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With the great strategic vision and global outlook, Vijayakumar reinvented himself and emerged as leader who could span a breadth of technologies and navigate the landscape of the industry. In all the areas of HCL operations, Vijayakumar is invested in promoting sustainable business practices among the communities. Vijayakumar is a passionate champion of the transformation agenda with respect to Diversity and Talent. Vijayakumar is associated with several positions with respect to Technology, Business, operations and even leadership positions and is recognized in the industry for his strategic thoughts and impeccable execution.

Early career ...

It was in 1994, that Vijayakumar has joined HCL Technologies and was associated with the startup team of Comnet serving as Senior Technical Engineer. He was associated with the team that involved in the design and implementation of the India’s first fully automated trading network at NSE. As time passed, his responsibility at HCL has increased to a wide portfolio including sales, Technology, Delivery and Operations. In 2016, Vijayakumar was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and president of Infrastructure services. As COO he was assigned the responsibility of the business operations globally, to execute the business strategy and to ensure that the operational excellence is attained company-wide. As president of Infrastructure services he played a major role in driving the business goals for the infrastructure services, which contribute around 40% to the HCL revenue.

Vijayakumar is associated with HCL for more than 24 years. Immediately after his education, he was associated with C-DOT, Center for Development of Telematics as Senior R&D Engineer, for a period of 3 years 10 months. It was in 1994, that Vijayakumar joined HCL Technologies as a Senior Technical Engineer at Mumbai and he served for almost 10 months. Later he was associated as Manger Technology, Noida from January 2005 for a period of 1 year six months. And for the next one year he was associated as Group Manager – Networking Solutions, Bangalore. For about two years he was assigned as the Regional Manager for Chennai area. Then he was promoted as Business Entity Manager and GM of South Region for about three years.

He then promoted as the Global Practice Director – IT Infrastructure services for Noida Region for about 2 years. Then for 6 months he was associated as Vice President – IT Infrastructure Services Practice and Service Delivery. In 2007 he has moved to US and he has taken various responsibilities such as Senior Vice President – Service Delivery, Executive Vice President - Global Service Delivery, Corporate Vice President & Head – Global Infrastructure Delivery, President – Infrastructure Services, Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer.

Stint at HCL...

Vijayakumar was the main person behind pioneering the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) proposition which turned out to a billion-dollar business area for IT industry. As president and CEO, Vijayakumar leads the team of more than 1, 27,000 professionals wide spread across 43 different countries. The differentiated strategy of HCL is being devised by the Vijayakumar and he is responsible for overseeing its execution and to guide the partnerships. Vijayakumar helps the emerging enterprises to re-imagine and transform their start-up business. Vijayakumar is a transformational leader in HCL leading from front. His vision and his flawless execution track record enable him to position himself for taking his journey forward. Some of the best business outcome oriented next generation services are BEYONDigitalTM, IOT WorksTM, Cloud and Cyber-security Services.

For the growth of experience-based and for improving the business outcome-oriented next generation services, Vijayakumar has always accelerated for the execution of the 1-2-3 strategy. By making Vijayakumar as the president and CEO of HCL Technologies, the appointment reflects the maturity of the succession planning of HCL and also the practice of nurturing leadership in the IT industry. Driving growth and transformation in the age of connected assets and enterprises, Vijayakumar is responsible for devising the differentiated strategy of HCL and to guide the upcoming and developing partnerships. The decision regarding Vijayakumar as the President and CEO was taken within hours. But usually at HCL Technologies, ideally a six-month transition time is being given to the incumbent CEO, but this was not the case with Vijayakumar. The decision really came out as a surprise to everyone in the company.

Leadership strategies...

Vijayakumar is known for his collaborative leadership style. The leadership style of Vijayakumar has been commended in the one of the business bestseller by the management guru David G Thomson, ‘Blueprint to a billion: 7 essentials to achieve exponential growth’. Vijayakumar was leading the team working towards the strategy of the company in leveraging the transformation nexus of some of the forces like Digitalization, Internet, Cloud, Cyber-security and Artificial Intelligence. To serve the IT needs of the enterprises of the 21st century; Vijayakumar follows his mode of 1-2-3 strategy which is used as the blueprint for the company. Vijayakumar is known for his hands-on approach, diligence and his deep connections with the team with which he works and also with his clients.

Vijayakumar has raised the ranks on the dint of his due diligence and his many path-breaking ideas have helped in the growth of the Infrastructure services business. His first project with respect to the National Stock exchange network has created a new paradigm with respect to digital stock trading. Vijayakumar also proved to be a successful stint in sales when he was serving as the Regional Sales Head. Vijayakumar has attended the Personal Leadership program from the Franklin Covey Leadership Institute.

Under the leadership of Vijayakumar HCL has always identified the emerging opportunities and has pivoted before hand during market inflections. The company has organized itself for the required transformation and also has attained sustainable consistency towards growth and thus obtained a differentiated market position. Vijayakumar believes in sustaining leadership position in some of the core services and achieve greater momentum in the product that is being driven by the ecosystem and platform business.

Vijayakumar continue to be based in US and thus he can remain close to the clients and with the some of the most important partners and thus enable strengthening of the execution strategy. Vijayakumar always emphasizes on advancing STEM learning for the youth and is always passionate about expertise Diversity and Talent transformation agenda.


Among the top IT Service providers, Vijayakumar has received one of the highest paycheques for Rs.33.13 crore as salary for the year 2017-18. This was the highest when compared to the salary of HCL chairman, CFO. Even the former president and CEO has receives much less than the salary of Vijayakumar, in terms of his full and final settlement. Under the leadership of Vijayakumar, HCL has been performing better in comparison with the other Indian IT service providers.

Under the leadership of Vijayakumar, HCL Technologies has proved to be the one of the largest IT service provider company with earning a net profit of Rs. 2016 crore and recorded the sales of around Rs, 11,519 crore. Even the highly tracked dollar revenue has grown almost 1.9 percent sequentially to $ 172 million, thus meeting the street estimates. Under the leadership of Vijayakumar, the Global Infrastructure Service Delivery organization has achieved best in class Customer Experience Scores, and has been applauded in various industry reports. The organization has also won many awards from the Fortune/Global 500 customers.

Personal life...

Vijayakumar has been graduated from PSG College of Technology, in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Vijayakumar is a native of Tamil Nadu and is now based out in New York City of United Sates. He is married and has one daughter.

Awards and accolades...

Vijayakumar is the member of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council.
Vijayakumar is on the Board of the strategic initiative taken up by Board of World Economic Forum on ‘Future of Education, Gender and Work’.

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