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We believe that online investing is going to be one of the highest growth business segments of the next decade...

Masayoshi Son is a well known Japanese Businessman and also the current CEO of Soft Bank and is also the chief executive officer of the Soft Bank mobile. He also serves as the current Chairman of Sprint Corporation. As per the Forbes Magazine, the net worth of Masayoshi Son is $9.1 billion as per in the year 2013, and he is also known to be the second richest person in Japan. He is also one of those few businessmen who have lost a major sum of money in business which was estimated to be $70 billion. The Forbes also named him as a philanthropist.

Masayoshi Son founded the Soft Bank in the year 1981 and he was the first man behind the supply of Internet in Japan in the year 2011. He now runs a company which has close to 19500 employees and the company is known to be the third largest operator in Japan.

Early Days and Education

Masayoshi is the grandson of the Korean immigrants who settled in Japan. He spent his early days in Tosu, which is a remote area located outside Tokyo. It was in the age of 16 that he met the founder of McDonald in Japan. Den Fujita was the person who advised him to study English and also asked him to concentrate on the informatics industry. He later moved to the United States and completed his graduation from Berkeley University with a BA in Economics. During his stay in US, he also invented an automobile translator which at that time was sold for $1 million. It was in the year 1981, he came back to Japan and then founded Nihon Softbank and this was the company which later went on to become the Softbank which has Masayoshi as the CEO and the founder. It was in the year 1990, that Masayoshi Son has adopted the Japanese Citizenship.

Masayoshi Son also believes that a person needs to fight for success to be successful in life. To hear it in his own words, he states that losers always give excuses, but winners always fight. He is also a person who believes in taking risks. He also states that he likes to take bold moves, and he is more aggressive to acquire new companies or to start a new business.

The Spark

Masayoshi Son presently serves as the Chairman and the chief executive officer of the SoftBank mobile corp. This was since the month of April 2006. He founded Soft Bank in the year 1981, and he is its President from the year September 1981. He also serves as an Executive of ZDNet Inc. He also served as the President and the CEO of Mediabank Corporation from 1994. He is also the CEO and the chairman of Softbank BB Corp. He was with Japan Sky Broadcasting Co. Ltd. from 1996 to 1998 from 1997 to 1998. He is also known to have served as the chairperson of UTStarcom Inc from 1995 October to March 2003. He also serves as a Director of Pasonabank Inc., Yahoo! Japan Corporation as well as for E-Trade Group, Inc and also as a representative Director of Cisco Systems. He is also associated with Japan as its Director as well as the Director of and

He has served as the Directors of Ariba Inc as well as Aozora Bank Ltd from the months of April 1998 till October 1999. He is also one of the members of the Member of Advisory committee with the Business Breakthrough.

His Journey with Soft Bank

Masayoshi Son has founded the Softbank in the year 1981 after he returned back from the US. It was after two years that he had a hepatitis attack and he had to spend several years during that illness. It was during this time that he created a partnership with the Microsoft corp. In Japan and he also received a 25% stake in the Novell Japan which is a software company. It was in the year 1994 that he became the president of the Mediabank Corporation and a year after he also acquired Ziff Davis and he also acquired a stake in Yahoo Japan.

It was in the year 2013 that his company made a statement which states the company’s vision and also about the latest communication services which were developed. He also stated that after the result of the same, the customers can always connect easily and also enjoy a fast and smooth communication. He also stated that after 2013, the company will further see developments with respect to the global vision and will also take a step into the US market.

He also stated that the globalisation of the company will pave way for new challenges too but also mentioned that they will overcome those by working hard and as a group. It was also stated by Masayoshi Son that the profits of the company also doubled in the year 2013, double when compared to the previous year and the sales of the company rose by close to 7.1%


Masayoshi Son is married and has two children. It was in the year 1990 that he obtained the Japanese Citizenship. It was during the time of Tsunami that he collected close to $119 million for its victims and also donated $130 million of his money to provide extra support to the relief efforts.

Professional Affiliations
Ariba Inc., Inc.
ZDNet, Inc.
Ziff-Davis Inc.
UTStarcom Holdings Corp.
SoftBank Mobile Corp.
Sprint Corporation
SAIF Partners
Aozora Bank, Ltd.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
SOFTBANK Asia Infrastructure Fund
University of California Berkeley
SoftBank Telecom Corp.
SOFTBANK Asia Infrastructure Fund II, L.P.
Business Breakthrough, Inc.
Renren Inc.
SAIF Partners III, L.P.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited Japan
The Raine Group LLC
Awards and Accolades
Masayoshi Son has been awarded with the “Boss of the Year” Award by Sanno Institute of Management in the year 2013.
He was also named as the “Bill Gates of Japan” by Bloomberg.
He has also been ranked 201 within the World’s Billionaires by the Forbes Magazine.
He was ranked 293 among the World’s richest men by the Forbes Magazine.
He was also ranked 55 among the world’s richest men by the Forbes Magazine in the years 1999, 2000 and 2001.


  I am a man and every man wants to be No.1
  I don't like accidental success. It's what Bill Gates calls 'random,' a term he uses with the opposite of respect.
  I use the iPhone and iPad every day, and I no longer touch PCs at all.
  We believe that the success achieved in assisting U.S.-based Internet companies to enter Japan can be duplicated for the U.K. and other countries..
  We believe that online investing is going to be one of the highest growth business segments of the next decade.
  They don't change that much. And that means their growth or adaptation to the new generation is getting somewhat lagged behind the new trend.
  Softbank's Internet-focused strategy in recent years has served its shareholders well, ... We believe we have just scratched the surface of the opportunities afforded by the Internet..i
  We believe there is enormous potential for entrepreneurial Internet ventures in key European markets..
  Japan has the infrastructure for this kind of service, so it would be a shame not to use it..

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