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Our services can be broadly categorized as Domain-aligned Service, to ensure that systems meet their functional requirements and perform as expected…

Being acknowledged with words like leader, problem-solver, high performed and achiever; Sumithra Gomatam is presently serving as the vice president of Cognizant. She is the senior vice president of testing services of Cognizant Technology Solutions. Cognizant is the Second largest IT Company in India. Sumithra has around 20 years of experience in the IT industry. She is basically from Chennai and working as the head of the global delivery of testing services in Chennai Cognizant. Her experience involves the key functions such as corporate strategy, business development, customer relationship management, operations management and delivery management. Her proven skills in strategic planning

The leading Business Magazine of India, Business Today has named Sumithra Gomatam as one of the Most Powerful Business Women 2013. It was Business Today’s 10th year of annual listing of most powerful business women that celebrated the triumphs of women’s who have succeeded in making their dream come true.

Early Days and Education

Sumithra Gomatam is a 46 years and hailed from Chennai and she is called as vainika. She has done her Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Electronic and Communication from the Anna University, Guindy in Chennai in the year 1988. Her childhood is started with learning veena for many years in Tamil Nadu. Over the many years, she listens all distinctive resonance of her instrument which helped her to go through an unplanned way of her life. The music has sharpened her listening ability and shaped her quality of thinking and that took her to this long way in business today.

According to the Business today, “Gomatam’s trained musical ear has helped hone her business skills”, the magazine has written about referring that she is a trained Veena player. The magazine also added the fact that, this is one of her skills that made her great leader in the business world. She also has some enormous ability and conviction for execution of her role.

The Spark

Sumithra Gomatam is presently serving as the vice president of Cognizant Technology Solution for the past 20 years. She started her career with Tata Consultancy services in the year 1990. From TCS, her testing service started and till 1995. Afterwards, she joined Cognizant in the year 1995 and its now 19 years and 3 months. She is now the head of testing services in Chennai office of Cognizant. The vice chairman of Cognizant Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan has stated that her energy and the ability are keeping her challenging and firmness that she exhibits in dealing with the situations making she stands out. “She is a very bold decision maker”.

His Journey with Intel

Gomatam has joined Cognizant from TCS in the year 1995 from where she started to show her sign as a leader. She has played an important role in building the milestones of Cognizant. In 2005, she was raised to the position of head in testing services. Since then, there was a phenomenal growth in the testing area of the company and it is the reason behind why Cognizant leads the marketplace globally, was said by Sumithra itself in an interview with her by the Business Today.

Cognizant started its practice of software testing with 800 people in 2004 over the 23000 which is the largest amount of people in the field of testing in Indian IT industry. She also delivered her service as head for business units like life sciences, insurance, entertainment and media, which all come together some 50 per cent of the account of company’s revenue over $7 billion. Her experience and energy made her to play such a vital role in building up the Company performance in the market for many years.

Now she rewarded as the most powerful women of 2013 by the leading magazine Business Today, which is only one of the achievement of her life. Her determination and strong leading power will take her to many and many achievements in the coming years. When Business today asked her that, as women you had any drawback in the past two decades with the company and her reply was, “she has never faced the glass ceiling”, which means it was just a myth, how much of yourself you put determines how far you go. “You have to give a lot of yourself to meet the clients overseas” she has said.

Awards & Accolades

Sumitra Gomatam is named as the “Most Powerful Women in Indian Business.”

Professional Affiliations
Tata Consultancy services
  You have to give a lot of yourself to meet clients overseas. How much of yourself you want to give determines how far you can go.
  Launching a well-tested product early gives product companies a unique advantage of gaining mind and market share early on.
  The testing services industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. Testing, as a service, is gaining traction because of many reasons.
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  Organizations are looking at QA teams to function as partners for quality, ensuring business readiness of applications and a delightful end-user experience..
  Our services can be broadly categorized as Domain-aligned Service, to ensure that systems meet their functional requirements and perform as expected; Specialized Services that include a spectrum of service lines; and Consulting Services, to deliver through consulting engagements a testing capability fit for business.

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