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The case studies I presented introduced use cases from the Unified Modeling Language and illustrated what I mean by determining the key design elements of your game. I ask you to pause just a moment before you wield your scalpel and slice off the most extraneous bits of your game design. I would like you to first get a bit more material down on a second sheet of paper to consider while you review your key design elements.

What Genre or Genres Does Your Game Feature?
First, what is your game’s genre, such as adventure, role-playing game (RPG), real-time strategy (RTS), real-time tactical (RTT), action, first-person shooter (FPS), puzzle, sports, or some other genre?
Or is it a blend of genres? Write down your game’s genre or genre blend, and why.

Will the Game Be Single-Player, Multiplayer, or Both?
Does your game play well as a singleplayer game but perhaps not make much sense as a multiplayer game? Or is it the other way around where it takes real humans to play against to make it fun? Or is it reasonably fun either way? Write down single-player, multiplayer, or both, and why.

What Is the Platform?
Which platform are you targeting: PC, handheld, Xbox, PlayStation 2, or GameCube? Write down the platform or platforms you are targeting, and why.

What Is Your Target Market?
Is this a game anyone could enjoy? Or is it targeted for the core game market of males 18 to 45 years of age? Are you targeting women as well as men? Children? What is the violence level in your game? The language? Sexual content?
Write down your target market, and why.

What Major Technologies Are You Using?
Is your game to be 2D or 3D in its fundamental presentation? Will it use a commercial engine? Is there something special about the physics? Perhaps you envision cell-shaded rendering of characters or the scene. Write down the major bits of technology you will employ in your game, and why.

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