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As CEO and Chairman, Bill Nuti has transformed NCR as a global leader providing technological services to the customers spread across wide range of disciplines line telecom, hospitality, retail and small business, finance. He has reinvented NCR by taking several critical and bold decisions and shifting the core business focus. In the 134 years old history of NCR, Bill Nuti is the third longest CEO serving NCR.

Early career...

At the early stages of his education, Nuti started his career with IBM, and after graduation as a full-time employee and was responsible for selling copiers and telephone systems. As a regional manager, he joined Netrix and within short time was associated with Cisco, which was the client for Netrix. After he served Cisco for three years, he was made the Senior Vice President, and was made responsible for business involved in providing service and Theatre Operations. He was also made responsible for some of the sales, marketing, services, and engineering and operations divisions of Cisco. He got an opportunity to serve as President and COO for Symbol Technologies, and in no time as a CEO, who made profits for the company, which was running in losses and historical revenue increase.

Joining the action team...

Since 2005, Nuti has been associated with NCR, initially as a president and CEO. In 2007, upon his achievement of $5billion spin-off, he was also been designated as the Chairman of NCR.NCR is recognized as the company which is committed towards the development of the employees and encouraged communities for creating STEM jobs. Nuti demonstrated reinvention of an iconic company and has developed NCR as a leader provision of technologies related to consumer transactions. Nuti’s leadership has transformed NCR into a business that is both enabled by the hardware and driven by the software by establishing its network into five different countries by expansion into new, emerging and competitive markets. Nuti has enabled NCR in enabling transactions and providing services in vast areas such as retail, hospitality, telecom, technology, finance.

The stint at NCR Corporation...

The entire supply chain of NCR was restructured by Nuti. Prior to Nuti joining NCR, the annual growth rate of the company followed a trend which was not even 1 percent. This pattern has drastically changed once Nuti was associated. NCR has reached a position of entering into acquisition contracts. As per the recent records NCR has observed historical growth of about $1.8 billion in terms of software revenue and almost $600 million in terms of cloud revenue.

The leadership of Bill Nuti has a deep and an insightful impact on the successful evolution of NCR. His vision and focus has motivated and lead towards transformation of NCR into a software as well as services-led organization, thus result in reinvention of a transformed NCR Corporation. Nuti has transformed NCR as an industry leader, which he could achieve by working hard for a period of 13 years and has helped in positioning NCR to provide assistance to the companies along with the business challenges.

As a successful leader...

Bill Nuti is always passionate about improving the things by fixing them and repairing them, it may either the spare parts or the strategies of the company. This passion has helped Nuti to transform NCR as a global leader and become a successful CEO. Under the leadership of Nuti, growth of NCR can be observed in terms of revenue, capitalization of some of the services such as Hospitality, Financial Services and production of exceptional value for the shareholders as well as to the customers.

As a CEO, Nuti was successful in generating triple times more than the original operating margins. Growth trend was observed in terms of cash flows and revenues and in monetary terms, revenue has increased from $ 4 billion to $ 6.5 million. Nuti started the software business by $ 2 billion and cloud business by investing $ 600 million. The profits of the company, constituting 70% from software business and cloud business reflects the success of these businesses of Nuti.

Some of his Leadership strategies...

The leadership strategies that has been followed by Bill Nuti for the growth of business are – first is by shifting the culture, by shaking the line-up and by making commitments to seen the change through. It was only after talking to the employees personally and building confidence in them that Nuti was successful in convincing the NCR for the cultural shift and was involved in communicating the vision path of the NCR, which should be always backed up by actions. This shift in focus has yielded positive results in the form of huge amount of software revenue. Shaking the line-up implies empowering the team. Nuti concentrated on empowering the ordinary employees such that they achieve results in an extraordinary manner by their extraordinary performance. Nuti believed that it is only when that the right talent is in place, productive changes can be possible. Taking difficult decisions reflects the confidence levels of a great leader. There were many bold decisions taken by Bill Nuti, which the organization felt as bold choices, but which led towards the success of NCR Corporation as a whole and success of Nuti specifically. By difficult decisions, Bill Nuti implies that the choices have to be seen through to the end.

Bill Nuti believes that there is only minute difference between being a good leader to a great leader. Everyone has their own opportunities of becoming great. A leader will grow along with his company and become successful only when the leader embraces the disruptions, take the initiatives without the fear of disruptions and of waiting for the chance to knock the doors. Business being a team sport, the leader should always be a team player of a diversified team. Bill Nuti always managed the team by looking into more horizontal structures which motivates and inspires the team members to work together as a team.

To be successful, the entrepreneurs should set the vision for a long term and then define the journey to reach the set visions with some ups and downs. Hard work leads to success and the road for a successful entrepreneur cannot be measured quantitatively but is considered as a marathon, where there are no possibilities of shortcuts to reach the goals. on this note, Bill Nuti always go by hard work and not luck, and always follow the ethics and take a further step and understand the appearance of success vision. All this can be achieved only when the work is enjoyed. Once the work is enjoyed, the excitement and passion for achieving the business goals increases resulting in more employee commitment.

Personal Life...

A New York based American businessman, Bill Nuti has been graduated from C W Post College in B.Sc, specializing in Finance and Economics from Long Island University. Nuti is married to Michele and has a son. Due to heath reasons, Bill Nuti has stepped down as the CEO and Chairman of NCR Corporation in the year 2018. Even after him stepping down, Nuti will continue his service as a Consultant to NCR and as a Chairman Emeritus.

The Compassionate side...

The other side of Bill Nuti is a writer and a speaker. Nuti was a speaker for some of the forums like White House Forum and DIPMF. Nuti has written many articles which are being published by several publishers like The Wall Street Journal.

His two cents for the future start-ups...

Bill Nuti believes that even his participation in Football, has helped him learn many business lessons and shape the professional career.

Focus on fundamentals
Know Thyself
Top leadership should be critical
Always be agile and lively
Build a competent and a varied team with diverse roles thus enhances and fosters the teamwork.
Always play safe to succeed.
Hard work is always paid-off and there is no substitute for hard work.

Associations and memberships...

Nuti serves for the Board of Directors of Sprint Communications
Serves on the Human Resource Committee Board of Directors for Coach Inc.
Serves as the advisory board member for Georgia Institute of Technology.
In the year 2013, Nuti was serving on the finance and public relations committee by joining the Board of Directors for United Continental Holdings.
Nuti also served on the Board of Opus 360 Corporation.

Awards and accolades...

Nuti has been awarded as the “Best Turnaround Executive” by the American Business Awards for the year June 2005.
Nuti has been awarded by the Atlantic Legal Foundation Annual award for the year 2014.
Nuti has also owned the Lifetime Global Innovation Award by ATM Industry Association.


Hard Choices and hard work await you, if you want to change the trajectory of the company towards success.
The clearer your vision of success, the more energy you will have to pursue it.
Provided with the right tools, even small businesses can sell to a global economy.

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