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When spending a few years in one company and moving to another for whatsoever reason is what is largely seen in the industry these days, here is an executive who has spent the whole of his career in the company where he was hired as a fresh graduate. A company veteran, Glen Post spent his four decades spanning telecom career exclusively with CenturyLink, the S&P 500 integrated communications service provider based out of Louisiana, doing an exceptional job in leading the company to become a leading international communications provider. His 42 year long journey with CenturyLink is nothing less of a remarkable success story. 
Glen Post has led the company as it's CEO for more than 26 years since he took over it from the company founder, leading the company’s strategic positioning and directing all acquisitions and divestitures. He is stepping down after equipping CenturyLink with the capabilities to meet the ever increasing demand for bandwidth, provide the digitalisation of life for the customers and address the evolving complexity for our enterprise customers. His leadership has transformed the telecommunication company from just another family owned, small town telephone company into a global operator and has consolidated the wireline telecom industry. His ability to execute and integrate large assets from other companies into a common fold is widely appreciated.
CenturyLink days...
Glen Post joined CenturyLink’s predecessor company Century Telephone Enterprises, then a local phone company, in 1976 as a graduate hire in the finance division after earning his MBA from Louisiana Tech University. Demonstrating talent and potential right at the start of career, he quickly grabbed the attention of company founder, Clarke Williams. Soon he started working on acquisitions with Williams analyzing companies and strategies together. He has played a major part in all acquisitions since then; involving in every detail of every acquisition. During the early years, he has given special attention in negotiating and financing of the acquisition as it was critical for the growth of the company. The major acquisitions of CenturyLink are Centel, Embarq in 2009, Level 3 Communications in 2017, Pacific Telecom, Qwest Communications International in 2011 and Savvis.
Different roles...
Glen Post has served in a variety of capacities at CenturyLink. While working his way up to be the CEO, he has worked in all the managerial and leadership positions one can imagine. He was named a Vice President in 1982 and got promoted as the Senior Vice President and treasurer in 1984. He joined the Board of Director of CenturyTel as a director in 1985. The treasurer was promoted as the Chief Financial Officer in 1986. After two years, he became the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 1988. He has been the President from 1990 to 2002 and since 2009. 
In 1992, Glen Post was named as the Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. As the company founder, Clarke Williams and long time CEO stepped down in 1992, Post took over the reins of the company. Clarke Williams’ parents gave him Oak Ridge Telephone, which is the base of today's CenturyLink, when he came home from World War II. Williams had earlier said in an interview that he is confident in the future of the company in the hands of Glen Post, whom he considered like his own son. 
Glen Post was also the Chairman of the Board from 2002 to 2009. He relinquished the chairmanship in July 2009 after CenturyLink’s purchase of Kansas- based phone company Embarq. On November 1, 2017, he stepped down from the role of President of CenturyLink and continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and a director. He has announced his retirement as of 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting on May 23, 2018. He will continue to serve the company as a board member, but will not assume the role of chairman of the board.
At the helm of the telecommunication and infrastructure company...
In less than a decade's time, Glen Post led the company from the eighth to the third largest telecommunications company in the U.S, consistently developing CenturyLink into one of the world's leading providers of advanced communications services. He has successfully transitioned the company from traditional phone and cable platforms to Internet Protocol-based communications for consumers and cloud-computing infrastructure, data services. 
His 26 years has pushed the company from being an annual multimillion-dollar to a multibillion-dollar revenue company. From an annual revenue of $281 million in 1991 to approximately $24 billion in 2017 and total assets from nearly $765 million in 1991 to over $75 billion at year end 2017, Post has led CenturyLink's impressive rise to be one of the world's premier communications companies. The growth was a mix of organic network growth and various acquisitions of other providers. The acquisitions helped in improving the expertise in emerging areas like software and cloud services, expanded the company's national presence and gave it a foothold in large international markets including Europe and Latin America. Today, CenturyLink is focused on delivering high-quality products and services to its customers, supporting the communities they serve in a meaningful way, creating a dynamic work environment for employees and achieving industry-leading, long-term shareholder value.
CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation was also created under his leadership to improve the well-being and overall quality of life of people in the communities CenturyLink serves. The foundation provides funds for numerous community and educational initiatives.
Personal life...
Glen Post earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 1974 and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1976, both of which are from Louisiana Tech University. He has been honoured with  Louisiana Tech University Tower Medallion Award in 1997 and Distinguished Alumni awards in 1991. He was also a member of executive Cabinet of Louisiana Tech University College of Administration and Business, Louisiana Tech University Foundation and Louisiana Tech University Research Foundation.
A lifelong northeastern Louisiana resident, deer and duck hunting and running are his areas of interests. An avid duck hunter, he takes time off during the season from mid-November to January to go duck hunting. His first job was a carpenter’s helper during the summer when he was in school. A strong believer of Christ, Post is married to Cynthia Smith Post and has 3 grown up sons. He is active in the activities of the family church.
Leadership style...
More of a behind-the-scenes person, Post always had time and concern for the individual employees. He considers people as the most important asset. During the days when there were allegations against the company for billing fraud, he asked his employees to keep their spirts high and came out clean. 
Associations and memberships...
  • Member of Louisiana Independent Coll Fund
  • Member of National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee 
  • Previously chaired the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council
  • Former Director of Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) and Monroe Chamber of Commerce,  Vice Chairman of Brooks Fiber Properties, Inc., Network Telephone Board of Trustees/La. Independent College Fund and Dishnet, Inc. 
  • Director of North Louisiana/Regions Bank/Monroe, Louisiana, Yelcot Telephone Company, Executive Cabinet/Louisiana Tech University College of Administration and Business, Louisiana Tech University Foundation and Louisiana Tech University Research Foundation
Awards and accolades...
  • Awarded DeGree Enterprises Lifetime Achievement Award in Business 2003
  • Awarded Louisiana Tech University Tower Medallion Award in 1997 
  • Awarded Louisiana Tech College of Administration and Business Distinguished Alumni in 1991
  • Featured as one among the 15 Most Powerful People in Wireline
  • Named as one among The 14 longest serving CEOs of the Fortune 500 by Fortune in 2015
  • Named as one among the highest paid Chief Executives by Forbes in 2012 
  • We really care about the communities we serve. They’re not just a place where we do business – they’re also our homes.
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