial to you in the long term, in case if you want come back in your future. Here we are discussing some important points when you are sending a goodbye mail to your colleagues.

How to write a Goodbye mail on your last working day?

What is a goodbye mail?

A goodbye mail is an informal message to your colleagues or boss about your departure. It involves few lines about your experience in the workplace and other message you want to convey before you want to departure. While it is important to note that a Goodbye mail is different from resignation mail. A resignation mail is addressed to the boss to relieve you from the job and it is not sent on last working day.

How to write a Goodbye mail onyour last working day?

Writing a Goodbye email is difficult. Here are some tips to write a Goodbye mail or last working day mail.
● Keep it brief and formal
Make sure that your Goodbye mail is formal, clear, concise and conveys the motivational message behind the message. Don’t forget to add your contact information for further communication.

● Express Gratitude

You need to write few lines about your work experience and express your gratitude towards your colleagues. This will help you in creating a positive note whileleaving the office. Ignore to mention if any personal issues with someone in the office.

● Keep a balanced approach
Be in a balanced approach when you are writing a Goodbye mail. Talking too much about your next job may invite resentment from your peers. It is better to be humble and up to the point when you are writing a Goodbye mail.

● Send separate mail to boss
It is advisable to send a separate mail to your immediate boss or manager. Show your gratitude in your mail and also show mention your experiences and learnings in the workplace.

● Subject line
Your subject line could be based on the person you are writing email to.

Wrong ❌
‘This is it’, ‘Finally I’m leaving’, ‘I am done.’
Right ✔️
‘Bidding you adieu’, ‘Here’s to the good days’, ‘Saying goodbye with fond memories’

●Talk about work

Add a paragraph about your projects and also mention the challenges you faced while working on those projects.

● Personalise
Be more causal in your approach when you are writing mail to your internal team.You can mention the names of your good friends and recall the times when you had fun at work.

Sample 1: Goodbye mail to colleagues
Hi team,
As you may already know, today is my last day of work at {Company Name}. While I am very excited about the next phase in my career, I am also a bit sad saying goodbye to you all.
I would like to convey my gratitude for the unending support and guidance that I have received throughout my tenure in this organization. My time spent here taught me more than I could have hoped for. I will truly cherish all these memories.
Now, it's time for me to move forward towards a new path and explore new possibilities. Thank you again for these fantastic {x years/months}. I wish you all the best. Hope to see you soon.
Thanks and regards,
{Your Name}

Sample 2: Goodbye mail to boss or manager
Hello {Name of Manager},
With a heavy heart, I must convey to you my goodbye. It was a difficult decision to make, but I had to do it nonetheless. I believe it is time for me to seek new ventures and opportunities. I would take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards you.
I learned a lot here, undertake challenging projects that I didn’t feel confident about at first, and meet deadlines despite being under pressure. I hope we will keep in touch even after I leave the company.
Thank you so much for being such an amazing leader and for supporting me in all my endeavours. Know that I wish the best to you and our company!
Best regards,
{Your name}

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