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Not every show needs to reach the same size of audience ...

Recognized as the 46th Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes, one of the famous international magazines, Sue Naegle, aged 44 years, is the President of the telecommunication and broadcasting company, HBO Entertainment.

After she had come to HBO, she overseen the production of many television series such as Hung, Bored To Death, How to Make It in America, Game of Thrones and many other successfully running series in the channel. She has taken the role of the President of HBO in the year 2008 and has been effectively battling some critical and healthy competition from the other networks like AMC, FX and Showtime. It was stated that it was under the leadership of Sue Naegle that HBO has earned the maximum number of Emmy nominations from any outlet. HBO now also boosts as some of the highly acclaimed comedies as well as dramas on the television screen.

Mostly dressed in cool casuals, she opts to be fashionable and prefers the labels like J.Crew and Rag & Bone. A person known to be highly aggressive and energetic, she is also quite helpful at the same time. She is also involved with a number of charities and has also adopted three girls from China.

Early Days and Education

Naegle was born on the July 2, 1969 in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. Her father was a high school coach, and her mother was a medical-market researcher. She grew up in the same place she was born, and attended Morris Hills High School and completed her studies at her hometown itself. She was graduated with a degree in BA in Communication and Comparative Literature from the Indiana University. She was one of the partners and a co-head of the television department of United Talent Agency, before she joined HBO Entertainment.

The spark towards television was seen in Sue Naegle even from her early days. It was when they were residing in Rockaway, New Jersey that her parents allowed their two daughters to take up all the luxurious habits and were allowed to watch any television series without any restrictions.

The Spark

Ms. Sue presently serves as the President of HBO Entertainment. She has also been associated with the Entertainment Division of the Home Box Office from April 2008. She also works as a partner as well as the Co-Head of the television department at the United Talent Agency which is located at the Beverly Hills. While she is associated with United Talent Agency, she also brokered a deal in order to bring in the Alex “Six Feet Under” into the network. She also at a later stage brokered his next series which is named as the “True Blood”. She presently works from the corporate head office of the HBO entertainment which is located at One Time Warner Center located at New York.

Sue Naegle took over the charge as the President of the company in April 2008 and has been successful in fulfilling her role for the growth and development of the company. She made many innovations and implementations in the telecasting and working of the company so as to be the No.1 television channel worldwide.

She was the youngest to be the partner of a firm at the age of 29, and in this role she was successful in running the television department and trained her sub-ordinates. She was very much in contact and had a close relationship with many noble writers and producers as her department was the television and communication. She also witnessed many successful series of HBO such as Six Feet Under and True Blood.

His Journey with HBO

Though Ms. Naegle had studied Literature and communication, the tug of the Showbiz pulled her to the city of New York where she interned at the Orion Classics which is now known to one and all as the Sony Pictures Classics.

Sue Naegle is the current President of HBO Entertainment, an American premium cable and satellite television network which is owned Home Box Office Inc., which is a subsidiary of Time Warner. In the United States, HBO is the oldest and the longest continuously operating television service. It has been in operating since November 08, 1972. Its programming and telecasting mainly consist of original television series, motion pictures, movies already released theatrically, etc.

One of the best benefactors of Ms. Naegle was the filmmaker and the enlightened star Mike White who had become her client in the year 2004, and this was quite after a tough entree into the world of television, after his shows like Pasadena and ABC show were cancelled. She helped him some of the best options at HBO, which well suited his style of work. When she entered the programming arena with getting the series Six Feet Under on the air, she later too went ahead to take up the opportunity in order to succeed the long serving guru of the HBO entertainment Carolyn Strauss and help to guide the network.

Being the operating President of HBO, Sue Naegle has been successful in achieving all success and high turnover to the company and its rating among the channels worldwide. She plays a vital role in the successful running of the channel’s series and their popularity among the viewers. Nagle with her experience in the television sector and in relation with her graduation in communication brought many changes in the operating and public relations of the worldwide telecommunication and broadcasting network channel, HBO.


Ms. Sue Naegle was married to a comedian named Dana Gould, whom she had first met at the comedian Kathy Griffin's annual Christmas party in the year 1996. Later took a bold move and adopted 3 female children (aged 12, 10, and 5) who hail from China. She presently resides with her family in Los Angeles.

Awards & Accolades
Sue Naegle was recognised as the 46th most powerful women in the World by the Forbes magazine in August of 2012.
Ms. Naegle has also been listed as the one of The World's Most Powerful Women in Media in the year 2012 by the Forbes.
Sue Naegle with her husband Dana Goud was honoured by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute on the 13th of October in the year 2011 during their annual “Celebrating … Our Families, Our Children” event in Los Angeles
Sue Naegle has been on the TV series Influential Women of Hollywood and was featured in the Episode 8 of Season 1.
Professional Affiliations
Home Box Office, Inc.
United Talent Agency.
  Most development doesn't make it to series. So you want the writer and director to have a really good experience with development because, if it doesn't work out, you want to work with them again. You have to know their work really well, know the drafts really well, and when you give notes, you need to have really thought them through.
  You have to be a strong advocate of the shows you believe in. Sometimes those skills are very similar to agenting..
  The hunger for knowing is what excites me. I get to geek out about editing, be on set, give notes to writers - I love it all.
 Not every show needs to reach the same size of audience, or same width, of a 'Sopranos'..
  It was the best way to learn the business; it's Darwinian yet also a meritocracy..
  It's funny to her that the show was so controversial in how it depicted sex and nudity. But I do think the honesty is nothing we've ever seen before, and the ability to talk about the awkwardness is revolutionary. I really envy Lena's level of self-possession at such a young age..
  The best part of my job is that we can be making shows like 'Boardwalk', 'Thrones', 'True Blood' but also female-centered comedies like 'Enlightened', 'Veep' and 'Girls'.
  I'm actually totally the prude of my family..
  I throw on a dress and heels and I'm good to go..
  Marketing is designed to bring people into something...

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