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Wal-Mart culture matters….When people have a good experience, they generate good results….

Doug Mcmillon is the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Walmart Stores Inc. He is running the overall management of the company. As a CEO, he works towards making people’s lives better by providing them quality products at substantially lower prices. Doug Mcmillon has succeeded Mike Duke to become the CEO of Walmart Stores Inc.

Doug Mcmillon is known to one and all as a person who has a good natured sense of humor is quite easy going. He is also that Doug is undoubtedly the best example of an opportunity at Walmart.

Walmart as a company is also started working with various NGOs as well as governments to maintain and establish various sustainability standards across the World. The major goals of the firms as per Doug Mcmillon are, “renewable energy, more sustainable products and packaging and zero waste.”

Early days and Education

Mcmillon was born in Memphis, Tennessee in the year 1966 and grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Science at the University of Arkansas. He passed out in the year 1989. He then went on, to pursue his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He did his MBA in Finance from the Tulsa University in the year 1991.

Mcmillon started his career with Walmart. The stores catered to food, apparels and general merchandising. In 1984, Mcmillon began his career at Walmart. He started off as a summer associate in a distribution center in the USA’s most preferred grocery stores. In the year 1990, he rejoined Walmart Stores. This happened while he was pursuing his full time MBA. The company was located in Tulsa, Okla.

Career Spark

The entire 22 year career span of Doug Mcmillon was spent towards Walmart’s merchandising business. Let us see his career spark for years with just Walmart.

• 1984- Summer Associate at Walmart Distribution center

• 1990- He began working as a full time employee at Walmart Sores in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

• 2006- 2009- President and CEO of Sam’s club (We are going to talk about Sam’s club and what it is all about, in detail)

• 2009-2013- He served as the President and CEO of Walmart, International after succeeding Mike Duke

• 2014- He finally took over the position of CEO for entire Walmart group. And this happened during February 2014.

Mcmillon served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sam’s club, which was an operating segment of Walmart. He served as the President of the Club from 2006- 2009. He made the sales peak up to unimaginable heights during this particular period. The sales turnover peaked up to more than $46 billion per annum, during all the three years. His operational excellence during this era was beyond words. That was how he finally bagged the CEO position of the entire Retail Store biggie named Walmart.

He also served as the Director of US-China Business Council, Inc. He also served as Former Director and Member of Remuneration & Nominations Committee of Massmart Holdings Limited in the year 2011 -2012.

His journey with Tencent Holdings Inc.

Walmart is an American Multi National Retail Corporation which deals with consumer fast moving goods and services like food products, high end fashion apparels, electrical and electronic products at discounted prices. The company operates in more than 71 countries around the world with a total number of 11,000 stores, running to its credit. It believes in selling products at lower costs and earns profits by compensating on larger volumes, per say. The Company was incorporated on 31st October 1969 by Sam Walton.

Mcmillon took over as the President and CEO of Walmart group since February 2014. Under his leadership and guidance, Walmart is enriching its line of business to newer heights. It is bringing together logistics network, range of stores and digital capabilities, all under the same umbrella, thanks to the business icon’s innovative methods of carrying on with business. The new facility is aimed at enhancing the purchasing power of Walmart customers. They can shop whenever, wherever and however they want to. As he has been associated with the super market biggie throughout his career span, he has assumed senior leadership positions in all domains of business. He puts on the shoes of the customers and goes all the way to satisfying their needs. This makes him as all rounder, as far as merchandising is concerned.

Doug serves on the boards of Walmart Stores Inc, Consumer Goods Forum, and Enactus and also on Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. He remains on the executive committee of Business Roundtable. We have more to go, to learn about the multi faceted aspects of Walmart’s CEO.

While Mcmillon was acting as operational head, he saw more than 3000 stores getting added to the kitty, as such. He brought in new business and set up franchising units in China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, South America and parts of African continent.

Mcmillon was the guy behind introducing Every Day Low Prices (EDLP) to chain of stores representing Walmart group. He has vigorously implemented his plan in some of the international markets of Walmart.

Business meets and round table conferences attended by Doug Mcmillon

• Mc Millon spoke at a conference meet at Brookings Institute in November 2011. He spoke on the role of private companies in shaping up the global economy. He also spoke about the impact and opportunities of middle class people, residing in China. He spoke about Walmart’s inventive focus on e-commerce.

• Mcmillon participated in 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival CEO series. He spoke on how the private sector can team up with the NGO’s and work harder towards sections of society who find it difficult in managing two square meals per day.

• He was recognized as a young global leader by World Economic forum. This happened recently.

His vision was to spread the word of mouth, on providing quality products at lower prices. He felt if he could help someone save money, the person can invest it elsewhere in terms of providing for his or her child’s education, pay up the apartment rent or pay up down-payments for owing an own house or to pay up on credit card payments. This way he thought he could help people lead better lives. This was his vision in bringing out innovative methods of conducting business. And his vision opened doors to Walmart starting its chain of stores, across the globe. “Walmart culture is neither the poster we see on headlines or bill boards nor is it a feel good exercise. Walmart culture means life” were the golden words quoted by the icon, and youngsters can look forward to his dictum in everyday life. He looks at his customers are part and parcel of the culture and thus believe in bringing them the best of products and services.


He was married to Shelley in a place named Bentonville. Doug met Shelley at the Bank of Bentonville, where he used to go to work. The young couple is blessed with two sons, who like their parents are proud of their hometown, Bentonville.

Awards and Accolades
Doug Mcmillon was honored with the young global leader by World Economic forum in the year 2014.
He was also an active participant in the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival CEO Series where he has addressed the various challenges the society has been facing.
Professional Affiliations
Wal-Mart de Mexico SAB De CV
Sam's West, Inc.
Wal-Mart International
University of Tulsa
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Walmart Canada Corp.
Massmart Holdings Limited
US-China Business Council, Inc.
 I was surprised when I started working in those trailers in the summertime.
 I was working with people who were highly engaged. People who were doing hard work in the heat of the summer but enjoying it and talking about the company in a positive way—and with a genuine affection for Walmart..
 Every time we save someone a little money, we’re helping them pay the rent or put a down payment on an apartment or home … put a few extra items into their shopping cart … or pay for their children’s education. We help them save money so they can invest it elsewhere and, literally, live a better life.
 Walmart culture is not about the poster on the wall, and it’s not just a feel-good exercise.
 Walmart culture matters. It generates results, all kinds of good results—financial results that are positive, but also a positive environment as it relates to people. When people have a good experience, they generate good results.
 Deliver results and deliver them the right way. Second, do something extra. Volunteer for an extra project, pinch hit for your supervisor, let people see that you can do more. Let them see you perform at a higher level so they have confidence that you can handle additional responsibility.
 Our honesty and transparency and our sincerity around improving—and fixing problems when we find them—are important parts of our culture, too. When we find something bad, we almost always end up becoming a stronger company because of the way we react to it.
 We are not perfect, but we are a force for good, and things are better because we are here.

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