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Anil Sardana when joined Tata Power was only 42, and the youngest CEO in the history of Tata Power. It is his age-defying spirit which made him reach to such heights. This made Ratan Tata charmed and captivated about Anil Sardana. Anil Sardana transformed Tata Power as a leader in terms of technology, sustainability and responsiveness and made Tata Power substantive in terms of skill set and size of the business. The expectations set by Sardana are always realistic.

Early Career ...

Sardana started his career with NTPC limited and then was associated with BSES and Tata Group. Sardana was associated with a variety of verticals at Tata Group such as project management, power distribution, telecom, power system design. For Tata Power, Sardana was serving as the executive director for business development and he was serving as Managing Director for Tata Teleservices. Prior to Tata Power, he served as the Director for many different organizations such as Maithon Power Ltd, Af-Taab Investment Co., Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd., and Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. He also worked as an independent Non-Executive Director for EMCO Ltd. Anil Sardana was also associated with the Business Development Sector of Reliance Infrastructure Limited as Vice President. Sardana has more than three decades of experience in power and infrastructure sector.

Joining the action team ...

Anil Sardana has been associated with Tata Group in different aspects. He served as the MD for Tata Teleservices for about three years and as Executive Director for Tata Power Business Development and Strategy. Sardana served Tata Group for seven long years. Anil Sardana bring with him more than three decades of experience in the power sector. Anil Sardana is demonstrated as a leader for his contributions made to the Tata Power towards accelerating the development and growth of the Power sector. Anil Sardana has transformed a 100-year old power company into a new millennium. Unlike the other Indian companies which are into power sector, Anil Sardana has not left any aspect unseen or overlooked. He concentrated on each and every aspect of the business and proper care is taken such that power generation, transmission and distribution of power are always in sync, such that business growth is not affected.

Anil Sardana could successfully transform Tata Power as one of the India’s largest integrated power company which is growing world-wide. The gross generation capacity of Tata Power has reached to an increased level of 8613 MW providing services to almost all the segments of the power sector such as Fuel, Thermal, Security and Logistics etc.

Because of some personal reasons, Sardana announces his resignation from Tata Power on the last working day of April 2018. After his resignation from Tata Power, Sardana was associated with Adani Transmission as MD and CEO. Even after the resignation, the shareholders of Tata Power have unanimously agreed upon re-appointment of Anil Sardana as Managing Director and CEO.

The stint at Tata Power ...

Tata Power has been transformed as the leading player in Indian power sector by extending the business from generation to distribution and transmission as well. The leadership of Anil Sardana has made led Tata Power to consolidate the operations, to negotiate and participate in the feedback stock and capable enough for expansion of business in the rest of the country and increase the investment base in high-revenue generating companies.

Different ventures taken up by Anil Sardana involving public-private partnership turned out to be huge hits attracting more than one million customers and transforming into the largest power generation company. It is Tata Power under the leadership of Anil Sardana, hydroelectricity was brought to India. As the single Indian company which is into geothermal energy, Tata Power backed up with proper planning and leadership by Anil Sardana has set up projects internationally in countries like Indonesia and Australia.

The commitment of Anil Sardana towards the sustainability of Tata Power and its new innovations is reflected in the initiatives taken up by Sardana such as introduction and development of the first solar plant in the country and new collaborations with Australian companies. Anil Sardana was successful in making Tata Power reach to a total of 8621 MW of the operating capacity, and out of which the clean energy sources contribute about 1202 MW.

As a successful leader...

Under the leadership of Sardana, Tata Power was continuously acquiring stakes in different countries. Tata Power could successfully acquire almost 26 percent of the stake of coal mines of Indonesia, and completely acquired welspun Renewable Energy. Anil Sardana has transformed Tata Power as one of the one of the largest energy players of India. Under the leadership of Sardana, Tata Power was successful in making its presence internally in various countries by involving in strategic investments by almost 30% in Indonesia in a leading coal and Fuel Company, almost 26% stake in a Singapore based geothermal project.

By putting in place an efficient risk management team, a robust regulatory compliant business is being tried to set up and for which constant efforts are being made by Sardana. For which Tata Power has been awarded jointly as the ‘Best Risk Management Framework & Systems – Power’ by the Indian Risk Management Awards. Anil Sardana feels humble and opines that the award stands as a reflection of the commitment of the company in managing risks while driving the process innovations. Anil Sardana feels that the efforts do not go in vain and are appreciated.

Adani Group is very much excited as Sardana was going to become a part of the group. The group feel that they are in a critical phase and Sardana would bring along with him his three decades of experience in power sector and proven successful leader. The group feels that Sardana is the best person at that time to handle the situations and save Adani Group.

Challenges faced and leadership strategies ...

Anil Sardana while serving Tata Power is not left with facing of the challenges. There were many challenges which had to be faced by Sardana both external and internal, which he was able to face and solve successfully. Some of the external challenges were related to acquisitions of land and space, management of resources especially related to the coal mines, the viability of the economy and environmental factors that influence the business. But out of which the major challenge which was internal to the business with respect to skills development. Sardana was successful in overcoming this challenge by working hard to identify the excited people and people who are eager to grow and transforming those into managers. Another method adopted by Sardana is to retain the talent by satisfying them and making them happy at work. Keeping all the internal and external challenges apart, the major challenge for Sardana was to inculcate the so called “Tata Culture” into the minds of people.

In order to increase the operational efficiency of Tata Power in accordance with the changing business environment, Sardana proved to be successful in making use the most effective cost management techniques. The industry competitiveness is being improved by adopting and applying the appropriate and relevant Cost Management strategies in all the applicable sectors of the business. This calls for highlighting more on appropriate application of the effective cost management tools and techniques. Sardana always believes that a strong cost management strategy will pave the way for long term benefits such as operational excellence and increased efficiency.

Anil Sardana believes that the massive Indian coal reserves are not properly identified and utilized by the Indian power sector and instead the industry is facing the problem of coal shortage and is going for import of coal. Sardana feels that actually the country has ample coal reserves which have to be properly identified and utilized. According to Sardana, this situation may lead to increased levels of non-utilization of available assets and increase the amount of idle assets and thus distract the new capacities and ultimately would be making it hard to reach the targets.

Personal Life...

Anil Sardana has been graduated from Delhi University, in Electrical Engineering. Anil Sardana also holds a management degree and as diploma degree in the Senior Management Program, PGDBM from IIM- Ahmedabad and a Cost Accountant (AICWA). Anil Sardana was the gold medalist among the trainees of his batch.

His two cents for the future entrepreneurs...

When it comes to business in general and power sector in particular, it is essential to have a holistic view initially from the availability of resources to the consumer usage.
Any business entering into a new geographical market should not examine its potential for greater returns but should examine and determine the substantial area relevance .

Memberships and Associations...

Sardana served on the North Delhi Power Ltd. Board.
Across 17 countries, Sardana is associated with 7 different Board Members.

Awards and accolades...

Anil Sardana has been awarded as the ‘Power Persona of the Year’ by Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) Awards.

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