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By following his passion, Alan Trefler choose his career as atechnology change agent and a trusted advisor, inspite of being a visionary leader, innovative philanthropist and a professional chess master. Trefler developed the living applications that are being evolved by the business enterprises for changing the customer-centric economy and for managing all the business disruptions. As a successful businessman, Alan N Trefler founded Pegasystems and is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Personal Life....

Alan Trefler has completed his graduation from Brookline High School, Dartmouth College in Computer Science and Economics. Trefler achieved John G Kenmeny prize while he was in schooling in the subject of Computer Science. Trefer is a successful buysinessman, philanthropist and a grand master in chess. He won the New York World Open Chess Championship at his early age of 19. He married to an investment banker, Pamela and they northreside in Bookline Massachusetts.

Early Career....

While at his school, he attained the levels of chess master and became expertise in playing chess professionally. After his graduation, Trefler concentrated more on software engineering. In early 1980s, Trefler developed computer systems for playing chess. The same business techniques were adopted by different business for teaching the computers with the concerned business rules. He initiated the development of funds transfer product, for TMI Systems. Trefler was also associated with one of the business process management company, Casher Associate Inc and served as a senior project manager.

As a Founder of Pegasystems....

Being frustrated with the computer systems that are being adopted and practiced by the banking and insurance companies, Trefler always wanted to develop the set of metaphors and a visual language, which enables the banking and the insurance companies to more comfortably and directly instruct the machine. At the early age of 27, he founded Pegasystems by taking up the roles of CEO and Chairman. He contributed towards development of the visual language which makes computer better understand the working style of the business people. During the initial stages, as the CEO and chairman, Trefler was very successful in facilitating case management services for some of the clients like American Express, Citibank.

Later in 1998, Trefler initiated a distinctive rule-based architecture facilitating solutions to the Business Process Management being developed by Pegasystems. Trefler tried hard and achieved the patent rights from the United States for the Pegasystems architecture. Under the chairmanship of Trefler, Pegasystems went public on NASDAQ initially, by inventing patents for the software architecture of Pagasystems. Trefler worked very hard and proved successful in shaping the market, and increased use of the business rules and process engines. This helps the business firms in comfortably meeting the needs of the customers and for a better change. Trefler worked throughout his life for the design and successful development of the application platform which enables the business in managing the constant disruptions and bring changes to the economy that is customer-centric.

As a successful CEO and Chairman....

By making Pegasystems as one of the publicly held software companies with more than $1 billion, Trefler proved to be a successful leader and remains the CEO and Chairman of Pegasystems. The customer relations management software developed under the leadership of Trefler is being liked and adopted by companies like Paypal, Cisco Systems and Phillips and the companies from whom the tech-savvy consumers demand incredibly. As a founder of Pegasystems, Trefler built the company of providing about $750 strategic applications and which provides employment to more than 4000 employees and spread across 30 offices world-wide.

Trefler believes that, it is the job of each and every person of the team that they should have an informed opinion and that the opinion should not be the same of other team mates. Enormous challenges and opportunities are created by the pairing together the mobile, web, social and voice. Trefler believed that while playing the game of ping pong, the player does not strike the ball but desires something else from the ball. The main intention of the player is to use the subtlety of the spin of the ball. Trefler always believed that abhorrence for any successful business is its exit strategy in the long run. So did not go for any acquisitions in spite of coming across attractive acquisition strategies.

Trefler is considered as the well-known thought leaders who explore about the origin of Business Process Management in the market and the challenges faced by the concept of BPM. Under the leadership of Trefler, his company Pegasystems has become a lead provider of cloud software providing operational excellence and customer engagement. Some of the technologies offered by Pegasystems which are most widely used are CRM, Digital Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics. By providing these technologies Trefler has empowered the leading companies of the world for achieving breakthrough results. In the words of Trefler, Leadership is defined by the character and the ability to display a level of reliability. But this mainly depends on the people who choose to follow. The main elements for being a successful leader are to be highly informed, knowledgeable and should clearly describe the sensibility.

Also as a publisher....

A book related to the management of the business processes and the customers has been authored and published by Trefler, by the title “Build for Change”. The book has been recognized by Forbesas one of the best books with regard to the changing patterns of the customer behavior and how companies face the customer negative repercussions. In his book, Terfler mainly speaks about the new generation of customers who by their enormous power can either make the brands or break the brands and lead to the business success.

Philanthropic side....

Being a staunch advocate for education, a donation of $ 1 million was made by Trefler and his wife and a foundation under his name has been established in 1997 which is meant for providing and improving education for the urban people of Boston. A foundation was also started which benefits charities by turning donated clothing into money.

Roots of Success....

Trefler explored the likely effect on the traditional companies by the emerging consumer group being reared on the social media.
Curiosity and eagerness to come out with the help of social media, about the nascent generations of consumers.
Trefler approach towards the business is out of his experience as a Co-champion of the World Open Chess Championship 1975.
Trefler learnt the essentials of delivering qualitative customer service, when he was working with his father in a furniture restoration business.
Trefler believed on the concept that reliance on venture capital may be a risk to the local tech ecosystem and thus managed to successfully run Pegasystems without entering into venture capital.
Trefler enabled Pegasystems to maintain a level of independence, by owning 52 percent of the shares of Pegasystems.
Being a successful CEO, Trefler love to take lessons from Ping-Pong coach at MIT.

Awards and accolades....

Honored with the Stevie Award by the American Business Awards as the Computer Software CEO of the year in 2009.
Recognized as the Public Company CEO by Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council in 2011.
Ranked as the 8th lowest paid CEO in the technology industry in 2014.
Acquired Chordiant and enabled the Pegasystems access to other markets like healthcare and telecommunications.
Recognized by the Babson College Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs.
Interviewed and Featured by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Fox Business News and the Bloomberg Television.
Appeared in the Forbes Billionaire’s List for the year 2017.
Appointed to the World Economic Forum’s IT Steering Committee.


Gen D does not want to be sold to or “acquired” as one of your customers; they may well be willing to have a conversation with you.
A lot of companies across the globe are going to die over the next few years, not because of macroeconomic stress but because there is an entire emerging generation of customers who hate doing business with them.
A business is decomposed when outcome of the customer satisfaction scores trend downward and not when business fails to come out with new offerings and keep the customers busy.
Too much of data can kill you
You need to know why customers are interested in engaging in general and with you in particular.
Whenever businesses reflexively set things up to herd customers into certain group behaviors, they create disdain and dissatisfaction. Gen C customers broadcast their disdain into their social worlds.
Our architecture’s ability to generate from multiple targets enables us to be state of the art in several clouds. We give our customers that flexibility.
At Pegasystems, the vision is not to sell the CIOs but to convince business people they should take more control over their businesses and create a technology base that makes that possible.

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