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Kalpit Jain, the CEO of the digital marketing solutions company netCORE, is a great digital technologist with twenty years of deep domain experience. NetCORE is Asia's leading transactional / triggered email solution provider today, handling 33% of Indonesia traffic, 40% of Philippines’s traffic, 25% of Malaysia’s traffic, 20% of UAE’s transactional/triggered email traffic and 66% of India’s triggered / transactional email traffic. Under Kalpit Jain, netCORE has built up a strong clientele with giants from various industry verticals like BFSI, FMCG, Retail, Media, eCommerce, Government, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Logistics and others. Some of the notable clients are Godrej, HDFC, Kotak, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, UTI, Facebook, Reliance, Jabong, Vodafone, ITC, OLA, Pfizer, EaseMyTrip, OLX etc.

The start with a start-up...

Kalpit Jain has been with netCORE throughout his career; also right from the inception days of the company. After graduating in Production, Kalpit shifted gears to enter the then hot and happening IT industry. He joined as an HTML designer / Software Programmer at an early stage internet start-up India World (netCORE) in August 1998. Since he was not from IT field, he had to put in a lot of efforts to learn software programming and the management on the go. As the company was a start-up, the job was not restricted to a single profile and he had to multi task.

Slowly and steadily, he gained knowledge with the help of the experienced seniors who he fondly remembers as his mentors. He learned to work with the available limited resources and still deliver expected results, to hard work as well as to smart work. He learnt Software programming, system administration, product management, people management, operations and planning, and executing down operational processes.

Within an year, he could earn the confidence of the management and was assigned an important project of one of the largest clients of the company. Or rather Kalpit's dedication and urge to amass knowledge and experience showed his caliber to take up responsibility and deliver effective results. He travelled to Delhi to meet the client and understand the requirements. He successfully delivered the project in the set time limit. That was just the beginning. There was no looking back since then. The taste of success gave him confidence to push himself forward and he happily beat the new challenges that came his way.

The journey from start up to the leader...

Kalpit has left no stone unturned to develop the company from a start up to an industry leader. From 1998 to 2011, he has served in various capacities from a software programmer to project manager to systems manager to PreSales to Sales with whole hearted dedication and commitment. He was the Business Head for mailing and mobility products before moving up as the COO in October 2011.

When Kalpit and his team formulated the Emergic MailServ, netCORE took a giant leap in the market and it became one of netCORE’s most successful products. He was also instrumental in the innovation of Emergic Clean Mail - an extremely unique cloud-based mail filtering service in those days. Kalpit Jain has been successfully handling diverse portfolios like technology, CRM, business development, pre-sales, product management, vendor management, team management, marketing, digital management and employee training. He spearheaded the re-inventions in Product Development & Operations and played a crucial role in the expansion of the company to five other locations in India apart from the original Mumbai office.

Kalpit Jain is a master of innovations and is known for his contributions towards netCORE’s email flagship products Emergic MassMail (EMM), Emergic Archiving and Emergic CleanMail, in creating a viable Email-to-sms platform and also in email server being used as a service in over 2000 corporate clients. He has been the backbone in shepherding the company to be the largest email marketing platform in India. NetCORE now has nearly 2 billion emails delivered per month.

Since his appointment as COO in 2011, he has handled technology and operations. The thirteen years of experience in various capacities across various departments came handy for him to understand people and the business better. In 2015 August, he was elevated as the CEO of India's largest customer connect company. In this era, when India is advancing for a digital revolution, Kalpit Jain is leading the global operations of the company with a special focus on Technology, Business and Sales, Product and People development.

Kalpit says, “it is exciting to be a part of a next generation company which is focused on bringing innovative products like SmarTech in Marketing Automation and Iris in Internet of Things to the Indian market. The tremendous growth in digital marketing industry and onslaught of various cloud-based models have given rise to the need for DIY marketing platforms. Hence, our strategy is focussed on expanding the portfolio of services with DIY and reach out to national & international markets with it,"

On closing Q1 of 2017, NetCORE Solutions broke into a little happy dance as it achieved a new milestone by sending an average 150 (1.5Bn) crore transactional emails and 400 (4Bn) crore (promotional emails) per month in the quarter for their clients across Asia. It expects to double the volume of transactional or triggered email by the end of FY17-18 in Asia compared to the previous financial year. The company serves more than 300 brands in Asia from across sectors to disseminate transactional/ triggered emails. The ideation and data-driven strategies provided by the Marketing Technology Consultancy of netCORE helps brands in leaps and bounds in their cross-channel marketing automation campaigns.

Kalpit's management style

Kalpit is known to be calm, composed, dedicated, industrious, meticulous, simple yet effective, and a pleasing leader to work with. He gives immense space and flexibility for his team to innovate and learn from their own decisions – be it success or failure. Under him, the employee retention rate is quite high. He takes special rate to retain and manage the important human resource as the company develops.

Kalpit says that all five days of a week are different for a CEO. For him, Mondays are for business and sales reviews. Tuesdays starts with think-tank groups formulating strategies and reviewing them to drive the organisation forward and is followed by engineering and product review. Rest of the week days are for customer interactions.

Personal life...

When not in his professional boots, Kalpit Jain likes to spend time playing outdoor sports and exploring the nature with nature. This nature lover picks Gir forests of Gujarat as his favorite travel destination. He recommends everyone who leads a fast-paced city life to pack their bags and head out for that well-deserved break to remain invigorated, more productive and get a refreshing approach towards life.

He likes to devour non spicy food and loves South Indian cuisine. He also devotes some time for reading every day. He reads books and articles and goes through videos about marketing, technology, leadership, motivation, employee engagement.

Kalpit Jain lives in Mumbai with his wife and son.


Kalpit Jain holds a bachelor’s degree in Production from University of Mumbai.


Never say no to any kind of work, you never know where life takes you. If you restrict yourself to certain profile, you restrict your growth personally and career wise too. Doing multiple tasks, builds you as a manager from grassroots. If your roots go deep and wide, you can't be uprooted.
Consumers should feel that organizations value them beyond just the point of sale – that they mean more than mere consumers.
Organizations should start slow and focus on expanding their customer base by ethical means.
Nature is where both wildlife and tranquillity co-exist in harmony. It is a powerful anti-depressant as it helps to reduce stress. It is really fascinating how nature resembles an organization. Just as nature is a collective concept, a successful organization is the result of a team effort. During my trip (to Gir National Forest), I observed that even the smallest of animals can make an ever-lasting impact in the forest. Similarly, every employee, irrespective of his or her designation, contributes to an organization’s growth and success.
Another key lesson from Mother Nature is the ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment. It is important that we too are always ready to accept change and adapt to the changing scenarios in our personal as well as professional lives. Nature can be a source of great motivation. When plants are cut or eaten by animals, they grow back, often bigger and stronger than they were before. I feel that this applies to us human beings as well. When we face adversities, we should bounce back stronger, with more vigour. Failure should be used as opportunity to learn and rise higher.

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