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Recruiters look at hundreds of resumes in a day, and therefore, the chances of your resume not being noticed are high. By using our Resume Spotlight, you can ensure that your resume is displayed prominently thus catching recruiter attention easily. Spotlight increases chances of your resume being shortlisted manifold

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With resume spotlight, your profile is highlighted and stands out from others when a recruiter runs a search on our database. Not just that, your profile is also shown as active and ranked higher in the results.


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Visual Resume(Entry Level (0-1 years))Cover LetterFreeSocial Profile(Entry Level (0-1 years))Resume Spotlight(6 months (Resume Highlighting))Enhanced Reach(6 months (Resume Forwarding))
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If you avail these services with resume writing, they will be activated within 4 working days after you approve your final resume. If you have not availed these services along with resume writing, they will be activated within 4 working days after we receive your updated resume.

Resume spotlight 

Candidates Resumes are highlighted and brought under spotlight at wisdomjobs.com. No developed firm can function without an eligible team of quality control and quality promising experts, and equally, no job application is inclusive without a well built quality oriented resume. The specific details of your resume will differ depending on your target job, your level of experience and certifications, and your long-term career goals. Writing a resume always requires adequate time to make it outstanding. Taking the time to work on your resume is really important. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind supporting quality. Resume should display appropriate required content and should be the spotlight of a candidate in getting job. Our Wisdom Jobs Career Edge our resume building professionals have put along the best spotlight reviewed samples of resumes that cover an extend of different domains across various sectors. Just input your information along with your resume to check your resume quality score. Our resume writers help you out with an outstanding resume which helps you to always be in the recruiter's spotlight. 

Resume display 

Resumes required for candidtes are displayed at wisdomjobs.com. An amazing resume should display the ability to link between applicants and recruiters.  Our experts at Wisdom Jobs Career Edge resume writing services help you out in highlighting your profile, get your resume rank higher in search results, and make your resume reachable to more recruiters. Wide varieties of resumes, to construct are available at Wisdom Jobs Career Edge resume building services which can bring your resume to spotlight and increase the chances of getting hired. Huge collections of quality resumes are out there for transfer and free of charge at Wisdom Jobs Career Edge. If you are an aspirant looking for jobs, then wisdomjobs.com is the right place which can land you upon your dream job.