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The founder of Yardi Systems, Anant Yardi has been serving as president right from its inception since 1982. He holds the responsibility of directing the overall growth and success of Yardi systems and utilizing the vision for the product development and towards the technology. Yardi is very much familiar about the needs and requirements of the real estate industry as he has almost 25 years of professional experience. For Yardi, employees are the heart of the company. He is always thankful to the employees for showing their vote of confidence and looking forward to continue with the tradition of customer service and innovation.

Early career ...

After his engineering, Anant has been working for 14 years in developing programming methodologies and directing systems development for Burroughs Corporation prior to the establishment of Yardi Systems. It was in 1982 that Anant Yardi recognized the need for an integrated accounting and property management software. Initially “Basic Property Management” was also created which was mainly meant for Apple II computer and was sold to the first customer, and Yardi Systems was born. Since then Anant Yardi was directing the company. Yardi Systems is all about developing and supporting the industry-leading investment and property management types catering to all the sizes of the companies involved in real estate. Yardi Systems is founded in 1984 and is based in Santa Barbara Calif., and serves the clients of different countries.

Growth under the leadership of Yardi ...

Anant with his leadership has transformed the company as a market leader which presently claims around 20,000 clients that represent around 7 million residential units covering almost 8 billion square feet of the space, especially commercial space. Yardi Systems continues to add integrated features to the software. Some of such added facilities include e-procurement, check scanning, utility billing, e- fund transfer, but at the same time not failing to concentrate on its original core accounting and lease management systems. Anant mainly concentrates on providing the right product and right service to the clients. As far as this is done successfully, it is much better for the people to get the proper credit for the work done by them.

Leadership strategies...

Anant Yardi possesses 14 years of experience in programming. Transparency was always maintained by Anant for the career path of the employees. This made employees to think on creating and maintaining of the Yardi culture and maintain it as a family. By the sufferings of the banks from deep write-downs, Yardi opines that this would be the case of due diligence as he opines that none has devoted the time to understand exactly what were the investments and risks associated. This Yardi considers as an error in the process of due diligence and market assessment. For Yardi, employees are the heart of the company.

Anant opines that one of the major challenges is that of oil prices. The demand is increasing rapidly while the supply is finite. This creates a difficult situation. This situation calls for putting in place programs for less consumption of energy. Once the programs are put in place, the valuation of commercial property will reflect the energy consumption and savings that an investor or owner might realize.

The growth philosophy in terms of Yardi ...

By the virtue of acquisitions, Anant feels that the company gets a chance to get much closer to the marketplace and get access to the knowledgebase of the market. Accordingly the programmers are unleashed and the systems are then re-written facilitating the integration of the company into the platform of Yardi Systems. The Energy Billing Solutions was the recent acquisitions, which proved to be a success acquisition and some of the people have converge on Colardo Springs, in order to advance the process much more rapidly.

The exposure to the market has indicated Anant there are many companies that are looking out for the functionality in an environment of open architecture. In lieu of this, Enterprise program ad Voyager system has been introduced by Anant. Later on the perspective of the applications has increased. Anant realized the requirement of accounting and financial management and lease administration, at the center of the property management business. But there exist a large products and capabilities that the marketplace is looking for in terms of online payment, electronic transfer of funds, processing of the invoice and utility billing.

Challenges that drive for the need for the new systems and technology ...

Anant opines that the challenges behind the need for the new systems and technology are the combination of many aspects. The starting point for these factors is customer. The notion of Facebook, Twitter and others on Internet are some of the technological advances which are felt more comfortable by the residents and are quite savvy. The second one is the desires of the clients in terms of productivity improvement as clients turn out to be more efficiency because of the pressure they face by the economy. Hence clients look out for new alternatives for setting the operations. The third major challenge is the changes and upgrade of the technology. On all the challenges, some movements have been put in place by Anant.

Apart from these challenges, the awareness and the level of desire in order to change and adapt to meet the challenges are higher than those of the previous year. Anant opines that social media is the way that people elect for communicating and which is considered as an effective communication mode. But the extent to which social media has to be applied to the business segments, especially to the real estate is not clear to be determined. This requires a great deal of interest. These may crop up challenge of anticipating the manner in which the things might be done and the most important challenge for Yardi Systems is to keep in tune with the marketplace as the process may lead to certain false alarms. But even in these situations Anant is confident that Twitter and Facebook can be used for communication between the tightly knit peer groups.

Competitive advantages provided by Yardi...

It is ensured that anything that is being taken up by Yardi is properly integrated into a baseline system. Even in acquisition, proper care and time is taken for rewriting all the programs such that the acquisitions are integrated properly into the Voyager program.

Success under Yardi leadership...

Anant has transformed Yardi as a global technology leader providing employment to over 5300 people and which is wide spread across different countries having around 35 offices and which always remains true to the original motto. Under the leadership of Anant Yardi, the company has observed 30 years of steady growth. Yardi has become the market leader providing real estate and property management solutions. His vision stood as the main driving force behind the development of the effective and innovative software solutions for the global real estate automation industry. The main strength of Yardi Systems is its single database, which houses all the functions. This enables better visibility into all the different things happening in the entire company.

Personal life...

Anant has been graduated in M.A in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. Anant has founded Yardi as a software start-up and with the corporate motto of “Take care of the clients, employees and stay focused and grow.”

Awards and accolades...

Anant Yardi was honored by “Digie” award in 2004 by Realcomm.
Anant has also received the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award and was recognized as the Highest Rated CEO for the year 2017.
Anant Yardi has been recognized as the member of the Pacific Coast Business Times Hall of Fame.
Yardi has been ranked no. 32 in the list of top-rated CEO for the large US companies.
On Glassdoor, CEO score for Anant for the year 2017 was above 90 percent.
The National Apartment Association has awarded Anant Yardi with Lifetime Achievement Award.
Yardi Systems has also been ranked 42 on the Best Places to Work listing among Glassdoor’s top 100 U S list of companies.
Forbes has also identified Yardi among the top 100 cloud companies.
Yardi has awarded the Commercial Real Estate Award, Technology Provider: Innovation – Facilities and Property Management.
Inside Self-Storage 2015 has awarded Yardi with Best of Business Awards – Best Technology Innovation.
The employer review website Glassdoor has named Anant to the prestigious list of the nation’s top corporate leader.
Yardi was also a featured speaker at the RealComm Conference which was held in 2018.

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