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Our plan focuses on New York’s physical environment – transportation, housing, land and park system, energy network, water supply, and air quality…

Daniel L Doctoroffis an American business man and a civil servant. He was promoted as the CEO of Bloomberg L P, after he served as a President in the financial biggie for three years. He was appointed as the CEO of Bloomberg L P during July 2011. He served as the CEO, of the financial service provider company up to September 3rd 2014.

Bloomberg L P is financial software and a data analytics company headquartered in New York City. Bloomberg was founded by Michael Bloomberg in the year 1981, with the help of Duncan Mc Millan, Thomas Secunda and Charles Zegar. Merrill Lynch had a 30 % ownership stakes with Bloomberg L P. This was however during the initial and formative stages.

Bloomberg LP provides news about financial happenings around the world. It is also into providing equity trading platform, financial data and hot news to the leading financial companies and top organizations via its terminal, i.e. Bloomberg Professional Services. You must have heard of the famous Bloomberg news channel, wherein rising and falling markets and their index data are represented on the television 247. Bloomberg also circulates its financial magazines for readers’ subscription.

Early life and Education

Dan Doctoroffwas born on 11th July 1958 and is currently 59 years old. He was born in Newark city in New Jersey. His parents were named Martin and AllenneDoctoroff, respectively. He was brought up in Birmingham, Michigan, though.

Dan Doctoroff received his BA Degree from Harvard School in the year 1980. He later received his Honors degree from Chicago School of Law, in the year 1984.

The Career Spark

Upon graduating, Dan started his career with an investment banking firm named Lehman brothers, which is located in the New York City. He later became a part of the managing committee in a private equity firm named Oakhill Capital Partners. Prior to his joining in Bloomberg L P as the CEO, he worked as a deputy mayor and worked towards the economic development and rebuilding the city of New York, under the guidance of Michael R Bloomberg. He has worked very hard towards promoting New York to hold Olympic Games during 2008 and 2012 respectively.

His career as a deputy mayor

While he started off his career as a deputy mayor, Doctoroff continued to work towards the economic re-building of the entire city of New York. He has worked hard towards the neglected areas of the city, through an exhaustive five year plan. He has worked on 289 projects and initiatives, including rezoning of 6000 city blocks, creation of 130 million square feet of residential and commercial space. He has also been instrumental towards building parks and gardens over an area of 2,400 acres. These include High line, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Governor’s Island.

He was striving hard; pleading the Govt let New York City host Olympic Games during 2008 and 2012. However the bill in the Parliament was rejected, as such. It was London, which hosted the 2012 Olympic Games. And his continued efforts towards wanting New York City to host the world famous Olympic Games, led to the extension of number 7 subway line. As he was continually involved in economic reconstruction of NYC, he was asked to join Bloomberg as a part of the administration.

There are also other economic developments, which were carried out to his credit. He took up the 127 point development scheme with 25 support agencies and the plan involved making New York City, an economically sustainable place, to live in. He has also supported the economic rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, which were completely devastated post 9/11 attacks on twin towers.

A lot of flood zones still adversely affected through Hurricane Sandy were made good by his team. Thanks to the ever affectionate concern, this great man had, towards supporting humanity.

The 127 point scheme also involved reducing gas emissions by 30% and he encouraged masses, not to commute by car but to use the public transport systems.

His team used to impose fines, in case carbon emissions emitted by the vehicle, exceeded permissible norms. This way, he has constantly worked towards the upliftment of human welfare, throughout his stint as a deputy mayor.

His subsequent appointment with Bloomberg L P

Doctoroff resigned from city politics, as his major initiative with congestion pricing proposal failed badly. Earlier in one of the paragraphs, it was clearly mentioned that he and his team used to charge heavy fines, to people who were not resorting to public means of transport and this would reduce carbon emissions by as much as 30%. However, not many people could afford to pay huge taxes and fines, to comply with public transport. They also felt, that the buses were not freely accessible, as against commuting by their own cars.

He thus resigned from politics, just to join Bloomberg L P as the president, during February 2008. Under Doctoroff's leadership, Bloomberg L.P. shifted its focus from providing financial information and analysis to its network of Terminal subscribers, to building a news organization targeted to a broader business audience. These efforts included the development of a strategy to increase the readership of, the acquisition of BusinessWeek and the creation of new subscription services Bloomberg Government and Bloomberg Law.

85% of the sales turnover of Bloomberg comes through its terminals and news channels. Bloomberg L P is into subscription based news services. You need to approach your cable operator and pay specific fees, so that the same channel throws up on your television. The news channel is wide spread, operating with more than 2500 journalists working for its several news stations, spread in almost 72 countries. Doctoroff mentioned in an interview that it is the huge participation of the public in responding to news channels, which makes the television channel, the most influential channel throughout the world. Under the leadership and guidance of Doctoroff, Bloomberg has even surpassed Thomas Reuters, in the market share, i.e. value of share prices. Bloomberg is expanding its operations in South East Asian countries like Korea.

Doctoroff has contributed a huge sum of $ 25 million towards finding a cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There is more to go with the 58 year old, iconic personality.


His wedding took place with Alisa Robbins, in the year 1981 and the couple is blessed with three kids and the entire family stays in New York, at the time being. Alisa Robbins was also appointed as the president of the UJA-Federation of New York in the year 2013 and she also served as the president of Congregation or Zarua in Manhattan.

Awards & Accolades
Daniel L. Doctoroff attended the Wildcat's 2010 Annual Awards Reception on May 19, 2010 as the Master of Ceremonies.
Mr. Doctoroff was also honored by the New York Building Congress during their 85th Anniversary and the Leadership awards Luncheon.
He was also a recipient of the tenth Making New York History Award which was awarded to him by TheSkyscraper Museum which was established in 1999. This award is presented to outstanding individuals or buildings which have always shaped the city's skyline.
Daniel L. Doctoroff has also attended the The Real Estate Board of New York’s (REBNY) 11th Annual Commercial Management Leadership Breakfast as a as keynote speaker.
Professional Affiliations
International Managed Care Funds, LLC.
Williams Scotsman, Inc.
Meristar Hospitality Corp.
MeriStar Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
Oak Hill Capital Partners
NYC & Company, Inc.
Lehman Brothers Inc.
Williams Scotsman International, Inc.
University of Chicago Law School
NYC2012, Inc.
World Resource Institute
Bell & Howell Co.
Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
 I either delegate something, I dump it, or I deal with it..
 I believe we're all endowed with a very small set of narrow skills that make us unique. You've got to find what that is. Most often what you truly understand makes you unique is something that you're also going to build passion around.
 I ran the effort to bring the 2012 Olympic Games to New York City. We lost - on a global scale. To my surprise, life went on, and I learnt that nobody cares about your failures as much as you do.
 People who work with me say I have a four-step response to new ideas: rejection, reconsideration, acceptance, ownership. I need to listen more patiently.
 My time is focused on family and work. I need to find a way to spend more time with my friends - and cycling.
 I believe that Detroit has a terrific geographic position. It still is a hub of one of the most important industries in the world. There's incredible engineering and other talent.
 Main Street investors, who cannot trade credit default swaps, should not be tempted to trade an instrument with the same risk profile simply because it has been given a different name.
 Consumer groups fought hard to provide investor protections for 'special entities' such as pension funds, schools, and municipalities who purchase swaps. No comparable protection exists in the futures market.
 Nothing replaces real-life experience. Of course, I say this as someone who went to law school.

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