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The life and success of Indu Jain teach the real meaning of entrepreneurship and women empowerment. Indu Jain has redefined the meaning of the Indian women society. A successful woman entrepreneur, a good humanist and a great spiritualist and also a true matriarch Indu Jain contributes her sizable energy for improving the society. With her knowledge, vision, hard work and experience, Indu Jain has transformed Times Group as the India’s largest media industry. Her leadership proved that proper care, sincerity and focus will result in successful building of a company and reach to any heights.

Early Career ...

Indu Jain has founded The Times Foundation and is the Chairperson of Times Group. Indu Jain also served as the founder president for FICCI women wing and is also the chairperson of Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust. Indu Jain also serves Sage Foundation by heading the Women Movement for Peace and Prosperity by spreading the message “Peace within First”. Indu Jain also owns two of the website portals, and

Indu Jain worked as a Working President Bhagwan Mahavir Janm Kalyanak Mahotsav Mahasamiti, a religious organization which is into supporting nonviolence. In the memory of her husband, she also supports an educational institution by providing different scholarship schemes and aiding the students to learn Sanskrit and other languages. Indu Jain also contributed towards setting up of temples, hospitals and schools.

Inspiring journey at Times Group ...

Bennett Coleman and Co provides different services related to media publishing like newspapers, Magazines etc. Under the leadership of Indu Jain, the Times Group is also in publishing some of the huge brand names such as Times of India, The Economic Times, Femina, and Times FM. Indu Jain is also running some of the televisions and Radio channels.

Today, Indu Jain has developed the company to such an extent that it provides employment to almost 11000 people, by publishing the largest circulated daily news papers with revenue exceeding $1.2 billion. The sales offices are widely spread across the country into 55 offices and have almost fifteen publishing and printing centers.

Indu Jain has led Times Group as one of the most profitable and widely spread media accompany, enjoying more than 50 percent of the market share. Indu Jain strives hard to infuse new energy into the employees by serving as a strong guiding force behind the group, by heading all the challenges and leading all the obstacles. Bennett, Coleman and Co. also publishes “The Economic Times”, which is considered as the world’s largest financial newspaper, after Wall Street Journal”.

Indu Jain possesses an enigmatic strength and courage. Indu Jain has been brought up from nowhere and reached to something great. Her journey started from her dreams which strongly rested upon the strong foundation of her courage and has built high upon her pillars of determination. It is all her determination and dedication which are the reasons behind Times Group turning out to be the India’s largest media company. The main motive behind setting up of Times Group is to help the society which is in need and thus develop the society as a whole.

As a successful entrepreneur ...

Indu Jain is the 57th richest person in India and 317th richest person in the world, as per the data and statistics of Forbes.

Indu Jain has proven to be a very successful entrepreneur, which is reflected in terms of some of the numbers. The India’s largest selling English daily newspaper is being sold for more than 3 million copies per day. The turnover gained from the thirty-two radio stations, two television news channels and the life style channel exceeds USD 700 million. Her estate tree has spread across fifty-five sales offices, with fifteen printing centers and eleven publishing centers, providing employment to almost 7000 employees. Indu Jain also works for publishing around 30 different magazines, which are being distributed to more than 2000 towns and cities.

An international renowned philanthropist and educationalist, Indu Jain always worked hard towards a comprehensive and accountable growth. The Times Foundation, which was started by Indu Jain in 2000, has become a pioneer in all development activities and community services has hence has garnered critical acclaim nation-wide and internationally. Indu Jain is the founder president of the Ladies wing of FICCI (FLO). For the Indian feminine society, a niche landmark has been carved and framed by Indu Jain.

Indu Jain is known as a multi faceted lady as she is known by different identities. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Indu Jain is also passionate towards art and culture. She is a poet and author and she writes mostly in Hindi Language. Serving as the chairperson of Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust, all the major languages of the country are being developed and promoted by Indu Jain. Her spirituality trait reflects in her address towards the United Nations, where the focus of her speech is mainly on faith, belief and oneness. The spiritual column of Times of India is also containing the writings of Indu Jain.

Challenges faced and leadership strategies...

For Indu Jain success was not a bed of roses and she could reach the pinnacles with utmost difficulty and hard work. With respect to contents that are being published in the news papers, many challenges were faced by Indu Jain. By this, there was tremendous decrease in the number of readers. There were many hardships that were being faced by Indu Jain and successfully proved its true sense with respect to other competitors.

Indu Jain shares that by meeting different people, she learnt a lot of different techniques and rules on how to control different emotions. She could succeed in getting closer with the people and share the emotions by these techniques and different people, which led her to wide open her mind and soul and changed her thought process. She believes that the inner peace can be obtained only when people understand the importance and real meaning of oneness.

Her strategies behind success are ...

• Move first and move fast.

• Always adopt pincer movement strategy.

• Concentrate and maintain continuous innovation.

• Maintain multiple ties.

• Encourage strategic tie-ups.

Ideologies followed...

The versatile nature of Indu Jain also made her an educationalist, a specialist, a humanist and also the sponsor of art and culture. The philanthropic side of her made her start Times Foundation, which is initiated and handled by Indu Jain and under her guidance, The Times Foundation has started initiatives in the development of Community services, and provide relief fund for some of the natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones etc. By standing as the role model for many of the women, Indu Jain supports many of the women rights and also encourages the budding women entrepreneurs and always encourages them in making their way into the world and believes in the abilities and provides them an opportunity to prove and shine. As a great humanist, she always works towards spreading information about the peace.

Lessons learned...

The life of Indu Jain and her experience project many lessons. According to Indu Jain, life is much more than the simple graphs and statistics. Success is all about spreading of happiness and awareness, which is the main ingredient that everyone need to contribute to the society. The spark among the budding entrepreneurs has to be awakened and they are to be encouraged. Indu Jain strongly believes that PPCP (Public Private Community Partnership) is the best way to move forward.

Personal life...

Indu Jain is married to Ashok Kumar Jain and they have three children. Indu Jain is from the Sahu Jain family and is from a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Indu Jain is the chairperson of Bennett, Coleman &Co. Ltd., one of the largest media groups in India owing the Times of India.

Awards and accolades...

Indu Jain has been awarded Padma Bhushan from Government of India.
Indu Jain was awarded the Mahatma-Mahavir awards for guiding “The Oneness Forum”, which was initiated by the president.
Considering women empowerment, the Indian Congress of Women has awarded Indu Jain with the International Lifetime Achievement Award.
Indu Jain has been awarded ‘Excellence in Creative Literary Writing” by the BBCL for any language.
Indu Jain addressed the United Nations at The Millennium World Peace Summit with regard to religious and spiritual leaders, for the year 2000.
Indu Jain received the All India Management Association annual award for the lifetime contribution to media.
AIMA honored Indu Jain for successful management of the Times Group and development of Times Foundation.


Spirituality is an integral part of our lives.
Learning, Living and Actions…move on oneness. There is either no positive-no negative. Simply, there ‘is’.
The inner growth should always watch the material growth and achievements.
The motto of life should be to become rich and make others rich, both spiritually and materially.

Hope readers caught up the spark...