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Technology industry veteran and being successful in driving sustainable growth for the organization, Harish possess affluent experience in handling technology business. Harish possesses rich experience in building and scaling technology business. Harish carries almost 12 years of experience with Acer India, and is associated with Acer India since its inception. At Acer India, Harish serves as the Chief sales officer and is announced as the new Managing Director. In a highly competitive environment, Harish embarks on a challenging future. Harish has transformed Acer India as one of the dynamic brand in India, which undergoes a paradigm shift.

Early Career ...

Harish carriers 34 long years of his career experience. The career of Harish started as a Management Trainee with Fedders Lloyd. Harish is also been associated in several roles with different companies such as HCL, Cadila Labs, PCL and Tata Elxsi. Harish Kohli, an Acer India veteran, joined Acer in 1999 as General Manager – Sales. Later was empowered to lead India Sales and Marketing function for Enterprise Production division. In 2011, he was announced and the Managing Director and in May 2016 was promoted as ‘President and Managing Director’. He holds the responsibility of generating revenues and profits and ensures that the long term vision is met by the brand. Since 2016 September, Harish was also heading the Acer ‘Pan Asia Pacific’ and was responsible for commercial strategy planning and implementation.

Stint at Acer India ...

Acer India is one of the largest PC vendors in India. Harish journey with Acer India was very much astonishing. He has sow the seeds and now he can see the plant coming out of it. At Acer, Harish always loves his role as a mentor, manage, motivate and in the whole process tries to learn from the best talents. His leadership has transformed the team to perform with more dedication, passion and more enthusiasm, which has also contributed towards the success of both Harish and Acer India.

The company has moved from a PC company to PC+ technology such as cloud computing, IoT, Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Harish has also made many efforts and organized meetings and thus has planned for expansion of the market in Bangladesh, as Bangladesh is considered as one of the fastest Asian countries to adopt new technology.

The successful move of the company into high-powered computing and its range of laptops and notebooks is the Harish’s way. Harish always says that the company is hungry for the new business and the company ensures that the potential customers should be aware of the same.

Attributes ...

The most important attributes which Harish has brought in his role and which made him lead successfully are teamwork and focus on the strength of the people, than on weaknesses. The next one is his belief that things can be done. The most important values according to Harish are Loyalty and longevity. On the subject of loyalty, Acer and Harish still continues with the same service, channel and distribution partners, with whom they have started when Acer Indian was formed in 1999.

For Harish Kohli, sustainable growth is the most important thing. The focus of the company is not always being on garnering the market share but is to have only sustainable growth in the profits. In a country like India, which has a huge population and thus a huge demand, production and sale of IT products is not easy and is to some extent trickier. Even finalization of the price also seems to be difficult as there are chances of prices overweighing the appreciation of the quality.

Prior to taking charge as the MD and president, Harish was the sales and marketing chief, where he was hugely admired by most. This is because Harish is the best in coaxing the customers on board the Acer ship.

Kohli always believes that being a successful leader and lead a company successfully is similar to that of establishing and taking care of the garden – sow the seeds, take proper care like feed them and water them. The plants will push their way into the light on their own. It is now the most important role has to be played to keep the garden alive, taking proper care such that the garden produces as many fruits as possible, for which constantly new plants have to added and extracting more produce from the same garden.


Under the leadership of Harish, Make in India initiative is being amplified by the global technology leader by the introduction of PMA compliant machines on GeM (Government e-Marketplace). Harish has made Acer as one of the global hardware technology companies which have their Indian manufacturing units, supporting the Make in India initiative. This has resulted in increase in the manufacture and sourcing of the advanced computer components and thus increases employment opportunities.

Acer ICS, an intelligent parking cloud solution has been started for bringing innovative end-to-end parking solutions and thus provide very good parking experience. With this initiative, Harish tries to increase the parking management efficiency and by leveraging the technology, the revenues are increased, and assist all the public and private parking operators. Harish feels this initiate as a tribute and testimony for the dedication, creativity and the expertise efforts put in by the Acer ITS team.

How longevity is nurtured...

Kohli is always confident and clear about the ambitious for the growth of Acer India, at the same time to safe guard the current market share by constantly monitoring the competitors. Kohli feels that proper care should be taken that there should be an increasing graph of revenue. New breakthroughs, especially in the small and medium businesses are one of the essential sign for the success.

As technology and other new developments keep on transform the life style of the people, Harish Kohli opines that, longevity in the customers can be appreciated like in any other relationship, as Kohli feels that anyone cannot be a supplier without looking out for a partner.

Leadership success...

The passion towards innovation and customer-oriented behavior, backed with a belief that it can be done and contributions made for development of the local economy has transformed Acer into one of the most respected and loved Indian company, which tries to serve the world-wide markets and customers. Harish Kohli believes in the concept that the opportunity is bigger only when the challenge is bigger. For Harish, his different experiences enable him to be more creative and come up with many enriched ideas.

In both the areas of education and government, Acer Indian has a huge market share. The market share of Harish is almost 50% when compared to 20% of other competitors. This is one of the greatest achievements of Harish. According to Harish maintenance of the same market share is also very much essential.

Leadership strategies...

As a smart leader, Kohli prefer sticking to simple strategies and clear instructions even in the complicated world where most of the messages are muddled and mixed.

Harish always makes difficult things doable just by simple messaging. Throwing more insight on this aspect, when the target for the company was to reach Rs 410 crore, which means the amount of revenue that has to be generated for this target, was around Rs 130 crore. This Harsh could successfully make it by posting a message “Why not round it up and aim for 500?” This shows his attribute of the belief that it can be done.

Apart from setting the target, Harish with his leadership always thinks on what extra something can be done to make the things done. As a result, the company under the leadership of Harish has ended up at Rs 511 crore, which was the historical highest revenue generated by the company.

Kohli suggests that he would be more focusing on the PC business in which the company has made huge investments. Harish is trying out for different form of factors, and production of different lightweight products and many more. Harish opines that there the majority of the business comes from the most valued clients of the country – education and government and neither of which is on the danger of disappearing.

Personal life...

Harish Kohli has graduated B. Sc (Hons) in Chemistry and his Diploma in Business Management from Delhi University.

Awards and accolades...

Acer India has won many awards since Harish took up the charge as president and MD

ABP news has awarded Acer India with the ‘Brand Excellence Award’.
Acer India has been recognized as the India’s Most Trusted Computer Brand by MRG.
Acer India has also been awarded as the ‘Best Customer Service Initiative Award’
Acer ITS has been awarded as the ‘Global ICT Excellence Award- Private Sector Excellence’ at the event Olympics of Global ICT Industry, by WITSA – World Information Technology and Services Alliance.

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