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Blue Dart inspires entrepreneurial spirit and people to co-create which helps in powerful idea generation and creative thinking...

Blue Dart is South Asia’s premier number one express air and integrated transportation, distribution and air Logistics Company, which offers secure and reliable consignments to over 21,479 locations in India.

Anil Khanna took over the coveted courier company as a Managing Director in the year 2007. He has led the organization towards a steady and sustainable growth by establishing goals and objectives required for competitive performance.

He emphasized on customers, developing a clear strategic vision and cost rationalization as the commandments towards successful running of the show. He was also instrumental in customizing value propositions. Thereby he was the major guy behind consolidating most of the major operations performed by Blue dart as such. His levels of optimizing resources and leadership qualities were at its exceptional best. This made him stand out from the rest.

Under the guidance and support provided by Anil, Blue dart has grown by unparalleled standards. It has broadened its strategic focus from being an air express company since its inception to providing services promptly within the given time frame. It focuses on priority as

well as deferred consignments for air and ground express segments. Today, Blue Dart is one of the top most courier companies in the country owing to its stupendous performance.

Early Days and Education

Mr. Khanna obtained his graduation certificate from St. Stephen’s college in Delhi. He then went on to pursue a MBA degree in the field of marketing and finance from UBS University in Chandigarh. He has over 27 years of experience in various industries and has been serving Blue dart for the last 14 years from now. He served as an Executive Officer with Travellers Property Casualty Corp since October 1998 and served in the concern up until December 1999.

He then went on to become the Chief Executive Officer for Traveller’s Insurance Group Holdings Inc. Mr. Khanna joined as a Senior Vice President of West 1 zone of Blue Dart courier services.

He then took over the position as Managing Director of Blue Dart as on 21st February 2007. Even since he took over the logistics company as the MD, there has simply been no looking back. This describes his educational qualification and various positions held within a three decade span of his career width.

The Spark

Mr. Khanna is serving as the Managing Director of Blue Dart Express Ltd from February 21st of 2007. He also served as the Vice president of the West 1 Region of the same company. Mr. Khanna was also the CEO of the Personal Lines of Travellers Insurance Group Inc from October 1988. He is known to have an experience of 27 years and around 14 years of experience with Blue Dart itself.

Anil Khanna, Managing Director of Blue dart has been recognized with “Outstanding Entrepreneur award” for showing exceptional levels of persistence in shaping the company into a better all-round performance segment within a short span of time. He showed determination and courage in leading Blue dart especially during the phase when the entire nation was facing an economic downturn. The award was conferred at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2009 at a grand and glittering ceremony held at Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.

The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards started off in Malaysia, which aims to recognize the business leaders. The recipients for the outstanding entrepreneurship awards are judged by an independent jury. Started an initiative to identify and recognize outstanding entrepreneurship, the APEA have now evolved into a credible, highly desired award in Asia Pacific.

Anil Khanna on receiving the award said it was a great honour to be recognized with such a prestigious award. He said that he would like to share the award with all the employees, customers and service partners who had helped him to run the show. This award not only reinforces commitment to continue satisfying customer requirements but also encourages the firm to deliver the way beyond customer’s expectations.

He finally concluded his speech saying that the logistics firm was dedicated towards its continued performance of being the best and will set the pace for bringing about growth to Indian businesses. These were the golden words of an industry veteran, young aspirants and upcoming entrepreneurs should be looking forward to.

His Journey with Blue Dart

Blue dart is a part of DHL group. DHL group comprises of DHL Express, DHL global Forwarding and DHL supply chain unit. Blue dart services a comprehensive express and logistics network worldwide covering more than 220 countries in its wide spectrum. It offers distribution services including air express, freight forwarding, and Supply Chain solutions and customs clearance.

Blue Dart received the Business Super brand status amongst 1699 brands and Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Gold Award. The prestigious courier company had been receiving both the above mentioned awards for over 4 years in a row. Thanks to the amazing leadership and exceptional people driven approach followed by Mr. Khanna. His 14 year career stint of being the Managing Director of the courier and logistics company has helped it achieve a stable footage in the industry. It remains where it is today, thanks to his ever dynamic efforts; he has been conferring on the company. Forbes has listed the company as “Best under a Billion” throughout Asia Pacific.

Blue Dart received the Amity HR excellence award 3 times consecutively and was listed two times in the Dun and Bradstreet’s top 500 companies in India.

Anil Khanna is a passionate believer in the ‘People First’ philosophy. He also believes in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment. Without all these qualities would a courier and logistics company be such a revered firm in the industry as such? There are at least 5 courier companies mushrooming in every nook of corner of major cities and towns. Some of them are closed down as well due to lack of business. How was Blue dart able to outsmart all the others? The person standing as a pillar was responsible for putting up such a stupendous and outstanding show.

He has given shape to two major quality initiatives in Blue Dart. One being First Choice and the other one is Net Promoter Approach or NPA. These two quality initiatives have brought in global standards of service excellence for the industry.

Anil believes that business thrives where the society does; he has been constantly encouraging various Corporate Responsibility Initiatives at Blue Dart, by himself participating and being a part of them.


Anil Khanna is married to Jyoti Khanna and his family is presently staying at Delhi and Meerut.

Awards & Accolades
The Managing Director Anil Khanna was awarded HR Orientation Award at the World HRD Congress Meet.
Under the leadership of Mr. Khanna, Blue Dart won the 'IMM Eminent Organization Award for Excellence 2010’ at the 37th World Marketing Congress.
Blue Dart also won the 'Organization with Innovative HR Practices' at the World HRD Congress Meet.
Under the leadership of Mr. Khanna, Blue Dart won 'Organization with Innovative Retention Strategy 2009-10' at the World HRD Congress Meet.'
Blue Dart also received the 'Superbrand' status 5 times in a row along with the honour of Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand Gold Award.
Blue Dart has been awarded the Asia Brand Congress - Brand Leadership Award in the year 2008.
The firm also was awarded the World Brand Congress - Brand Leadership Award in the year 2009.
Professional Affiliations
The St. Paul Companies, Inc.
Travelers Insurance Group Holdings Inc.
St. Stephens College
University Business School Chandigarh
 My first step was to start wishing my colleagues every morning when they walked in. While they were unresponsive at first, it was a matter of time before they started responding. As I took more initiatives to show my concern for the company, my colleagues also started opening up.
 No service experience is complete without the efforts of the people that deliver the experience. For high quality organisation to succeed, it is important to focus on people, on improved processes, systems and infrastructure, on a clear communication both ways.
 We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit; inspire people to co-create which helps in powerful idea generation and creative thinking.
 We have a 97.80 percent of the employees testifying that they have "Pride in working for Blue Dart" and 94.92 percent of the employee state that "My future With Blue Dart is safe and secure.
 The one characteristic every leader should possess is: Empathy.
 Understanding, sympathy and compassion help a leader elicit the best out of every employee - junior or senior.
 Although the importance of assertiveness and firmness is acknowledged universally for leaders, these should be tempered with empathy. This is one quality that ensures employees have a greater passion for work and display higher degrees of loyalty.
 If every single leader did their bit, we will leave a better world for our future generations.

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