CAUSES OF EMPLOYEE GRIEVANCES - Industrial Relations Management

  1. Economic:Wage fixation, overtime, bonus, wage revision, etc. Employees may feel that they are paid less when compared to others.
  2. Work environment:Poor physical conditions of workplace, tight production norms, defective tools and equipment, poor quality of materials, unfair rules, lack of recognition, etc.
  3. Supervision:It relates to the attitudes of the supervisor towards the employee such as perceived notions of bias, favoritism, nepotism, caste affiliations, regional feelings, etc.
  4. Work group:Employee is unable to adjust with his colleagues, suffers from feelings of neglect, victimization and becomes an object of ridicule and humiliation.
  5. Miscellaneous:These include issues relating to certain violations in respect of promotions, safety methods, transfer, disciplinary rules, fines, granting leave, medical facilities, etc.

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